More From the Sacred to the Profane, Books!

I love bringing you the sacred and the profane as far as books go, and I have a fresh batch for you. I am brimming with excitement because two of my favorite people have wonderful author news.

Today is the 202nd anniversary of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Why is this important? Because my friend Rhonda released an ebook titled The Virtuous Jane Austen: Short Reflections on Character. In this quick ebook, some years ago, Rhonda felt inspired to read and reflect on the novels of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice included, as a Lenten intellectual exercise. What’s that? Lent is coming? How perfect! She covers the vices and virtues of the human character as portrayed in Jane Austen novels in the hopes that it would translate into greater consideration in her own life. The hope is, that it will do the same for you! Janeites, hold on to your bonnets, the price of the ebook is just $.99! This means it could be a present for you and your fellow Jane-fanatics. Consider reading it together over this upcoming Lent!

The Virtuous Jane Austen Short Reflections on Character by Rhonda Ortiz a review by @fillpraycloset


I finally received news that the long awaited and anticipated book, Unkept, by glittered author, Ericka Clay is available on Kindle for pre-order! The print version of the book will be out March 2nd. We’ve talked about Ericka, before. She is an amazing author, writer, publisher, wife, mother, social media maniac, Small Wonder robot, and Catholic! That last bit is just the sugar on the berries isn’t it? This will be the best, most riveting $4.99 you will spend on a book. She has a way with words, making the ugly, beautiful and the beautiful, chilling. I can’t wait to get started! The book description on Amazon reads:

As the live-in manager at her father’s funeral home in Burling Gates, Missouri, Vienna Oaks has succumbed to the mediocrity and abject loneliness of her life. Her days are suspended between the mundane and the misery of her clients’ throttling grief, of changing light bulbs, and encountering strangers as bereft as she. But after orchestrating the funeral for a little boy named Parker prompts a severe panic attack, she finds herself at a personal crossroads in which she is forced to confront the pregnancy she’s been hiding, her childhood nemesis, the boy she never stopped loving, and the deep-seated secret surrounding her mother’s death more than a decade before.

In another part of town, Heather Turnbull has just learned from her estranged father that her mother, a lifelong recluse, has died. When making arrangements for her funeral, Heather chooses Oaks Family Funeral home, where she comes face to face with Vienna – the woman she tortured throughout grade school, the woman who has recently had an affair with her husband.

Together, Vienna and Heather navigate through a makeshift friendship born of circumstance and devised to assuage their ambivalence towards motherhood and their tenuous relationship with reality, discovering, in tandem, the art of forgiveness and the will to go on.

With humor and poignancy, Ericka Clay’s debut novel, Unkept, explores the thorny landscape of childhood trauma and the ferocious politics between little girls — and the adults they become.

Unkept by Ericka Clay available for pre-order a write up by @fillpraycloset

Now did I tell you I would bring the goods?! Be prepared for a FULL review on both books. Rhonda’s throughout Lent and Ericka’s as soon as my eyes can read it all! I am so excited to share these indie authors with you. I can’t even believe that I know them!

Why are you still reading this post? Get to buying people!


2 thoughts on “More From the Sacred to the Profane, Books!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cristina! And thank you for mentioning Rhonda’s book – off to take a peek! 🙂


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