#7QT How you Know You’re an Introvert

I go back and forth with this. Am I an introvert, an extrovert, or maybe just a social introvert? I think I lean more towards introversion because, people. Here are some reasons why I think I’ve finally settled on my inclinations.

— 1 —

I get irrationally angry at any and all notifications of voice mail. It’s a struggle. Not clearing out notifications on my personal phone, or getting that red light to stop blinking in my face at the office is outweighed in anxiety only by knowing that I have to listen to said voice mail. I have to punch in numbers, more than once, because how many passwords, pins and codes can one person remember and listen to. I finally get the right combination of shoe size, anniversary and blood type only to hear this…


People don’t even leave voice mail! All that for a click, or worse?

“Hi Cristina, can you call me back? Thanks!”

My response:

“I just got your voice mail, text me” Over text of course.

#7QT How you Know Your an Introvert #introvert #funny #personality

— 2 —

I work in a corporate office. This means I have to make small talk every.single.day. Do you know what that’s like? If you ever see me walking down the hall in the office, I am usually looking at the wall, because I lean my head toward it to avoid eye contact, or I’m looking down. This is one of those conversations that’s just awkward when it happens:

Hey, how are you? keeps walking

How am I supposed to answer that? Not like they’re sticking around to really hear my answer. What if I wanted to burst into tears, or song? They would never know because they’re long gone. I end up responding to the wind they’ve kicked up as they high tail it to their next meeting. That’s fine with me, I didn’t really want to talk, so no need to ask me anything.

#7QT How you Know Your an Introvert #introvert #funny #personality


— 3 —

I eat lunch at my desk. Unless I have lunch plans with two specific people, or my husband, it’s me and the desk. My desk doesn’t ask me a question that requires I choke down food to answer, flinging bits of sandwich in the air or hold my hand up to my face in an attempt to pretend like I have table manners.

#7QT How you Know Your an Introvert #introvert #funny #personality

— 4 —

When in the lobby at the doctor’s office, I take a book with me and keep it high. This way, I’m not tempted to do the “knee-jerk” look at people passing by. I will inevitably have to make eye contact, smile, and then, make small talk. I don’t want to be asked why I’m there, if I’ve been with the practice long and what I think of the wait times. I sign a HIPAA form. I know my rights.

#7QT How you Know Your an Introvert #introvert #funny #personality

— 5 —

We plan events on the calendar with other families, and friends. People I know, ok? And on the day, I am groaning, moaning and complaining that we have to go somewhere, that I have to get dressed (my husband insists I wear something other than my swanky 5-year old velour Old Navy pants) and said outing requires makeup. Ok, maybe that’s just me being lazy. Nah, I just have to slap a grin on and make, you guessed it, small talk. Why God? WHY?!

#7QT How you Know Your an Introvert #introvert #funny #personality

— 6 —

I am so excited that we have no where to be this weekend, except mass. When I feel like being SUPER indulgent, we go to Sunday mass instead of the Saturday vigil mass. This means, I can be inside all day, texting to my hearts content with Tiffany and S, and playing Words with Friends with my friend Cathie.

#7QT How you Know Your an Introvert #introvert #funny #personality

— 7 —

Tweets like this:


So I think that seals it, introvert. Why am I this way? Maybe it was growing up in NYC that did it – a place where a look wasn’t just a look, it was a threat, a request or even a whole conversation (as in, too adult for my pre-teen eyes). You learned to admire the subway tile or get excited at new ads placed along the tunnel walls. You were definitely protective and defensive. I’m that way now when I go to places I’m unfamiliar with. I get my “subway face” on where you see everything, but are aware of no one.

I’m a long way from there, but some habits die hard.

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32 thoughts on “#7QT How you Know You’re an Introvert

  1. I hate small talk too because it takes away precious alone time. Just me and my useless thoughts. And I do not like it when people call me, there’s a reason why texting was invented. 🙂 I appear perkier on social media than I really am off line LOL


    1. I should have added that. People assume I am quite the extrovert because of how I appear in social media (and the office!). I have to set reminders to turn around and say hello to people after they’ve filed in for the day! 😀


  2. My youngest is an introvert in a family of extroverts. Interactions are hard, even when someone is praising him for something. I find myself explaining it to people all them time because I don’t want them to think he’s rude. It’s just painful for him to respond.


  3. Hoot! You got me laughing this morning girl after a great night of sleep…NOT! But you still got me laughing. Because it is sooo me.

    Much love and a grace filled (relaxing) weekend in your Old Navy pants : )


  4. I’m from NY and an extrovert to the nth degree, so it’s not that. I have many, many introvert friends and am blessed that they spend time with me. They have a short list, somehow out there, crazy me makes the cut. I want to be more introverted, but I can’t. Just go with it.


    1. I think being from NYC has a lot to do with it. Taking the subway at 13 years old, with three transfers to get to school from Brooklyn and then Queens? Shuttling with strangers from Lincoln Center to Fiorella LaGuardia High School, which was right next to MLK HS (known to be a tough school) I performed opera for a long time and know how to “turn it on” I just find it more comfortable not to.


  5. I totally relate to very much everything you said here. I’ve heard it called “classic introversion,” when you *can* interact with others successfully but only for a limited time, and even that limited time sucks the energy right out of you. I call self-care of my classical introversion “STEAM,” which stands for Small Talk Energy Allowance Management. Sometimes I just run out of STEAM. However, you’ve met my tiny little extrovert, so… yeah. Good times, good times.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m smiling as I write this thinking you may not even want to read any comments! HA! I have the same feelings. Love being with really close friends, but larger groups, not so much! I do the same thing in waiting rooms hoping that nobody will want to talk to me. And the worst???? When someone starts talking to me IN THE BATHROOM! This usually happens at work and I am very careful not to be in there at the same time as another coworker! Even when I have something fun planned on the weekend I look forward to the next weekend that we don’t have anything planned!


  7. Hi Christina! You made me think of a book I had a lot of fun reading; you might enjoy it too:

    It’s by Art & Laraine Bennett, & is entitled “The Temperament God Gave You.” You could probably get it through Inter-Library-Loan, at this point, or for rather cheap on Amazon. I gave you the Sophia Institute link because they could use the funds to stay in business.

    Anyhoo, hope you like it!
    ~Margo Brown


  8. I can do small talk and all. Just that I like prefer having time to myself over anything else.
    I didn’t know there was something called a ‘social introvert’! 😀


    1. Yes, it’s where you can be social – and you’re quite good at it, but you’d really just rather not. I can crack jokes, be quick with the witty comments and make people feel included. Some would even think I was outgoing (more like going out and away from people!) But it’s e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g and I need days to recuperate – preferably alone with my Old Navy pants and iPhone.


  9. Sounds like it’s official that you’re an introvert! I laughed a little at your comment about putting your “subway face” on – as an NYC dweller, I know what you mean!


  10. I’m totally SO MUCH an extrovert. Small talk is fun. But I don’t tend to randomly make eye contact with people. I guess the meanings are less challenging here in England, but here we’re ALL in our own worlds.

    But I get REALLY stressed when the phone rings. Ever. And I don’t ‘do’ voicemail. I think I had it on my phone ONCE, about a bajillion years ago, and the message said “Don’t leave a message – I’ll never listen to it”


      1. Heheh perhaps not! BAH! I never used my phone for work, which is a relief. I do have an email account which I need to go and look at, though. I’ve been putting it off, and I think it’s now FULL. Like, MONTHS of putting it off. *sigh*


  11. Being by myself for too long really drains me, so I really suspect that I’m an extrovert (and other reasons) but small talk? Ugh. I hate it as well. I also avoid things with people I don’t know and plan things with people I do know. I really think I’m developing into an introvert or an ambivert.


  12. Or maybe Cristina, you’re just aching for ‘me-time’, ‘interior space-time’, and the peace of being just yourself with those you love, and those who love you.
    God bless,


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