#7QT The Whirlwind Edition

The quickest Seven Quick Takes in my history, maybe. The one where I shared the search terms used to find this blog was pretty short, but the hilarity! Here’s a run down of what’s been going on this week – in short, a whirlwind.


My husband has been in London all week. The time zone makes it so we’re not in touch as often as we’re used to, but we make the best of it. Think early morning phone calls to check in. He never has time to see the sights while working, but that’s ok in London. He’s been there before. I did ask him to get me a tea cup. So let’s hope he remembered, if not, I’ll take a cup of tea made by him!

Big Ben 2007-1
By Alvesgaspar (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Of course, I get sick and Alex gets sick while he’s gone. There’s no such thing as a sick day for a Mom, #amirite? I have an upper respiratory infection and Alex has a sinus infection. Gabriel? Gabriel has chocolate chip cookies. Not necessarily an illness to most people, but his obsession with it? AND they’re homemade too. By homemade I mean Toll House pre-packaged chocolate chip cookie roll. BUT, I slice them so they look homemade, which means I still get points.


Things are in full swing at Real Housekeeping. I contributed an article on Four Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions. Then Tacy chimed in with an article about How to Beat the Winter Blues as a Stay-at-Home-Mom. Add to that, the social media hat that I am wearing for this site, I am all over it like wet t-shirt, or 7 year old, pink velour yoga pants. Don’t ask me why I’ve kept them, you know the answer: nothing like stretched out elastic. Nothing.


 But I would love it if you liked the Facebook page, or followed us on Pinterest, and Twitter. What would really knock my socks off is if you signed up for the newsletter, because that’s going to be funny, witty and chockfull of housekeeping goodness of the real variety. Just head over and fill in your email address at the top. We can have virtual spiked hot chocolates together, if you do. 🙂 #gratuitousplug


Reading this week has been The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick. I love Peg Fitzpatrick. She has no idea and I’m comfortable with that, she’ll come around and love me back. In the book she shares all the steps that go into pushing great content out into all social media platforms. And by all I mean, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and even Google Hangouts. Seriously, the book is great for newbies or anyone looking to push their social media strategy to the next level. I loved the straightforward way Guy shared his tips. He uses the rules for amateur boxing as an analogy for dealing with trolls:

The opening bell is when you share a post. Ding Ding!  The opening Round 1: Commenter comments. Round 2: You respond. Round 3: Commenter responds to your response. End of fight.

Isn’t that great?! But, my most favorite part is:

“…if you’re not pissing people off on social media, you’re not using it right. Some people will complain that you share too much or share posts that are not perfect for them. This is what I refer to as “Internet Entitlement syndrome”. Sufferers believe that everything should be free and perfectly tailored to them, because they are the center of the universe – Copernicus be damned.”

If you’re interested in how to put your best foot forward in the crazy world that is social media, I highly recommend the book. I devoured it in less than 2 days so it’s a short, power packed read.


My husband is now the Tiger Scout leader for little Gabriel’s group. I mean, couldn’t you just squeeze them?! Tonight is the camp in at the parish center. This means, the entire troop (25 kids and 25 adults) bring blankets, pillows and sleeping bags, pitch tents in the parish center of our church and does a mock camping trip. There will be activities AND Mike volunteered to take care of breakfast in the morning.

Can I remind you that he comes home today? Whirlwind to get all of the breakfasty things together, packed up and there by 6PM. Eeek. Gabriel wants all of us to go, but I’m sick, remember? I’m hoping to feel well and perky enough to go. The good doctor said it was up to me, and I really want to help him with the load. He’s such a great Daddy.


In case you missed it, I also shared the Do’s and Dont’s of Living an Unequally Yoked Marriage, but it can easily be applied to any marriage, I think.


Hello, favorite novena! Have you started it? You know, the St. Francis de Sales novena? If you haven’t, there’s still time! We’re only on day two. I’ve made it super easy for you, just go here and get to praying. His is January 24th.

While I catch my breath, head over for more quick takes at This Ain’t the Lyceum.


7 thoughts on “#7QT The Whirlwind Edition

    1. Thanks! As I was sitting in the doctor’s office, the flat screen was playing a show about flu vaccines, and how mid January is when all the flu/colds start – and how it dies down in March. MARCH!


  1. Oh my gosh, yes: “Some people will complain that you share too much or share posts that are not perfect for them. This is what I refer to as “Internet Entitlement syndrome”. Sufferers believe that everything should be free and perfectly tailored to them, because they are the center of the universe.” Ugh… I’ll go check out RH twitter acct. (I don’t have FB) but glad to hear it’s going well! Hope you both feel better soon. *sends chicken soup*


  2. Hope you feel better because sick-mama is no-fun-mama and I just did my stint. I’m definitely intrigued by your book recommendations so I’m going to seek them out. I’m still fumbling my way around on social media and it’s about time I learned a new trick or two. Thanks.


  3. Feel better soon! Ugh, my cough is finally getting better. It’s been a long winter. I should probably read that social media book. I am finally sort of figuring out twitter!!!!


  4. Followed ALL the Real Housekeeping social media options, and I’m so excited to hear more! Woot woot!

    And I love London. And I think your husband is awesome. And I can’t wait to hear more about your week.


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