NaNoWriMo Week 2: Not a Barren Wasteland, Just a Little Depleted

So wordsy peeps, how have you been? I have been writing my face off. Literally. I have no face. I thought I would come up for air because I finished today’s words early. I am at the 27,947 word mark! I mostly stuck with my 3,000 self imposed goal so far with the exception of Saturday. I felt like a Mack Truck hit me. I walked from my bed to the sofa and didn’t move until it was time for bed that evening. I didn’t clean, feed anyone or wash anything. My husband did the food shopping, took the boys for haircuts and Alex to basketball practice in the morning. I think he felt pretty badly for me. I didn’t help either. I was in my long night shirt and sweatpants all day. Who knew that all this creating would leave you a barren wasteland. Not a barren wasteland, just a little depleted. So I took a sign from the well that had run dry and rested all day. Sunday I felt a little more like myself and we went to mass, washed clothes for everyone and ran a few errands. I made dinner and all was well again.

This part of the novel, the turn just past the middle was hard. I was slogging people. Really. I couldn’t see a way out of the dark tunnel that was really a corner that I had painted myself into. When in doubt though, put your head down and keep writing. I slowed down a bit, and this is what I mean when I say that I’ll have to go back and flesh out some things. I think it was writers adrenaline. I was all “scene, scene, scene! #allthescenes!” Well, there’s so much more in the scene than just the chatter the characters have with one another, what about the journey to and from, what about the internal conversation my protagonist is having. What is he thinking, and why does he think it? Once I gave myself a little more permission to move a little slower in the novel (no snails I promise) I felt better about the character arc and the story line.

If you follow me on social media (like Twitter and Instagram) I share my word count along with some images that inspire the writing, so if you just can’t get enough of my crazy weekly updates and need more daily NaNoWriMo stuffs, follow me there. In the meantime, here are some of my favorites since last week.

Till next week peeps! I’ll catch you on the other side of my words!


13 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Week 2: Not a Barren Wasteland, Just a Little Depleted

  1. Ahhh Salty you’re doing SO SO WELL! And I’m not surprised you felt like you’d been hit by a mack truck – remember; all things in moderation – including writing versus the rest of life.

    Still, you discovered that by your own self, and now you’re back to getting things beautifully done and written.

    I’ve written myself into a corner and I’m trying to figure out how to get out of it. I think I need to write all the outcomes and see what feels right. I’ve ‘lost’ my character and I need to get her back and breathe life into her again.


  2. Cristina, you’re doing great! I have fizzled out, at least for now. As you know, I’ve expended a lot of energy on other things. But I need to get back at it. Hard to write humor when life doesn’t seem funny.


  3. I think that’s what they call the big swampy middle. Did you make it through okay? Have you refilled your creativity canteen?


    1. Thank you! And just think, in December we start the editing! Actually, between you me and the wall here, I don’t think it will end at 50K, I think it’s going to be a fairly higher word count. o_O


  4. I did a post that asked Why is Writing so Hard? And to me it came down to what you just said: all that creative energy is really exhausting. You really can push yourself to a zombie point.

    Fortunately, I can recognize those moments for the most part before they happen, and fend them off. But I’m glad you took the day off, and gave yourself permission to move a bit slower. It’s okay to write slower in nano. It’s not a speed race. It really isn’t.

    Besides, you don’t want to be so obsessed with writing the requisite number of words that you come out with a manuscript you can’t even salvage.

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    1. SO, new rule in my house. When you mention a post, please leave a link for everyone else! I will do the first one for you How else are we going to get people on my “For the love of all things Katie” bus? I’m working on a catchier title for the bus.

      I think I was so concerned that I wouldn’t get anywhere near 50K that I was running my words, kwim? I figured, oh I’ll get that on the pass through back, so there are parts that are rushed. EDIT!



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