#7QT The Gift Edition

I was reading through some of my favorite blogs, and Annie over at This Northern Belle has a gift guide that she posts every year. Sorry, it’s not up yet, but I am eagerly awaiting it. I thought, why not try it? I can create a gift edition list!

Now if you ask my friend at work, she will tell you that I have been in a gift giving slump. Mike loves the creative gift, and I don’t mean crafts. So wah-wah. His last gift was a 1985 G1 Transformer, a Transformer T-Shirt, dinner, the newest female Transformer, and tickets to the local Comic-con wherein he purchased 6 prints. All Transformer of course. So, he’s into themes. This week I finished up Mike’s Christmas shopping, but I can’t share what the theme is here, because now, he reads my blog. Sorry Bebe, no sneak peeks here! That’s what I call him. I say it like I’m a construction worker and he’s the sweet thang walking on the street. Yes, I catcall him in the house. Whistles and all. Hey Bebe, want some fries with that shake! I do this ALL THE TIME.

Gifts. Right. Ok. Some of these will be Advent inspired, because they’re awesome. Another little disclaimer, I don’t have a specific “person” these should be given to, like “The Beauty Queen” or “The Sports Guy”, or “The Toilet Bowl Cleaner” <—- they deserve gifts too.

— 1 —

Where has this been all my life? Well, the last 18 years. WOW, I just did the math. It’s been 18 years since I turned 18. Wait. Did I just share that I was drinking before I turned 21? Happy Advent!

Price depends on what kind of wine you like. For me, this would cost anywhere from $240 – $288. Expensive right? Let’s just imagine we’re getting this. 

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset
Thank you S for texting this to me. And that green pepper text. I laughed again when I saw it.

— 2 —

Ok, here’s an easy one. Subscriptions. I LOVE magazines. Love them. Totally mindless and my kind of window shopping. Alone, with no one asking “May I help you?” I feel like that’s such a loaded question. I want to look at them and say “Are you asking me to step into your office, because you’re not ready for the kind of psychological therapy I need.” But I don’t say that, I just give a thin-lipped grin. You know, the one that says maybe I’m constipated, and I just realized it right now, when I was asked if I needed help. Help me! I digress. Here are a few of my favorite magazines to read:

  • Catholic Digest: My favorite part of these monthly mags are the calendars on the back. You know them saint posts I write with Tiff-tastic? Well I use this for ideas. Boom. Double duty.
    Cost: $21.95/year
  • Writer’s Digest: So I put this on my secret Santa list for work. I figure, they get to know that I love to write while also giving me a gift. I put an Amazon gift card as well as a Bath and Body Works card there too. I like to smell stuff. Cost: $9.96/year digital or $19.96/year print
  • Dappled Things: A Catholic Literary Magazine. I don’t have a subscription to this…yet. But I want one. My dear friend Rhonda is the Art Director for this publication. So insta-love and stalk. I can’t even imagine how she does it (aside from my praying for her. HA!) Cost: $14.99 / year digital or $20.00 / year print or $23.00 /year print + digital
  • New Scientist: Yeah, I subscribe to this. Catholics LOVE science. You didn’t know? We do. It’s also great for picking up tidbits to tease out in your writing. Noticing a double duty theme here? Cost: $24.99 / year print + digital or $21.99 digital or $38.99 digital + print

You know I couldn’t drop mad subscription knowledge without mentioning cross stitch, my latest obsession??

  • Cross Stitcher: Oh my glob. I love this magazine. I have the digital version, and I keep flipping, sliding? scrolling? anyway, I love it. Prices are in pounds. I won’t convert, I’ll let Lizzi do it, if she’s feeling up to it, she’s the resident Brit around here. Here’s what I pulled from their site

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset

— 3 —

Gift cards? Are we still doing those? Ok. Then I want one to Sephora and one to Amazon. That’s it. Since we’re on the beauty tip. Let me let you in on some stuffs. The best, I mean BEST mascara and eyelash curler that surely angels made. It’s that good.

Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural Black Mascara
Price: $28.00 (OUCH! Hurts but worth every clam)

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler
Price: $20.00

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset

The kicker. You can’t get these in the US anymore. They were sold all over the place. These were always on Sephora’s top 10 list and even they were sad to see these go. I talked to Ms. Sephora herself. Apparently, Shu Uemura was tired of being stalked by me, pulled everything off the shelves, and it’s now only available online. Boo. So maybe a gift card to this place? When did this turn into a “what to get me” shopping list?!

— 4 —

 Coffee mugs. Real Housekeeping has some coffee mug swag I love (and fifty percent of Real Housekeeping’s net income is donated to worthy charities assisting the hungry and the homeless.) Love double duty!

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset
This ain’t the Hamptons. Price: $13.19

I’m kind of a coffee mug collector. I like to pick one that sets the mood for my day. Like this one by Cafe Press. Looks like it could be an every day kind of mug:

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset
Sshhhh there’s wine in here. Price: $13.49

And while not a coffee mug, all proceeds are donated to the ASPCA at the Tipsy Lit Shoppe (I added the extra p and e, because that looks elegant.). You run on glitter. Admit it.

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset

— 5 —

#Teamtea, I have not forgotten you. I would never do that. This. Is for you (or me, depending, you know.). If it please the court, may I present:

The Book Lovers Tea Pot

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset
From Acorn. Price: $39.95

I had to, here’s a link to all Acorn’s their Literary Gifts. Commence drooling now.

— 6 —

I love all things Alice in Wonderland, did you know? Well now you do. These are just lovely. The Mad Hatter. He’s my favorite.

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset
From CarasBookishCharms Price: $15.25 on Etsy

But, Alice isn’t Alice without the White Rabbit. So all hail to that hare, too.

7QT The Gift Edition My kind of gift guide. #gift #shopping #christmas via @fillpraycloset
From Wear it out Jewelz Price: $16.00

— 7 —

And finally, how about this for a gift. Donate to The Wounded Warrior Project. This is something Mike and I (and the boys too) will be donating to for 2015 with their Advance Guard Monthly Giving Program (Starts at $18.00 / month).

Their website notes:

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families. On that date, America watched in horror as approximately 3,000 people died including hundreds of firefighters and rescue workers. Many warriors note a sense of duty to volunteer for the military following these tragic events.

I was working in NYC on September 11, 2001, so this is very real for me. It’s a gift to all of the people who have served this country and were injured, since that tragic event.

I think we can take our freedoms for granted. “Things” are always happening “over there” but, you know, “they” come back. And “they” have families. And “they” could have been me or you. They are me and you. You know? Sorry to get all “serial business” here, but it’s true. When I hear “bring the troops home”, I don’t just relate it to their physical selves coming home, but bringing them home, in my heart.

That’s all she wrote. For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain’t the Lyceum!


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