A Day in the Life of a Blogger

Seeing as I’m really boning up on all things social media and blogging, I thought I would share what a day in the life of this blogger is like. I kept a running list of all the things I did in a single day from social media platforms to writing, to a little html code. I will share the tips that I think you’ll get use out of along the way. Ready?

A Day in the Life of a Blogger with Tips! by @fillpraycloset

Created images for a post. I am contributing to Real Housekeeping due in a few days. I have to create two, one for Pinterest and the other for Facebook. If you don’t know how or what a pinnable image is, come sit by me and I’ll tell you. A pinnable image is a vertical, clear and crisp image, 735 x 1102 in size. I use Canva to upload an image that I take, and then add some text overlay as well as the main site link at the bottom. You can use PicMonkey too, but lately, I’ve been using nothing but Canva, because I prefer their social media ready templates. The parameters for a Facebook, like Pinterest are preset on Canva for you, but Rebekah Radice, a social media strategist (among other things) just put out this article that gives a cheat sheet of all the image sizes required for all social media platforms. If you don’t know the first thing about creating beautiful images, Canva has a design school that you can go through at your own pace for free. I use it to help me pair fonts!

Bulk schedule tweets in Hootsuite. This is great if you are going away on vacation, or if you’re like me, and don’t have the ability to use an “old tweet” plug in or any plug ins for that matter. I used this to bulk upload inspirational quotes said by influential women from a Facebook post I saw. I always advise bloggers to share their content, sure – but not all the time. I like an 80/20 mix. The 80% that you share should be relevant to your niche. The topics I’ve chosen are Catholic, Working Mother, Social Media and Writing. So for every 2 posts of mine that I share (one current and one from the archives) I share 8 pieces of content from other people shared across my topics. For a full breakdown of how to bulk upload, I went right to the source. Hootsuite. Here’s a heads up, spreadsheets! And if you have a hard time trying to get the date and format to work, let me know, I have a trick for that too.

Research for an upcoming post. Every month, I publish a post on saints with Tiffany. We are almost set on a theme for the year and the first for 2015 will be up this Thursday. I don’t know anyone who knows all the saints, so I have to research the life, history and uncommon tidbits before each post. This led us to a conversation on what we would like to do for Lent. I was worried because I hadn’t had an idea after last years’ success. She had one though! I will say this, if you’d like to join us, pick up a copy of the 2015 Magnificat Lenten Companion.

Lent Resources on Filling My Prayer Closet part of a new post by @fillpraycloset A Day in the Life of a Blogger with TipsFreshened up my blog. This started with creating an image for my sidebar that would link to all of the Lent themed posts that I did with Tiffany last year. I found a free image on Unsplash that I fell in love with. That became the inspiration for a color change after visiting design seeds to search for a compatible palette. I then created a new header in Canva with the hex numbers pulled from design seeds, coordinated the social media icons that I picked up for free, and updated the headers of my Google+ and Twitter profiles. That came easy with Canva too because they have preset templates for that as well. Oh the rabbit hole.

Cleaned up Instagram. I like to keep the ratio of followers to following relatively close. I mean, what’s someone going to think if I’m following 456 people and only 8 are following me back? So, for this I use JustUnfollow. Most people know that it can be used with Twitter (for free at 50 unfollows) but it works on Instagram too. Just connect your account and look for the “non-followers”, or people who aren’t following you back. Of course, if you’re following Kraft for example and they’re not following you back, but you want to continue to receive updates from them, you can whitelist them. The best part? I do it all within Hootsuite, so I don’t have to flip back and forth.

Followed profiles on Twitter. They say you should follow at least 10 profiles a day, if you’re looking to grow your twitter platform. Social Media Examiner came out with the Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2015. I thought it would be good to add them to their own list on Feedly, and then follow those profiles on Twitter. A little extra thang I did was add them to a Twitter list, so whenever I wanted to look at just social media, I can go there. It’s a way to pull a note out of a chord, so to speak. I’m a musician, remember? You can also do this with any top 10 list based on any of your chosen topics.

I also made a full breakfast for the family, and dinner, kept an ongoing conversation over email about a social media sharing plugin that wasn’t working, caught up on all of my favorite blogs that were pushed through on Twitter Feed, had some wine, watched two of my favorite television programs, played a couple of round of Words With Friends (anyone else play?!) and chatted with my tribe about what we’re looking to do this year. Hint: Adding guest posts to our mix! Stay tuned for that, I’m working on parameters, topics, etc.

And that’s a day in the life of this blogger. If you’re a blogger, chime in with what a day in your life looks like, or blog about it and leave the link here in the comments. I’m off to play on Pinterest for a while.

A Day in the Life of a Blogger with Tips! a new post by @fillpraycloset


24 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Blogger

  1. Well… I WISH my day was more organized and so much more structured like yours!! I need to have a better plan… I don’t schedule tweets and I think I need to learn how. I also need to make sure my images are “Pinterest size”… Ack! I could do so much better… I just wish I had a blog tutor!! 🙂

    Your day sounds PERFECT actually!!!


  2. I found Canva via pinterest a few months ago and I absolutely love it. I’ll have to check out PicMonkey and HootSuite too, thanks for the tips 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wow. that is impressive. sadly most of this seemed in a different language to me, my blog is a much smaller scale. you are inspiring though! i have much to learn!


  4. Yeay! I love that our lives aren’t all that different. Except, throw ‘write 3,000 words’ and other oddities in there. But let’s get serious: I want to play Words with Friends again! I used too, but I took it off my phone because I have an issue about not participating in life if I have games to play.


    I’m so excited about your Real Housekeeping participation. It’s truly a lovely site!


    1. Right! The 3,000 words (as if it were that easy). Now you know how the neck spasms flared up during NaNoWriMo! (thanks BTW, I love it over at Real Housekeeping)


  5. I’ve been blogging for a lo-o-o-ong time and I really enjoy what you shared! I’m checking out Canva now. I use PicMonkey but it’s good to see what else is available :->


  6. Thank you for writing this and inspiring me, as a newer blogger who is looking to blog more seriously soon. Pinning this!


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