#7QT All the Search Terms

This week, my #7QT are going to be SO quick, you may not even recognize me as the person writing them. It’s been a super busy week. The hubby returned from his trip to Poland yesterday. This means that I was #allthethings for 10 days. I’m pooped. BUT, I was still writing.

I wrote a series for the illustrious author, Katie Cross on social media. In three posts, I tackled niches and groups, Instagram, and Twitter so if you need a boost on any of those social media platforms, head there! I also interviewed a novelist turned publisher this week, Ericka Clay. You don’t want to miss that – she’s looking for submissions! Finally, I shared a bit about a Dominican Blessed yesterday in my monthly cross post with Tiffany on saints. Busy much? Yeah! So when this week’s #7QT fell in my lap, I cradled and cuddled it like a teddy bear, or a sequin, your choice.

On with our show – be warned, you may choke on your beverage.

In my little tribe group, my friend Jen noted the silly search terms used to get to her blog.

#7QT All the Search Terms by @fillpraycloset #searchterms #funny #bloggingWell, I shared just a few from this last quarter, and had them all in stitches. Because I love to share, I thought – you guys needed to get in on this too. I present to you, the latest search terms to get to my blog, with commentary from me.

#7QT All the Search Terms by @fillpraycloset #searchterms #funny #blogging

— 1 —

“my filling is very sad”

And for that I am so very sorry. What are you filled with? Vegetables? Maybe some brussel sprouts? How about we change that to Bavarian creme? Jello? Whatever it is, I do hope there’s a donut in there somewhere.


— 2 —

“prayers for bowling”

Um, really? Ok, let’s see, quick search on Google says, that I can’t believe I’m searching for this  “Many legends ascribe thunder and lightning to some activity of Saint Peter in Heaven (usually bowling).” Thanks, now there’s more of this search term for other blogs.


— 3 —

“real vs fake pencils”

Who needs…Wait. Fake pencils? What are they made of? Pixie dust and unicorn powder? I.can’t.even.

— 4 —

“fleeting glimpses of the fleeting”

I wonder if they saw anything. Ha! This has to be in relation to the book review I did for Fleeting Glimpses of the Silly, Sentimental and Sublime by Michael Seagriff, O.P.


— 5 —

“sometimes you mean friend”

Now this can be read two ways: “sometimes you mean friend” or “sometimes, you mean friend”. Either way, this friend thing ain’t working out for ya. Time to move on!

— 6 —

“hot latina christina arms tattooed nude”

Thanks whoever you are, but you spelled my name wrong. Secondly, just because I am in my late thirties doesn’t mean I am going through the ‘pause, just yet. Some people. I won’t even talk about the nude, unless it’s my favorite new nude lipstick, Maybelline Color Whispers in “Bare to Be Bold”. Take that!

— 7 —

And this last one, is suggestive. I debated on whether or not I should share it, but when I saw it, I fell.out.of.my.chair. So, if you have delicate sensibilities, please move on to another post.

Did they leave?

No. We have a couple more peeps that are gathering their things…






The best/most provocative/OMGOODNESS search term entered to get to this little blog was:

“i want to be filling you” 

My response? NO COMMENT. Eiw. But please, if you have a blog, share an off the wall search term or two? I don’t want to be alone here (and know that I’m not!).

If your curiosity won, and you need something to make you feel better, have a look at this cake I baked last night. Because surely, this person meant cake frosting.

#7QT All the Search Terms by @fillpraycloset #searchterms #funny #blogging

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30 thoughts on “#7QT All the Search Terms

    1. Always balancing the fine line of funny and crass. This time, I couldn’t help myself, the terms were right there! I’m tempted to check since the beginning of the my blog. Oh the fodder!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I totally just looked up my search terms. “When life gives you crap, plunge it” and “stinky leotards” were a couple that cracked me up. Thanks for the laughs this morning! 🙂


      1. I still SOOOOOO want some of your cake. It looks AMAZING! Have you succumbed yet?

        *decides to make no mention of ‘filling you’ because there are probably good folk here*


      2. Is it just for show? Are the boys eating it?

        Your willpower is IRON, lady! Wow.

        *grins* You should see some of the convos I end up in with the SisterWives…the other day I was explaining about how I’d injected chilli sauce into sweeties, with the help of some chaps (we were setting up a prank) and they thought that I was having some kind of kinky party where I put chilli sauce in my *ahem* and then let a load of guys stick their fingers…ohmigosh it was awful! I’m not sure what was worse – the miscommunication or the assumption (even fleetingly) that I would EVER DO THAT!


      3. The cake is for my hubby and the boys. I’ve had so much of it over my lifetime! I’m really trying to stick with my diet. I need to lose weight to feel better physically (back pain, neck pain, knees).


      4. Bless your boots, Salty. That must be hard going. Well done you, though, for feeding cake to the menfolk and foregoing your own.

        This being healthy stuff is hard work :/


      5. Very sad. I did double boxing last night and so I allowed myself a homemade mug cake. And tonight I’m going to play netball and then go for fish and chips. I figure if I can *almost* balance the in and the out, I should be alright…


  2. “I make out with my dog” is the number one search phrase for Tipsy. Something tells me you’re not that suprised…

    Also? Fake pencils are the worst.


      1. Ha! I have a Youtube video on there, and I’m holding my dog, and he won’t stop kissing me. Such a flirt, that one.


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