#FirstDayOfSchool Blues

This week is a busy week for this gal, my boys started school, we had to finalize our wills, Mike is traveling for work, book socks (don’t ask), work, calendar issues especially because, they discontinued my favorite ones from Target! Let’s all return our tray tables to their upright positions though, I got them on Amazon and I bought TWO, so there.

Yesterday was tough for me, actually the past few weeks have been tough for me. I’ve been an anxious wreck. But, I know how to slap a sticker on it and keep it moving because I can’t let my anxiety and fears keep me from being Mom, wife and novel outliner. This girl has goals, anxiety can happen at 3AM, like it did last night or this morning, rather. But, back to yesterday I thought for sure that Alex was going to have a rough day and Gabriel, as always would have the time of his life.

So much for that. It was the reverse! How do I know? Well, Gabriel is very vocal, and the tears yesterday morning were an indicator. He just didn’t want summer to end. I get it, buddy, I do. I thought the day’s activities and the excitement of seeing his friends would wick the tears of a shortened summer off of his chubby little cheeks.

Mike and I took the day off to drop them off and pick them up, not to mention do last minute school uniform shopping during the day (and that Last Will and Testament thing). We show up at the school a whole 30 mins early, because I am excited to hear all about it. After 45 minutes of waiting, I see Alex with his arm around Gabriel coming down the hall. I wave like I am being electrocuted – like they wouldn’t recognize their mother whom they just left a few hours ago.

Me: Hi My Sweet Boys (that’s what I call them) how was your day!?! (said way too loudly, by the way)

Gabriel: Boring. We just listened to announcements, and rules and only ONE RECESS, Mom! One!

Alex: Awesome, my best friend is in my class!!

Well, first grade is a change isn’t it? Mike grabbed Gabriel’s little hand and we started off to the house, we’re only across the street. So I chatted it up with Alex and all of his excitement. I remember it like this:

He was talking about that little card he has in his hand, where if he does well he gets punches, and 10 punches means he can pick from a basket of stuff! He’s so excited, and BEST FRIEND, Mom! Isn’t that so cool, finally!

Not what I expected and I was so relieved that he had such a great day. And isn’t he so cute in that tie?!

Alex First Day of School

Mike, was walking with Eeyore Gabriel talking in hushed tones. I just know Mike was trying to cheer him up. This is how he bends when I’m sad so I recognize the stance and tried to calm Alex but still give that interested face (where your eyebrows reach your hairline) and try to listen in on the conversation. Mike’s an expert with the hushed tones, so I got nothin.


I didn’t even get to chat with Mike about it at all when we got home. Mike had to change his flights for work and the boys had to change their clothes. I just knew my little boy wasn’t excited for his first day. All he wanted to do was cozy up in his bed and play with his toys, lay about with his brother and relax. He wanted his summer back. I did my usual paper flinging aka checking the backpacks to fill out first day paperwork (the information on them never changes) and I pull this out from Gabriel’s backpack.

#FirstDayOfSchool by @fillpraycloset

See how he’s reaching for his bed and television (which suddenly has rabbit ears?) I can’t even imagine what this was like in the classroom. Little boys and girls sharing their one word feelings about the night before their first day of school: excited, happy, awake, sleepy and then…sad. Poor lamb. Here’s hoping he has a better day, because I woke him up with tickles and reminded him he has gym today “and that counts as two recesses, Mommy?” You know it my sweet boy.

And in other news, Mike and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this weekend. As a surprise, he took me to a restaurant we hadn’t been to before and we just relaxed. It was lovely. On our ride home – because we were at a Ski resort, we stopped and took this picture.

#FirstDayOfSchool #HappyAnniversary by @fillpraycloset

Just a heads up, tomorrow I have a HUGE post coming at’cha – something, something, something, book review, giveaway, Catholic, lay Dominican, mystery, co-post with Tiffany, and I use the word Yowza.


17 thoughts on “#FirstDayOfSchool Blues

      1. WAHEYYYY! I worried then, cos you STILL have comment moderation on, and I had no idea whether there were a stack of people ahead of me, which would have made me look completely ridiculous…


      2. For real? That sucks 😦 I moderate a person’s first comment but thereafter they’re cleared. I seem to have managed to steer clear of nastygrams. Sorry you get them though 😦

        I was ‘like’ing my approval of your strategy there – not that you get nastygrams.


  1. This is so sweet. Little Gabriel and his sad picture. That makes me want to hug his little self. I know change isn’t easy, little man! xo And can I say you two are a gorgeous couple!! Congratulations on 7 years. Seven is the year of new beginnings. 🙂


  2. Something something mystery and giveaway sounds INTRIGUING 😀

    Happy 7th Anniversary 🙂 you both look so chilled out there, and it’s incredibly sweet that you know your husband’s demeanour by his stance. And the photo you took of him being all caring and your little boy with his GIANT backpack…ahhhhhh adorable 🙂

    I’m glad that Back To School looks like it’s going to get a bit more settled. It’s always sad to have a bum first day back to anything, especially school 🙂

    (and seriously – “wick the tears of a shortened summer”? – GORRRRRRGEOUS 😀 )


    1. YES! I was quite pleased with that line myself! It came to me, like your happy comments, dancing on a breeze xoxo and I read your Blogaversary post (is that how you spell it?!) in the wee hours of 3AM ET, but if I tried to respond, I would have awoken the Kraken, nah, just my husband, and he had to get up in an hour. So I am on my way now, to not be first, but I bet I was the first to read it! And you can’t beat that with a bat!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You might well have been! Lemme think though…it went up at about 1.50 am, so…I have no idea. BUT WAIT! That was *my* time, so I’ve no idea what time it was in your time when you read it, but when I got there at 6.15am MY time this morning, there were two comments. Or three. I think. I don’t know…I don’t like TimeZoned – it tries to make me maths…

        BUT that line of yours – wow! That floored me. I love it. And yes – I get what you mean – sometimes those lines just happen out of the blue, and are beautiful 🙂

        Now I’m gonna pop over to mine and see what you said there…

        (did anyone ever tell you that with a brain like yours, you should probably be a writer?)


      2. You know, I’ve *never* heard that. Maybe I should open my ears instead of listening to what my worst critic has to say. She’s so loud and demeaning. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. What a total bitch! 😉

        Nah, I get ya. I got one of them – you know it. I think we all have, and that’s part of what drives us to write – to prove ourselves wrong.


  3. Aw, those first days of school. Maybe someday Gabriel will chuckle at his “sad” picture. I know it’s not easy for you and Mike now though!


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