#7QT Love All The Things

Anxiety, worry, stress, fear and PMS. That’s the cocktail I’m drinking this week. Sometimes I am gifted with the perfect storm and this week the present arrived with a tightly wound tied bow, in purple of course, my favorite color. Instead of laying on the couch with my head pressed into a cushion that makes my face look like it melted, I am going to share all the things that I am loving right now. Because what makes me happy, will undoubtedly make you happy? Be sure to read #6, I’ve given you a to-do. You’re welcome.

#7QT Love All The Things via @fillpraycloset


— 1 —

My sweet Kindle, how I love thee. It sits on my nightstand waiting for me every evening. I read for hours at night. You are filled with every genre imaginable for me to choose from, and there’s the TON of books I could download if there is something my heart fancies. The soft glow disturbs no one and as soon as my sweet husband passes out, I can turn off the TV and listen to – silence. Sweet silence. Ok, maybe some snoring, maybe lots of snoring. But I’m trying to keep this romantical, ok?

— 2 —

I recently received an email from K.M. Weiland over at Helping Writers Become Authors, because she just emails me (who am I kidding, I’m on a list people, it’s called a newsletter!). She shares what she recommends for authors to read. Can you hear it? The angels singing? This, I love. So I shared it, so others could love it, too. I appreciate the process and when authors share the process, so others can learn by way of books – #thatswhatsup (because, see #1, more books)


— 3 —

Online Community. Guys, I have to tell you, I’ve got this circle of bloggers/writers that I fall hard for. You know the usual suspects. And of course Tiffany, Rhonda, Emily, and now Katie and Colleen. Is this starting to feel like that bit on Romper Room with the Magic Mirror? At any given time, I can hit them up with a question, issue or dream (sorry Rhonda) and they humor my rabbit hole questions and respond, making me feel somewhat sane.

Please visit, subscribe, and follow. They are well worth the read and it will make me happy.

#7QT Love All The Things by @fillpraycloset


— 4 —

Speaking of authors, I love working with them! Yes, I work with them!

We all know about the illustrious Ericka Clay – I am the moderator for her FB group Tipsy Lit. We talk shop of the marketing kind and I get to pick her brain! When I had some conflict about memoir versus well, anything else, she was there with a very from the heart response. AND she writes like no one’s business. Here’s her latest titled, Writing, God and Vodka. Not only does she ask for people to submit their writing, she happily promotes them. How do I not love that?

I went to Crystal Cave last week to meet up with Erin McCole Cupp, author of a few thangs, specifically, the very recent release, Don’t You Forget About Me, which I gobbled like a Thanksgiving turkey. It took me everything I had not to go cuckoo for cocoa puffs and share reviews all over the place. Instead, Tiffany and I (calmly) reached out to her and asked if we could interview her and possibly get a book to giveaway. We loved it that much. Well, she offered a signed book AND an ebook as well. That’s coming next week friends and I can’t even stand it.

As we were getting our stalactites on, I told her she should have a street team. To which she looked at me all o_O after I explained it and how I would love to do it. You could just see Erin’s wheels turning. Then, then, then – she asked me to read a novella she is about to release and if I wouldn’t mind giving a blurb for the book. And we have been emailing back and forth about how to move ahead with promoting her as an author with this street team! Let me try to explain how this makes me feel.
funny gifs


Too much? Naaaaah.

I may be working with another author, let’s see! I made up some bloggy buttons for said author, but I will hold a bit until I get more details. See, I’m not always like that guy up there. I am about most things, who am I kidding? I don’t know what this means, I just love books, authors, writing, the process and marketing. What does that make me? A fan of marketing? Do I need to know? Which brings me to…

— 5 —

This post by someone I don’t even know virtually or IRL titled You can’t get respect until you know what you want to be respected for. This is written by Penelope Trunk. I subscribe to her blog and when I read it as I slurped my second cup tea, I was all:

#7QT Love All The Things by @fillpraycloset

While one of my favorite parts of the post is “But sometimes you have to shoot the messenger – we can’t be our best selves all the time”. She begs me to ask the question of myself. What do I want to be respected for? And you KNOW that’s has to be a post. So if you’re a blogger, I invite you to let that sink in over some Chardonnay and write it up.


— 6 —

I contribute to other sites, Real Housekeeping is one, and Catholic Lane is another. Today, my post for Catholic Lane is up. I have to take what Pope Francis discusses in his General Audience and write about it. I can’t just summarize, no – that can be found anywhere. I have to be creative, expand on it and include references from scripture, Church Doctors, books, etc. All by the Friday after his audience. That gives me maybe 18 hours? I have to wait for the FULL translation from Italian to English. I’m always against the clock it seems. But, the peeps over at CL (as I lovingly refer to them) are helpful beyond measure when I get stuck. Carlos, I’m looking right at you, jefe.

Today’s title is Front Row With Francis: Faith, Identity and Cultural Zeal. because I love the word Zeal. I would love it if you went over, checked it out and shared it. Why? because when you contribute something to another’s site, you always want it to do well. You never want to wonder if they’re all “Jeez, what a flop!” Don’t let me be a flop! (DirectTV commercial reference? Oh just look at the gif, don’t make me look like that, ok?)

#7qt Love All The Things by @fillpraycloset


— 7 —

Last but not least, I love when I get to work from home, because I get to see this unscripted moment. Not to mention eating all the tater tots I want for lunch, and nothing else (after a tirade about how I am the heaviest I’ve been – and need to do something about it because, health – Monday). I’ll start something Monday, for now, tater tots and babies on a couch.


#7QT Love all the things by @fillpraycloset

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21 thoughts on “#7QT Love All The Things

  1. Add three more and you’ve got Ten Things of Thankful…(incidentally, that’s live over the weekend and you should totally join this post up)

    Well done for focussing on the good things. Hope your real world chills out soon.


    1. LIZZIE! I was wondering if the internet was asleep. I thought I had some s-peck-tacular gifs in here. Because you know, I drop mad knowledge and expect for people to just pounce when I publish. #whatswrongwithme xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I kindasorta pounced. I figured there were LOADS of people here and you just had fallen asleep on your couch, snuggled into your purple pillows (maybe with chocolate or wine or something medicinal for the PMS) and had forgotten to come back and approve anyone…

        I LOVE the jumpy puppetty thing – where’s it from? It’s bonkers!


      2. I have no tv. And commercials bug me. The gif is fun though.

        CRICKETS for YOU?! Good grief the taste in the Blogosphere has dropped, darling!

        That said (confession) much as you love your TL, I’ve found it rather unresponsive, and have stopped engaging. But I’m glad for your sake that responsive relationships are possible there 🙂

        *cosies up* What we doing then? I gots a whoooolve evening to fill (yaknow, in between catching up on the Blogosphere, writing a TToT and sending out the HTML which I STILL HAVEN’T DONE!)


      3. Crickets today. Crickets today. And perhaps that the blogosphere experiencing PMS too. And that’s ok.

        And really? Say it isn’t so! I’m a mod there 😉 so while I am not of your feather boa sweeping status, I do try.

        Is there anything I can do to help? I have a friend coming over – a real, live one and I’m nervous. So there’s that!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Why are you nervous about a Real Live Friend? What’s up wid dat, Salty?

        I have swept no feather boas – just quietly disappeared, having been kinda ignored completely. Which is fine by me, really – I’m happy the blog’s working and all, but really I want my communities and my bloggy friendships to be…well…responsive.

        You got blog crickets. I got REAL crickets…the dang things are in their tub across the room, bloody PINGING themselves at the edges and making noisy rat-a-tatty-tat noises and INTERRUPTING ME! (cos, clearly, I’m thinking very profound and important thoughts)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Give me a minute to take a breath after all of this!! I really love your energy and your growing passion for how you want to direct your focus. Thx for everything you shared here.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m here!!! I’M HERE!!!! I love this so so much Kristina!!! I think you are amazing… and I just absolutely love love LOVE that you get so excited and how can we all NOT get excited when you describe your hyper emotional state so vividly with those videos!!??? LOLOL!

    Girl, you have got it GOING ON!! There is so much in this wonderful list- so many projects you are involved in and authors you are engaged with and that is just so cool. It seems you are crazy on FIRE with it all- connecting and really taking flight on some pretty sweet rides my friend!!


    It’s the busiest time of the year for moms- my traffic is down too. Sigh…

    I mean I just wrote my birthday post Friday- and my birthday is tomorrow… so I am giving the world a few extra days to be inspired by my ugliest parts. Yeah- I don’t even know if I can handle what I did… but apparently the message was more important than my pride.

    I just love your writing and your gift. I can’t imagine the pressure of not only writing about the Pope’s message but adding your ‘two cents’ to it and sharing it with the world. Holy POPE!! <— see what I did there? lol

    Okay- enough rambling. You keep sharing your gift. You are ONE in a million. God bless you always, my friend. 🙂


    1. I don’t know how I missed this! I saw the video on FB of you opening a little sumthin from Lizzie all in slow-mo! You gals are awesome. God bless you too, my friend.


  4. There is so much to love on this post that I don’t know where to start.

    First of all, I’m actually drinking that cocktail this morning, so glad to find someone who turned it into a good thing. I need to be more like you. I’m going to be grateful for something today, I’m determined. (Just kidding. I’m grateful for lots of things.)

    Also, you’re so awesome about helping out other people .You really cast your bread on the water all the time, and I just love that we connected so I have a positive example in my life to look to on days when I’m drinking a dangerous emotional cocktail.

    So, just, thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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