#7QT My Favorite Christmassy Things

It’s the Friday before Christmas week and I thought I would share what my favorite things are during this time of year. You know, Christmassy things, because that’s a word now (and the word mass is in it, hello!). Without any delay, here we go!

— 1 —

Balsam scented candles, but in a pinch, this one will totally do! I received it for my birthday.

A new post sharing 7 my favorite Christmassy things to do and have.  I love balsam scented candles, here's a great variation. by @fillpraycloset

According to Yankee Candle, the scent is [a] crisp, naturally fresh scent of gleaming, snow-covered pines with hints of patchouli and fruit. Head over to Tacy’s place, she’s a bloggy friend and fellow contributor at Real Housekeeping, she’s giving away a A Balsam Forest candle from Anthropologie! Tell her I said hello!

— 2 —

Hot Chocolate. I’m not talking about the “just add water” kind. I’m talking about the Panera Signature Hot Chocolate kind.

A new post sharing 7 my favorite Christmassy things to do and have.  How do you not have hot cocoa? This one is from Panera! by @fillpraycloset

In case you were wondering, those are chocolate chip marshmallows you’re drooling over. I have yet to try their other hot chocolate drink, I thought there was sea salt caramel in it, I could be wrong because I love sea salt caramel. I could have totally imagined that on the menu as I was waiting for my drink.

— 3 —

Holiday teas! I have recently been feasting on Stash’s Holiday Chai Black tea and Christmas Morning Black and Green tea. Also acquired on my birthday, they are delicious. I love the black and green tea mix because Hello! I’m AWAKE!

A new post sharing 7 my favorite Christmassy things to do and have.  For all of you tea lovers, Stash has a great holiday assortment to choose from by @fillpraycloset

But as you can see, they have many others to try!

— 4 —

Cozy Mystery reading. I know that my dear friend, Tiffany loves to read Cozy Mysteries over Christmas, and she nudged me in that direction this season. I cannot believe I have never read this genre before. Maybe, sort of with Don’t You Forget About Me by Erin McCole Cupp, which you know I devoured! I am currently reading the Embroidery Mystery Series by Amanda Lee. I love them! I am on book two. My evenings consist of a little stitching and a little reading (where the main character is the owner of a specialty embroidery shop!)

Here’s where I’m at with my current cross stitch project. I have to finish the border, outline every flower and leaf, and then add little green tendrils. I want to finish by Christmas Eve because I have two new projects coming in the mail!

A new post sharing 7 my favorite Christmassy things to do and have.  I am reading Cozy Mysteries and cross stitching. Here's the progress on my latest project! by @fillpraycloset

Not bad for a first-timer, eh?

— 5 —

Watching Polar Express. We do this every year. I make hot cocoa (still not of the “just add hot water” variety) and make some cookies while we all sit and watch Polar Express like it was the first time! Without fail, the boys remember why they love it and ask to watch it a few more times before bedtime in the nights leading up to Christmas.

A new post sharing 7 my favorite Christmassy things to do and have.  Watching Christmas movies like Polar Express and A Christmas Carol, the Disney version, of course by @fillpraycloset

This was taken last year when we watched A Christmas Carol. Gabriel and I take our Christmas movie watching very seriously.

— 6 —

Our Christmas Tree. It’s not so much the tree, as the ornaments. We have an assortment of NY Giants and Transformer ornaments, of course, but then there are the ornaments we, as a family, picked for one another. The boys love burrowing in the ornament boxes for their personal ornaments. I also have a couple of ornaments that were on my tree when I was a little girl. They no longer have hooks and I haven’t even tried to fix them. I sit them on the branches, carefully, and smile at another year.

A new post sharing 7 my favorite Christmassy things to do and have.  Enjoying our Christmas tree, especially the personal ornaments by @fillpraycloset

— 7 —

Here’s a first! We have been invited to a party with some friends and we have to wear ugly sweaters! We recently hung out with them when we were making another favorite for Christmas, pasteles (they’re like the Puerto Rican version of a tamale). We had such a great time with them, so when they asked us to their Christmas party we said yes, eagerly! I don’t own any ugly Christmas sweaters, but my friend S has a couple she’s willing to loan me. I’m partial to the one on the right, but I’ll have to go with whatever fits. I will chime in with pictures to be sure!

A new post sharing 7 my favorite Christmassy things to do and have.  Christmas parties, of the ugly sweater kind. I have two to choose from! by @fillpraycloset

So what are your favorite Christmassy things? Do tell. I’ll be cross stitching  and sipping hot cocoa wearing an ugly Christmas sweater,  as you tick off your faves!

I won’t be linking up next week for 7QT so I’ll see you all in the New Year! Merry Christmas!

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10 thoughts on “#7QT My Favorite Christmassy Things

  1. What’s a tamale? Now I have to go research stuff!

    My favourite things. Hmm.

    Decorating the tree while listening to Bach’s Christmas Music, Midnight service on Christmas Eve, The smell of the christmas tree. Um. The Nutcracker suite. Er. I think that’s it 😀


  2. I have to pin every single one of these images because they are AMAZING. Seriously! That looks like such a fun Christmas setting. Now I want hot chocolate, and your house, please.


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