7 Blogs I Love

I had something else planned for you. Something to do with personalities, I did some research, it was going to be super fun, but time ran away from me like it always does. So I had to bump this one up. You know me, planner-planner. Here are blogs the I MUST read every day or when they post a fresh batch of awesome because I need to get the update. I won’t officially include Life of a Catholic Librarian or Real Housekeeping because, I mean, you know why!! See what I did there?

7 Blogs I Love, a new post by @fillpraycloset

— 1 —

Colleen Duggan, a blog I love. A new post by @fillprayclosetColleen Duggan: She doesn’t post very often, but when she does, no matter what time she does, I drop my tea and cookies to read. She take beautiful photography on her sprawling property and shares her faith like nothing I’ve ever seen. Oh, and she’s as real as they get. One of my favorites? When her very young daughter, maybe 4 or 5? Had to have the last word. I  mean WOW.

— 2 —

KCross Writing A blog I love. A new post by @fillprayclosetKCross Writing: I’ve mentioned her here a few times and I have shared some social media tips for writers over at her place. While not really a blog and more of an author site, she posts what it’s like to be an indie author, self publisher and marketer. A former nurse turned author, she gives all the dirt on Goodreads and how to make it work for you, type setting, creating an audiobook to one of my favorite posts about what it’s like to sacrifice a career for your dreams and the struggle. A career is different from a job you see, you love your career, and to give that up for a dream? That’s tough stuff.

— 3 —

The Wounded Dove a blog I love. A new post by @fillpraycloset

The Wounded Dove: Charity is not only part of my tribe, she has a beautiful site to look at, and recently branched out into a vlogging series (which for me, is gutsy!) called Chai with Charity. She writes about her marriage and 4 adorable children. That sounds sweet, doesn’t it? She shares the dark parts of her marriage too. As she puts it, it begins with the day she found out about her husband’s affair.

— 4 —

This Northern Belle a blog I love. A new post by @fillprayclosetThis Northern Belle: Annie is special to me. She encompasses my earliest memories of blogging. If you go to my about me page, she is the very first comment. She is Catholic, fresh, young, married, funny and outgoing. I love her posts on apartment living and home decor, but her annual Christmas gift guides, for me, is just as good as flipping through my favorite magazine. I post a monthly prayer request here, and she asked me to pray for her upcoming marriage (she’s happily married now), and for the longest time, I prayed rosary decades for her. See how beautiful the internet can be? Her post on 31 Days of Praying for Your Husband, always a go to.

— 5 —

Ksenia Anske Fantasy Writer, a blog I love. A new post by @fillprayclosetKsenia Anske: Ksenia is an indie fantasy author that sells her books for, wait, she doesn’t sell them. She gives them away for FREE. I found her through Ericka Clay at Tipsy Lit. She shares the ups and downs of the writer life and even shares about her own personal life. Asking her readers if she should file for bankruptcy or asking for letters to be sent to her boyfriend’s daughter who is suffering from drug addiction. She lays it all on the line, like a great artist should. I fell in love with the blog portion of her site when she published this content rich post about making a New Year’s Resolution to write a book this year. I immediately gobbled it up and emailed it to Rhonda. Ksenia is such a cheerleader for aspiring writers – and the timing of that post? She’ll never know the kick in the pants she gave me. I’ve read that post a few times already.

— 6 —

This Felicitous Life, a blog I love. A new post by @fillprayclosetThis Felicitous Life: I just love how real and funny Laura is. She is a Catholic mother and part-time lawyer. Um, yeah. She posts outfits she finds, and how to look less bad, the back and forth of dieting and trying different ones, which, come on – that’s stuff we don’t really talk about. What really got me, was her honesty about anti-depressant medication for anxiety. I’m an anxious person, I’ve been on anti-depressants for anxiety and before that for postpartum depression. Anyone who can talk about anxiety openly, I’m in.

— 7 —

Now, I’m going to cheat here, because I wrote some stuff this week that I loved writing and my friend just came out with an ebooklet that I am excited to read for Lent. So I am including myself on this list. Yes, I love my blog too! I give you, the round up:

  • A Day in the Life of a Blogger, With Tips! this is making the rounds on Pinterest!
  • More From the Sacred to the Profane, Books! Calling all Janeites! Rhonda Ortiz wrote a Lenten companion for you reflecting on vice and virtue using Jane Austen novels. My friend Ericka Clay has her novel available for pre-order on Amazon. Gritty, beautiful and penetrating.
  • Church Triumphant: St. Agnes of Rome Every month, I pair up with Tiffany at Life of a Catholic Librarian and we talk about saints. We don’t just pick anyone, we talk about it, tweet about it, text about it, and finally pick two that we just have to share with you, because in the end, they pick us.

That’s it! That’s all I got. I am off to have lunch with Alex at school for Catholic School’s Week, and then to the school dance tonight. You know we’re going to shake our groove things. But before I go, tell me, what are your favorite blogs, the ones you just gotta read. I am always looking for new blogs.

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10 thoughts on “7 Blogs I Love

  1. You are one of my go-to reads. And Rhonda, of course. I also love Mama loves Coffee because she’s smart. In fact, I think I’m going to do this too…it’s a great idea and I’ve started posts like this before and never finished them. Shocking, I know.

    I’m touched I made your list. I often feel like I pound the keys and wonder if the mike is on. Do you ever feel that way? Probably not…

    Anyway, I think you should consider a medicinal potion to bottle and sell so that I might be as effective as you…I swear, I get tired THINKING about what you accomplish in a day. And I’m not a slouch. 🙂

    ps I think the story of Camille talking back to me made me lose a few twitter followers. True story…If you can’t take a joke…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do wonder if sometimes I know what I’m doing. Oh honey, if you only knew the crisis that plays in my head over the “will this resonate?” question.

      If I could bottle it, I would give it all away to you, because you’re the only one that asks for such a potion 😉

      I cannot believe you lost twitter followers over that, but you know what Guy Kawasaki says in his latest book, “If you’re not pissing people off on social media, you’re not using it right.” So, well done you!


  2. I needed some new blogs to read. So happy I found this post!! I love the saint thing you’re doing. St. Agnes is one of my life-long favorites. I’m thinking of doing something similar to promote the saints. My sister and I used to play “saint tennis”- Every time you hit the ball, call out a saint’s name. It was so fun!


  3. Ksenia is someone I love as well! I think I found her on twitter and I love following her tweets. She’s hysterical and I’ve really liked her stuff. I want to go follow so many of these blogs asap! That Northern Belle one sounds really fun too.

    Many thanks, friend, as always!


  4. Phew, that’s all? That’s plenty to keep me extra busy digging into new blogs. Thanks for pointing me toward new stuff and perhaps check my blog out and see if it’s worthy of adding to your next list of must read blogs.


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