Just Shifting Here

And we’re back! How did you fare over the holidays? Were you stressed, relaxed, a little bit of both? I feel really frazzled on this first day back, but that’s to be expected.

The holidays are always stress-less events at our house. Let me repeat that. There is no stress at my house for the holidays. Usually, we don’t go anywhere and can settle in, watch the snow fall and take the days as they come. In fact, I tried my hand at going off the grid for a while, you know, like that Little Caesar’s commercial?

Off the grid Little Caesars Commercial

Seriously, that’s us, except the “Dad” character, in our house, is bald and we have two boys. But yes, I was cross stitching my face off with a messy bun, like that chick in the commercial, for most of the Christmas break. My husband’s office is closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s so he was home and not “plugged in” either.

I had a lot of time to reflect and think about how I wanted this next year to unfold. I couldn’t get the phrase “healthy choices” out of my head. Maybe it was all the frozen dinners. I thought the usual: I want to pray more, attend weekly adoration/mass, and exercise. I also want to write every day; the novel, and the blog, but I also want to be sure I drink more water and be more physically active, too. (I know those last few aren’t related, but that’s how my mind works, so I just go with it.)

I am a meta-thinker, I like to take a step back from the minutiae and look at over arching themes of my thoughts. It’s a lot of thinking, I know. It gets kinda detailed up here. But, all of these “resolutions” could easily be tackled if I just made healthier choices.

For example:

2014 Cristina: Let’s watch 19 episodes of Sons of Anarchy back to back.

2015 Cristina: You should probably cut a few of those, and hit the gym. Maybe you could listen to a social media podcast while you pretend not to sweat, and hey, are you going to mass on Tuesday evening? Then, totally watch a few episodes, but have a 33.8 oz bottle of water with you and make sure you finish it.

Did you notice, there was no mention of writing in the “2015 Cristina”? Well, I am back at it with my accountability partner, Rhonda. We had a long chat over the phone a few days ago (how “old school” of us). I mentioned the shift in my thinking with goals for 2015. Listening to my body more, I am working in seasons, or quarters for the year. For the first three months, I want to work on finishing the novel and begin to edit it. I’ll be honest, going back to it scares me. I worry that I won’t have that “mojo” that I had in November. I also worry that when I go back to read where I left off, I’ll be all, what? Who wrote this? I can’t put my name on this drivel!

Captain Jack ConfusedBut, it won’t stop me. I’m good about ripping the band-aid, and I’m sure it’s not drivel.

I also had many chats with Tiffany about what we’d like to tackle this year. We like to blog together and lately, craft – as in, she knits and I cross stitch. So we’ve got some things on the list. Let’s not even get into Lent! Who knows what we’ll do then. Seriously, we haven’t discussed it. We will though, now that I’ve mentioned it here! Here’s a recent shot of my current project. Looking at this every day definitely shifts your outlook, even if it’s subtle and you don’t consciously realize it.

I did a lot of research on planners thanks mostly to this pin, at the end of the year, and purchased a pretty good one at a significant discount (gift cards and promo codes helped with that). Seeing as I am the Social Media Manager for Real Housekeeping now, writing, mommy-ing and keeping up on this here blog, I needed to get really organized. I also picked up a devotional that has some journaling included that should keep me on track, as it’s also seasonal. And who can’t handle weekly journaling! The devotional is not Catholic specific, but the first chapter had me at “core muscles”. Take a look at the sample and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m sure I’m glossing over a lot of funny little anecdotes that happened while we were all on break. I didn’t always whip out my iPhone to snap a pic – that’s what usually reminds me. I really wanted time away with my boys, I kind of love them.

I think that’s where we’re at. See? Healthy choices. For the new year, I will try to shift my perspective and make the healthiest choice for me at the time. Whether it be for balance, prayer, or something as simple as drinking more water, this is an easy outlook to implement, if I give myself that beat before actually chowing down on nachos and queso (like I did last night after my first day at the gym!). Its all a process, right?

So tell me, what are you shifting towards? Or do you have a whole set of resolutions? Tell me, and maybe we can all have chips, because they’re really good. Try the Totstito’s Cantina ones. Yum, yum! Ok, that’s not healthy talk right now.



14 thoughts on “Just Shifting Here

  1. Happy New Year!!! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing break – well deserved! Honestly, haven’t done a lot of reflecting/planning/resolving for the new year. I know that it’s time to take a serious look at my health and pay attention to it again (somehow that’s the first thing that gets pushed aside when it comes to the nitty gritty). I hit up Sweaty Betty again this morning after taking December off. Fun times, fun times. Maybe I’ll put that on my to-do for this week, setting some mild goals 🙂


    1. I certainly was gentler with myself this year because I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. I made so many great goals last year and I realized that I just couldn’t meet them all because I put a lot on myself. Maybe that’s the definition of a not so great goal! More to think about! So I really just wanted to focus on the choices that I was meeting and not so much the end goal of that make sense? Let me know how you’re doing, I miss you!


      1. TOTALLY makes sense – and I’m chuckling because that was similar to my thought process. I am NOT going to say I’m going to lose weight. I AM going to set a goal of working out 3 times a week. I miss you, too! What can we do about that? 😉


  2. Healthy choices–that’s something I agree with! I got an “intelligent” Breville kettle for Christmas, and let me tell you, the ability to brew perfect tea within five minutes makes it a LOT easier to drink tea more often, as opposed to soda/other things. I too have writing goals, but I’m definitely focusing on healthy choices as well.
    How are you getting that nice instagram screen shot? Help me. 🙂


  3. Can I say how jealous I am that your holidays were not stressful? We had 4 big Christmas family things to go to along with passing around the flu and stomach flu. Actual Christmas day was wonderful, as was seeing family, but YIKES I am worn out. I was easy on myself with the resolutions, too. A saint for the year and a word for the year. Nothin’ else. Well, I aim to go to confession and adoration more. No specifics. Just more. So if I go one time, that’s success! ;0) Happy New Year to you!!!!


  4. I’m not even sure what I’m shifting toward yet, but I think it’ll be just one thing that I focus on, and continue forward with my usual plans for bidness!

    Actually, if anything, I’ll just keep progressing forward professionally, release two books this year, and keep drawing closer to God. It’ll be a great year!


  5. i love your new “healthier” thinking. I’m getting back in the saddle myself. I was a total slug over the holidays. And congrats again on your new gig! Keep kicking booty and taking names my friend!


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