#7QT Things I Love About Fall

I’m early with the link up! Why not? I did my 500 words, so I’m ok to blog my face off.

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Everyone is going crazy for Pumpkin everything, and I don’t blame them. Fall is my most favorite season, from the leaves changing to, well, let’s get to 7 Things I Love About Fall, shall we?

— 1 —

Soup, soup and soupButternut Squash Soup to be specific. I just had some for lunch yesterday and let me tell you, that, with some roasted pumpkin seeds on top ($1.99 thank-you-very-much-work-cafeteria). Granted it wasn’t the recipe I’ve linked from Real Housekeeping here, but it was sublime.

#7QT Things I Love About Fall #fall #recipe #autumn by @fillpraycloset
This is from the Food Network, I am not this good a cook!

— 2 —

My Catholic Wedding Anniversary. We were married by the Justice of the Peace wow, 7 years ago in August. We were married in the Catholic Church just two years ago this month. I was so thin! Ahhh. Sorry, that’s my first thought when I look at myself in these pictures. I worked hard to lose the weight. This is not how I wanted this take to go, but this is totally unedited, fly by the seat of my pants writing in all it’s unabashed glory. It’s kind of freeing. No, back to the wedding. It was beautiful. Mike planned everything, except my dress, the colors and little details like the tower where I kept all the delicious cupcakes (which you’ll learn about in take 3!). He handled the catering, the venue, dressing the boys and my crazy family. He actually sent me to my friend S’s house to get ready in peace and quiet. She was my Matron of Honor.

I could look at these pictures all day, but here are some of the fun favorites:

#7QT Things I Love About Fall #fall #recipe #autumn by @fillpraycloset

You always have to have a black and white. Drama! I need to cut my hair, it’s way too long now. This is my favorite length! Stop with the tangents? Ok, sorry!

#7QT Things I Love About Fall #fall #recipe #autumn by @fillpraycloset

I know it’s blurry, but this is what we love to do the most. He makes me laugh so hard at all the little things, even when he whisks me around a dance floor in front of all the people as I am freaking out inside.  It’s always just me and him.

#7QT Things I Love About Fall #fall #recipe #autumn by @fillpraycloset


Like I said, I was on a serious diet to get into this wedding dress. No, not because I’m shallow. I just saved a TON of money on this because it was already altered. But this is the tower I bought on Etsy and put together with wood glue. It came in parts. So many parts. But it was beautiful. I never did get to eat any cupcakes, because social butterfly at the wedding. The others are red velvet cupcakes, those are his favorite. His birthday is coming in a couple of weeks. I’ll give you one guess as to what I’ll be baking that day!

— 3 —

The Best Ever Carrot Cake Cupcakes Hands down these are a favorite of mine and anyone else who is lucky enough to get a bite. The delicious secret? Crushed pineapple. I promise, promise, promise, it’s a winner. It’s not my recipe, but comes from Smithfield. Notice a pattern here? Recipes reign supreme in my house!

— 4 —

All the leaves! Crunch in them, watch them change colors, go for long drives and see the different hues color the landscape. I love it.  This year, the color turn came early, as in September 3rd. I was so excited. I don’t even think the leaves knew what was going on. Look at all that green around it!

#7QT Things I Love About Fall #fall #recipe #autumn by @fillpraycloset

Most people are into pumpkin picking, apple picking and corn mazes, I get it. Pennsylvania is all about that stuff too. Give me a long drive with my favorite music in the Fall, my husband knows it’s my favorite date.

— 5 —

Stash Maple Apple Cider Tea I gave up on coffee ages ago, it seems (maybe 7 weeks now). My friend, S gave me a couple of samples of her new teas. I thought this could be a great replacement for the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s I used to get. Oh the whipped cream!

And believe it or not, with a little honey – it’s Autumn wrapped around your shoulders like a cozy blanket.

#7QT Things I Love About Fall #fall #recipe #autumn by @fillpraycloset
Image Credit: Stash Tea Blog

— 6 —

Notebooks, supplies and fresh starts. My girl Tacy over at Real Housekeeping, (I know I know, I love those ladies.) mentioned this and I can’t seem to shake it. She made a list of resolutions coinciding with her daughters new year at school. I always love the start of a new school year and feel fresher and more earnest at that time of year than in January – because ALL THE FOOD! The kids always get new school supplies, and I always get a new calendar. This year, I treated myself to some post-its, index cards, highlighters, mechanical pencils and single subject notebooks. Very specific, I’m a writer, don’t’cha know? I am committed to writing at least 500 words a day. Some days, I write 800 and that’s great, but it doesn’t mean I only have to do 300 the next day. 500 every day.

Changes your thinkin’ a little huh? Thank Tacy! Love her name, by the way.

— 7 —

Halloween. Of course Halloween, I have two little boys that I love to hang out with. This year, Alex wants to be a ninja again. You may think it cruel, but last year he was in t-r-o-u-b-l-e and he was warned and warned. Well, he lost Halloween. No trick-or-treating. It broke my heart, but thems the rules. He was a ninja last year and it seems he wants that year back. Who’s going to tell him he’s grown out of that costume?

It wasn’t all bad last year. We sat together in the window while Mike took Gabriel out. Alex played Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, perfect for all the little trick-or-treaters who dared knock on our door. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!

#7QT Things I Love About Fall #fall #recipe #autumn by @fillpraycloset

The first time we spent Halloween in PA, we didn’t know they scheduled it! We missed it by two days. So, after the 6th door with no answer, we took them to Friendly’s. Good times. Good times. They were so little, my sweet boys.

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22 thoughts on “#7QT Things I Love About Fall

  1. I just tried Squash soup for the first time last week at Bread Co. Too sweet for my liking. I’m in love with black bean soup. I’m a creature of habit; the only reason I tried the squash soup was because they were out of black bean and they were staring at me to pick an alternative. hehe. I agree about Halloween, and I always adore your wedding pics. Happy Catholic Anniversary! xo


    1. I LOVE black bean soup. I made some one time with a friend and it was the most heavenly stuff ever. All organic. I need to find that recipe again. xoxo


  2. I am doing the squash soup TOMORROW~! We just grew some and I JUST said to my husband, we need to make squash soup. And the apple cider teat…will be checking it out. I am going coffee free too! Look up Dandy Blend as a substitute. I love fall too!

    You are just beautiful…always…inside and out.


  3. Your diet paid off – you looked stunning in the dress.

    I have been going through a SERIOUSLY BIGLY BAD cake obsession at the moment. Your pineapple tip may well be used!


      1. Need to get pineapple. Also, I made a microwave mug-cake yesterday for the first time (REALLY BADLY WANTED CAKE) and ohOHMYGOOOOOSH it was so nearly perfect!

        I turn into a heinous bitch when I’m hungry.


      2. BWAHAHAH! Hell to the YES IT IS!


        Dry ingredients:

        2 tblsp self-raising flour
        2 tblsp soft brown sugar
        3 tblsp cocoa powder
        1 tblsp chopped nuts
        1/8 tsp baking powder
        1/4 tsp salt

        Wet ingredients

        1 tblsp peanut butter
        1 tblsp chocolate spread
        1 tblsp oil
        1 egg
        3 tblsp milk

        Mix dry ingredients

        Mix wet ingredients

        Slowly add dry ingredients to wet ingredients. Keep mixing until batter.

        Microwave a minute at a time until cooked (go for about 2 and a half minutes then you get a gooey centre. I over-did it a little and was sad because no goo)

        Top with cream or buttercream or icing or any gooey thing you can find (I used toffee ice-cream sauce)



  4. My favorite fall soup is borscht, but no one else in the family will eat it. I make a huge pot, eat my fill and freeze the rest in individual containers for my lunches.


  5. Oh I miss the leaves of PA in autumn!!! It is about the only thing I miss up there. Ok, and apple picking at the orchard just down the road from where I spent my younger years. *sigh*


  6. Ohh I love me some carrot cake, I was so bummed when I found out my husband hated it! You look lovely in the pics…happy anniversary!!


  7. Autumn is everything cold air, warm tea, red and gold leaves, PUMPKIN, and the first snowflakes. It’s my favorite. I seriously look forward to fall in April.

    Your wedding pictures make me sick. There’s no reason to be that adorable. I want to put you in my pocket.


  8. OMG your wedding dress is so incredible. I would be gushing over how thin I was in mine as well. 17 years and three kids… okay and my serious lack of will power have added on the pounds.
    Can’t wait to try the tea.
    I don’t know how you find the time to keep so prolific on social media and write. You are an inspiration.


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