#7QT And That’s a Good Thing

This week was a good week. Try as I might to look at the mundane of everyday life and mumble quotes from Groundhog Day to myself, I am taking Fr. Rick’s advice and looking for the brilliance in the every day for this week. Next week is too far off to worry about.

#7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa

— 1 —

If we were to start with the weekend, as there are 7 takes, I could tell you (again) that I’ve been received, and am now a lay Dominican Novice. Doesn’t that sound fancy? It means that I have some time, in formation, before I make Temporary, then Final Promises. So, another vocation has been added to my other two (let’s be honest, three) of mother, wife and writer. Being a lay Dominican isn’t separate, in fact, it enhances my other vocations, almost like my Elmer’s Glue of Vocations. I look through the Dominican spirituality as I walk humbly with the Lord as a wife, mother and writer. What a perspective shift.

— 2 —

I received an email from someone over at BlogHer that I was going to be featured on their Family page, they even gave me a fancy badge to display on my blog! I assumed it would go up on their site the next day, but no, it went up a few minutes after the email was sent! I panicked a little because it is the Don’t Forget that I Love You post. I am relatively new to the BlogHer platform and thought, there are SO many great bloggers on there, I’ve got to put some time in! Nope!

BlogHer reserved the right to change the title and the contents for SEO purposes and I thought they would remove the Catholic references, including the CCC notation at the end of the post. They didn’t at all. They just changed the title to Why I Say “I Love You” To My Children. I received some great comments and the post was read more in a day than I could have imagined. The subject of abuse is so difficult to write about. From a writer’s perspective, you have to give just the right details in ways that the reader can create the scene in their head. As the abused, it’s the details you work hard to forget.

I still haven’t shared it on FB though. There are some things that I am still afraid of letting all the way out. Because this blog is SO private. I know. Totally illogical.

#7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa

— 3 —

I haven’t shared it, but Mike’s not been feeling well and we had some tests run. He’s not out of the woods yet, but the first part of the results received requires a minor procedure. While I never want my husband to have to go under the knife for anything, this procedure will provide him with pain-free days. We are all looking forward to that. In the meantime, I am willing myself not to freak out at what we don’t know yet, because there’s nothing we can do, until there’s something we can do. This is hard for me, but, I’m keeping my perspective positive. (Prayers, peeps).

Here’s something I didn’t tell you yet about this weekend. Mike went crazy at the gift shop. Fr. Rick ended his talk with “and shop at the gift store”, well, Mike listens. He got a book for Alex and little medals for both boys. He also picked these out for me to have in the living room. I repeat, he picked these out for me to have in the living room. He has no idea about either of them other than Our Lady of Guadalupe is from Mexico. I know, he’s poorly catechized by yours truly. It’s not easy catechizing an atheist. We’re getting there.


#7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa

— 4 —

I finished a book. That’s always call for celebration. It’s a YA novella by Katie Cross, The Isadora Interviews. Of course, I read the novella before reading the novel that preceded it. So I can’t give a full review here. Suffice it to say, she is a lovely writer and it shines in the novella because she gives in depth backgrounds of all of the characters of the book, while, without being blatant about it, provides insight into Isadora herself. When I finish the first book, get ready, full on interview with rainbows and buckets of tater tots will be in full show here. Because we like those things.

The Isadora Interviews #7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa @kcrosswriting

Interestingly enough, my new girl/author crush, K.M. Weiland has just put out a post titled: 3 Reasons You Should Consider Writing a Novella Right Now on the Helping Writers Become Authors  website (contributed by @NealAbbott) so there’s that timely goodie for you. I am also half way through her recent release, Jane Eyre: Writer’s Digest Annotated Classics and let me tell you, this book, is perfect for writers looking to learn the craft of story writing (that would be me).

— 5 —

#7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa

I went to Crystal Cave this week in Kutztown, PA with the boys. I miss toting them along to places where learning is tucked into fun. I made them lunch, heart shaped tuna sandwiches, and we were off.

#7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa

Gabriel loves the countryside and often points out the beauty of a cluster of trees or a little body of water. Alex was at Crystal Cave for a school trip earlier in the year, so he was excited to be the resident expert.

#7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa

— 6 —

While at Crystal Cave, we of course went to the gift shop where I picked up this lovely thing. It’s called a magic egg. Now, you know I don’t believe in that stuff, but it is a better option for this worrier to roll it in her hands than to chew the insides of her cheeks raw. Gross, I know, but I’m just telling you like it is. With everything going on, coming down the pike and who knows what else, I needed this silly egg. And for $3.99? Yes, please.

#7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa

— 7 —

BUT, that’s not the only reason we went to Crystal Cave! I met up with Erin McCole Cupp, yet another girl/writer crush I have. She is the author of Don’t You Forget About Me, my next book review with Tiffany from Life of a Catholic Librarian at the end of the month. Meeting at Crystal Cave was the exact middle spot from our respective houses. I got to meet her lovely daughters as well. We talked about the recent Catholic Writer’s Guild Conference, what it’s like to be a working mother, homeschooling, social media strategies, marketing and of course, tutu’s and glitter. I missed out on the chance to pick her “I’ve written a few books brain” to talk about all that other stuff. Next time, as her youngest invited me back to their house for a play date. She’s building a fairy house tall enough for me to fit into, which means, not that much in the building part of that endeavor.

We met up so I could also get a signed copy of her book to giveaway on my blog, coinciding with the interview, because that’s what I do. I am a giver. 🙂 I won’t give too many details, because I’m just whetting your palette dear friends. And because Erin is queen of the selfie, and the Selfie Scavenger Hunt at the Catholic Writer’s Guild (of which yours truly is also a member) Conference, she took one of us. Did I mention that she’s also a lay Dominican and we’re in the same Region – which means I will see her again in November! Glory be people!

#7QT And That's a Good Thing via @fillpraycloset #blogher #catholic #crystalcavepa

And all of this, was a good thing.I just came up with this idea, every time you note that it’s a good thing, you know, whatever it is you’re doing, tweet me with #goodthing and I’ll RT it.

Let’s get this good stuff out there.

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14 thoughts on “#7QT And That’s a Good Thing

  1. Buckets of tater tots? You know I’m in!

    I’m so excited for you and proud of you for putting that post on BlogHer. That was a raw one. I know it wasn’t easy to write, and probably more difficult to share, but it’s one of those things that sticks with readers. I say that because I know by experience. It’s totally stuck with me.

    I’m so proud of you. I feel like I’ve not only been getting to know you through FB and the blog (and sucking in all the goodness you give) but watching you grow and learn about yourself. It’s just awesome.

    Thanks for sharing pieces of your heart and brilliance with us.


    1. Oh Katie, you’ve won my heart and you’re in the trust tree. Don’t know what that means? It’s from Meet the Fockers, so it shows I have range! 🙂 Seriously, God always knows what he’s doing when he introduces people into my life. xo


  2. Okay I finally did read the whole thing LOL. I will pray for Mike. Loved hearing about your week … and the Catholic Writers Guild Conference would have been so up my MIL’s alley if she were still with us. She loved writing and Catholicism. Sigh.


    1. Thank you so much, Paula. I added the links for the CWG if you wanted to take a look. I meant to do that when I published it originally. I will pray for your MILs soul in heaven (I love praying for souls and pray for my grandmother and tattoo artist – odd combo, eh? Story for another time -every week at mass).


  3. Again, congrats on getting featured on BlogHer. Straight to the top. Never gonna stop. Also, How did I not realize Mike’s pain?? I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad they have a solution to help alleviate the pain. I love that he got you gifts that he knew you’d love. He’s very good to you. Sending happy hugs on your #goodthing week.


    1. I kept it very quiet in our group as in – said nothing. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to. Know what I mean? Mike is my soft spot and anything to do with him throws me into *ultra panic turtle* mode (and yes it’s a new syndrome I just made up). xo thanks for the hugs mama.


  4. Cristina, my ladies and I had such a good time with you! MK is still talking about it. And talking. And talking. AND TALKING! Congrats on the BlogHer connection as well–well-deserved recognition for your courage. You & yours are in my prayers!


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