#7QT All the Preparations

It’s Friday, and the day before NaNoWriMo! If you missed it, yesterday I shared a prayer I made up to help me continue writing during November, inspired by Bl. Mother Teresa. Here’s how I prepared.

— 1 —

Whipped up a few posts that needed to get done

Every month, I write a saint series with my friend, Tiffany. I can’t leave my girl hanging in November! So I prepared that and have it ready to go. We love these posts and enjoy finding connections between the saints we choose to share with others. In the process, we learn new fun facts about saints, and lately, Dominican Saints and Blesseds.

I also have my monthly prayer request post ready to go for November. I will definitely be praying all throughout. I’ve come to find that when everything gets unpredictable and crazy, all I have is prayer. Especially the rosary. The repetition of the Hail Mary prayer, soothes me into the land of “it’s all going to be ok, because look, your prayers don’t change”. And nothing soothes me more right now than this rosary (and my family, and this new Skinny Cow Caramel ice cream cone. I mean, WOW).

#7QT All the Preparations Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo this year? How have you prepared for it? Or have you! #amwriting by @fillpraycloset

— 2 —

Got two lay Dominican modules done

Life doesn’t stop for NaNo, so you have to plan accordingly. My lay Dominican chapter has outlined an aggressive plan for me to complete the Novice modules (two a month for the next few months) by August 2015 when we have the next annual retreat. I worked on them immediately after the last meeting (we meet the third Wednesday of every month). I even added some reminders to bring some props for my presentation. It’s just a rosary flip book I made a couple of years ago, and a little scriptural rosary book that I use. I have shared my module presentations here before when I was a Postulant, but haven’t – because – all the busy!

— 3 —

Took a break from activities at church

#7QT All the Preparations Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo this year? How have you prepared for it? Or have you! #amwriting by @fillpraycloset

I had to. I am making up for it, I think, by attending an extra mass a week (usually Tuesday nights). There was no way that I would be able to keep up with being on the RCIA team, cantoring and all the lay Dominican ramp up that’s been going on. I’ll be back, I promise.

— 4 —

Read all the books

#7QT All the Preparations Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo this year? How have you prepared for it? Or have you! #amwriting by @fillpraycloset

I visited the library and killed my Kindle when I thought I might even try to participate in this event. I read books from authors whose genres loosely matched mine, as well as books that I thought could teach me how to read like a writer and write like a writer!

— 5 —

Added the NaNoWriMo web graphic to my Facebook profile, blog sidebar and begged all to join me, Mwahahahahaha!

#7QT All the Preparations Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo this year? How have you prepared for it? Or have you! #amwriting by @fillpraycloset

Because that just means business. I’m all about the public shaming accountability to keep me on my toes. I think my count for NaNoWriMo converters is up to 8 or 9 people – as in, I got them to join! The latest one to join the ranks is my accountability partner, Rhonda (who has a newly launched website that I  s-t-a-l-k  because it’s pretty, people. She had me at “an image and a word”).

— 6 —

Actually named my novel on my NaNoWriMo profile

It could change, just sayin’. I’m coming to find out that everything about writing your novel changes and that your novel isn’t really yours when you start to write it. For now, and since August, it’s been called The Future Promise. Come on! Let me hear a collective ‘ahhh’. How do I know I’m on the right track? Once I published my writing prayer post yesterday (what? You didn’t read it. Tsk.) I got these on my Facebook feed:
#7QT All the Preparations Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo this year? How have you prepared for it? Or have you! #amwriting by @fillpraycloset

#7QT All the Preparations Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo this year? How have you prepared for it? Or have you! #amwriting by @fillpraycloset

And because I love you, here’s a hint on what it could be about. When I drive to work, I listen to the Morning Prayer in the car, I’ve told you that. Well, I heard this a couple of days ago and almost lost it (in a good way):

From Psalm 81

But my people did not heed my voice
and Israel would not obey,
so I left them in their stubbornness of heart
to follow their own designs.

And that’s what it’s about! BOOM.

— 7 —

I made a conscious effort to slow my roll on social media. 

#7QT All the Preparations Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo this year? How have you prepared for it? Or have you! #amwriting by @fillpraycloset

Now, I love social media. We all know this as evidenced by the three part m-e-g-a post I wrote for Katie Cross’ website. But, I knew that I wouldn’t be as active in November and didn’t want there to be a significant drop off, so I scaled it back slowly. Did anyone notice? Probably not, it was more for me anyway! And that’s the whole point of NaNoWriMo!

How about you? Are any of you doing this 50,000 word jaunt? Give me all the words of wisdom! I don’t know if I’ll be writing #7QTs or taking a break, if I’ll blog, or what. But I will be writing!! Here’s hoping that I write faster than my characters talk. Chatty Cathy’s, all of them.

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22 thoughts on “#7QT All the Preparations

  1. So, the REAL story, y’all, is that I told Cristina I’d do it if my mega-long to-do list disappeared—which was my way of saying, “Ha, ha! Yeah right! I’m ignoring that siren call! Odysseus tied to the mast, RIGHT HERE.”

    But someone must have been on *her* side because I checked the last major thing off my list yesterday, which is giving me just enough time to shop, clean house, and throw together a bare bones plot outline before the insanity begins. Girl, were you saying a novena or something?

    (Happily, my imagination is back at work on the story, of its own accord. I keep waking up with plot variations and scenes playing in my head. So if you were saying a novena, muchas gracias! It’s great being back to work on the story. :-))


    1. Oh thank you, Laura! I’ll take all the prayers I can get! Do leave your intentions on Saturday. The more I pray for others, the more peaceful I become. Don’t know how that works. Yeah I do! Holy Spirit! Waaaaaaaat?


  2. If this is you scaling back on social media, then I am amazed! Everyday I’m constantly surprised by how much you get done, and I’m always taking notes on how you do things so I can be more like ‘Stina. 🙂

    I have to step back from church activities sometimes as well. They can be very overwhelming. But the culture and activities of the church are NOT the church, you know? Your prayers and faith is as strong as ever, and that’s what really matters.


  3. I’m not doing NaNo because I’m in the middle of revisions that NEED to happen – but best of luck as you dive in! 😀


  4. I love it! I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that I am at least a little jealous. It sounds FUN & inspiring & challenging to take part in NaNoWriMo. I would definitely like to participate one day, but I fear I’d be setting myself up for failure if I tried this year. . . Answer me this: How much time do you set aside to get your 1,667 words (or whatever it is!) done each day?? Can you give me a rough idea? Since I don’t seem to be brave enough to fly by the seat of my pants this year, perhaps I can figure it out for next year? 😉


    1. I wrote for 5 mins just to see and I got 250 words. I think it depends on whether you are in a groove or not. There will be parts where it’s tough, and slow going. Other time you won’t be able to get it down on the page fast enough. I’m thinking a couple hours a day?? I’ll chime back in and give you a better average in a few days! And I think you should do it!!!!! This year! :))(

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s not bad at all! Hmmm. . . I am just lounging around today. I will give it a bit more thought. 😉 I will check back with you soon to see how YOU’RE doing, though! 😀


  5. Wow. Great prep job there, woman! You are Efficient. (<– See the capital "E"?)

    Good luck! I am not participating in NaNo this year but am being a cheerleader for all you amazing and dedicated writers. Yay Y-O-U! 🙂


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