Birthday Festivities

The entire weekend felt like a celebration of family and friends. I felt like it wasn’t just my birthday, but all of our birthdays. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Friday Evening
My very good friend from work came over to give me a birthday present because I was not going bowling that evening. She’s my bowling pal, remember? She stopped in and handed me the sweetest, most heartfelt card. Even the wording that was printed on the card described how we are to.a.tee! I got an Amazon gift card, and to hear her explain it (and she did), I went over to her desk over a month ago and said this:

So, my birthday is next month. I want an Amazon or a Barnes and Noble gift card. That’s it.

And I walked away. I don’t remember saying that. But I know that I can be a little off the wall and random like that a lot of the time. She remembered. Hey, points to her, right? I cross stitched some more, and went to bed at the late hour of 8:56PM

Alex had his very first basketball game! I was so nervous for him. He’s not super athletic, but he loves the game and I really wanted him to feel good about it. He tried to assure me before the game with the “I got this, Mom. Really.” speech. Well, we won 53-14! He didn’t get any points himself, but he made a great pass that led to a basket, he also made a great steal and played solid defense. We all went out to a celebratory lunch and toasted to Alex’s first game and all of the pre-Welcome to Night Vale! My favorite new podcast to listen to as I cross stitch! Read all about the birthday festivities! by @fillprayclosetbirthday activity, which wasn’t much because I love my threadbare velour pants that should never see the light of day, but they do.

We came home and I cross stitched even more as I listened to my new favorite podcast Night Vale. It’s so off the wall and my kind of humor that I can’t even explain it. But I listen and stitch and it’s perfect. I’m on episode 21 “A Memory of Europe” if anyone listens and would like to laugh hysterically about it with me.

Side note for you Serial listeners. I feel it’s my duty to share a link for what to listen/read/follow when Serial is over.

****Spoiler Alert****
The last podcast is 12/18/2014 #icant #longsufferingsigh

Back to my Saturday
We went to vigil mass because Alex was scheduled to altar serve. I asked him if he needed help finding the right sized robe and I got the “Mom, it’s ok. I can do it”. You would think that I’d be bummed that he didn’t need me. I wasn’t. I was and am just proud of him. Mike and I both are.

Mike couldn’t wait and gave me my birthday present. A beautiful and much needed watch! Mine broke, or the battery was dead? I can’t remember but the watch is perfect and has a lilac colored face. YAY presents!

After mass we went to Wegman’s. Ever hear of it? It’s only the Christmas of supermarkets. I mean, they have everything. I had some sushi and Mike and the boys had dessert (they ate earlier, but I was too busy chompin’ on podcasts and stitches to eat!)

Sunday – BIRTHDAY!
Mike went out and procured an assortment of bagels, and made coffee, while I lounged around in bed reading the hand made birthday cards the boys made me. They included a gift as well: hand made money. They’re called Giggi Dollars.

Have we discussed this? Gabriel’s nick name? Story time! When Gabriel was born, we introduced him to Alex and said, “Alex, this is your brother, Gabriel” to which he quickly and straightforwardly replied “His name is Giggi” (that’s a hard g there). We tried to corect him, but he was adamant. Who is going to argue with a 3 year old? So that’s what we call him at home.

Hence, the Giggi Dollars, where all of the presidents on the bills for a kajillion dollars are happy faces and the quazillion dollars have serious faces, because, more money = more problems. What? I don’t know. You tell me the reasoning!

Cross stitch, Cross stitch, Cross stitch, podcast, podcast, podcast and DINNER!

Here’s a picture of all of us at dinner, taken by our fun waitress. Notice, most of my salad is still present on the plate. No veggies for this birthday girl!

Family and friends at dinner. We had Italian! Delicious!! Read all about the birthday festivities! by @fillpraycloset

Mike made a lovely toast about being pretty and grey and everyone shared a communal “Awwwww”. The boys said grace (we do two prayers, remember? That Gabriel.) Food, food, food. Gifts, gifts, gifts of the stitchery, candle, and gift card-y kind. We all left and headed home. Most of the party followed us back for more laughing, rare 80s music and the odd mixer for rum. Ever have it with a V8 Splasher? The consensus is that it’s not bad, but interesting. You really taste the banana.

The party whittled down to just me and my guys. This means snacks. We lit the rose colored candle on our Advent wreath as the boys chomped on a chocolate pop tart (Gabriel’s favorite) and Nutter Butter’s before bed.

Doesn’t that sound like the weekend of a youthful 37 year old? So much debauchery, carelessness and strobe lights. Who am I kidding? The only strobe lights were the ones I saw when I shut my eyes. You know, because I stared at my phone before bed. I was reading a new Cozy Mystery about, you guessed it, Cross stitching! (well, embroidery, crewel and other such stitched goodness) According to Amazon:

The Quick and the Thread: An Embroidery Mystery  is the first in a new mystery series that will have readers stitching-and itching for more.

I would have used my tablet to read, but, I killed the battery with all that reading the night before. The chapter had to be finished. You can’t stop mid-chapter! #amirite? Try it. See how easily you nod off to sleep. You don’t! A quick download of the Kindle App and I finished up the last few pages. YAWN, and sleep.

***Another SPOILER alert that has nothing to do with podcasts***
Tiffany and I came up with a splendid idea for a new series having to do with all things needlecraft-y and books!! Coming to a computer screen near you in 2015!

Yes! Monday, because the festivities were extended to include a cake of my choosing, made by another work friend, whom I lovingly call Hawk-Eye. I love Hawk-Eye. It was tres leches cake. It was amazing. It is gone.

Only the best cake on the planet! The time consuming and best consumed when you eat more than one piece. Tres Leche Cake by The Pioneer Woman Read all about the birthday festivities! by @fillpraycloset

*Moment of silence for the cake that was. And if you want the recipe, this is what she used.*

How was your weekend?! Tell me all about your strobe lights!

And majorly UBER P.S. “Working Mother” by Erin McCole Cupp, OP is available for pre-order today! I already pre-ordered my copy! Get it. It’s goood. Yes. I read a very early draft, and I even wrote a blurb for it. If you get the book you’ll see what I think of it (if that sweetens the pot!)


10 thoughts on “Birthday Festivities

  1. I really, really want that cake. A coworker like yours who remembers everything, and a son that can function on his own (good for you for being proud and not sad!) and I just really, really want that cake.

    What a fabulous birthday! I have yet to jump into the podcast world, because I think when I do, then I’ll be helplessly addicted. I’m like that with audiobooks lately. I go on hikes with my dogs everyday, and since we’re out for like an hour or two, I listen to audiobooks by awesome people, and I feel like I’m working at the same time 🙂

    The big question is this: what is the best podcast to start with so I can get addicted too?!


    1. Serial. Hands down. Its only 12 episodes total. Then try Nightvale. Wait. No. Do this: listen to the first episode of each and then decide which one you must listen to more. That’s the one you start with.

      And thanks.

      And mmmmmmmm cake.

      Liked by 1 person

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