So This Happened

I won #NaNoWriMo 2014! @fillpraycloset #amwriting #fantasy #novel

And this wouldn’t be an update, if I didn’t leave you with the final inspiration image…


BUT, I’m not finished. I knew I wouldn’t be. I am not at this inspiration image part yet, but this is where I am going. What’s on the other side though, all of those details are yet to be seen. I will know them when my fingers, possessed as they have been all month, type them out. I knew that this novel would be more than the 50K required for NaNo. So I will still be writing, but I get to cross this off my list.

Thanks for the support, crazy peeps. Happy TURKEY day! And now, I will celebrate, with cross stitch and lots of bacon.


9 thoughts on “So This Happened

  1. I never doubted you for a second, but congrads! That’s super exciting. Are you going to do a follow up post on your thoughts of NaNo? Because i think you should. So this isn’t really a question. it’s like a request/demand.



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