Prayer Requests

Let’s bring back the prayer requests. I thought we could support one another through prayer on the first Saturday of every month. I hope you’ll join us.

How can I pray for you?

Prayer Requests via @fillpraycloset #prayer #Catholic #saints #support

If you leave your request, you can also leave any Saint name you’d like to intercede on your behalf as well.


21 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Good morning Cristina. I would LOVE and appreciate your prayers for my father-in-law. As I’ve mentioned in a few posts, he has been living here for almost two months and it still is (understandably) a big adjustment for him (and, honestly, for us). Because I am the one he is with most of the time, his disappointment is directed at me, which I “get,” but I don’t want someone who has done so much for our family and for me to be disappointed and sad at this phase in his life. He is going to be disappointed and sad anyway (having lost his spouse in November and having lost so much independence) but to the degree possible, I want him to be happy and comfortable. Thank you so much for your prayers. Not sure which saint to request to I’ll leave that one alone. #EpiscopalianProblems 🙂

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  2. Hi Criistina!!! I am away on vacation in the beautiful Canadian Rockies but saw your post in my email and had to respond. I have two intentions I would really appreciate your prayers for – one in regards to knowing and following God’s will in a difficult situation – too long go go iota details but I have really struggled with this one and would love if you could ask St Therese and St Pio’s help on this one – they are my “go to saints” and the second is for my husband who has such a stressful job – I pray for his well being and that I can be a good support to him . How about you? Is there sonething I may pray for for you ?

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  3. I would love prayers for my family’s safe drive home from vacation. Also, one of my kids is struggling with anxiety attacks. They seem much better, but I hope it stays that way once school starts back up. We usually ask St. Jerome and St. Dymphna for prayers, along with St. Michael and Matthew. Thanks so much for the prayers!

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  4. Hi Cristina, Thank you for doing this. I’d appreciate prayers for my boys that they grow up to be faithful, loving men. Specifically, I’d like prayers for my oldest as he begins the stressful college search and for my youngest as he gets ready for kindergarten. For me, I’d appreciate prayers for Wisdom to know how much to reveal without speaking too much and the power to forgive and bring peace. I’d also appreciate prayers for a good job with a good salary, benefits, and hours that work with the kids and for an archdiocesan project I hope to begin to strengthen the many different kinds of families served by the Catholic church today! 🙂

    Paula, my Grandfather is having similar issues. I adore him and will pray for your father-in-law and you when I pray for him. Momlovestech, I will pray for your husband and your difficult situation. God has it in His hands. Jaime, I will pray for you and your family’s safe drive home. A ride with five kids is stressful enough. I have thought of you a few times in the past few weeks and wonder how you do it. My boys will pray for you all and especially for your child with anxiety attacks. Cristina, I have prayed for you many times in the past few months. What specifically can we ask for for you? xoxo

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  5. Where do I even begin? In thanksgiving for an awesome confession yesterday with an incredible Christ-like priest. I’m still reaping all the graces I can from that. For my aunt back in Toronto, she’s slowly dying from cancer (last I heard she had 6 months) and for my uncle here in Calgary who has prostate cancer. For my dad (he has heart issues and foot issues) and for my mom visiting Ontario right now (it’s just me and my dad right now until next Wednesday night). She has heart issues as well (high blood pressure among other things). For my sister and her family on their way to France for a much needed sabbatical. For their conversion (they’re all Catholic, but they’re not really practicing). For my oldest sister and her family (Lutheran). For their conversion (their oldest daughter’s in Catholic school). St. Monica, Padre Pio, St. Pope John Paul II, St. Columba, St. Joseph, and St. Mary Magdalene.

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  6. My comment got lost, so let’s start again. Where do I even begin? In thanksgiving for an incredible confession yesterday with an incredible Christ-like confessor. I’m still reaping the graces. For my aunt in Ontario who, they’re saying, has 6 months to live (ovarian cancer). She’s not Catholic, but first name’s Mary. For my uncle here in Calgary who has prostate cancer. For my middle sister and her family; for their conversion (they’re Catholic, but not practicing) who soon are on their way to Europe and France for a year sabbatical. For my oldest sister and her family (Lutheran, but her oldest daughter is in Catholic school, so there’s hope). For their conversion. Heck, for my parents’ conversion (both are Lutheran, mom’s a minister). Mom’s in Ontario right now visiting (most of her family is based in Toronto) and will be back Wednesday night. I think that’s it. Thanks, Cristina!!


  7. Cristina, you beautiful woman, yes, I’ll take up your offer for prayers! There’s a lot I could ask for, but for the present I’ll ask for physical healing for myself and other family members.


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  8. And me? It’s always simple, and it’s always the same. Clarity, humility and wisdom in all things. St. Dominic, St. Therese de Lisieux, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Monica, St. Teresa of Avila pray for us. All you saints, pray for us.

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  9. Ok, I’ll take you up on this, both for myself and for some people I care about.
    First: Father Tony Homsy, SJ is going back to Syria to work. He’s touched my faith journey by his presence on twitter and I would ask your prayers for his safety and work

    Father Leon B. and Father Dave R.are two priests in my Diocese who have always been willing to help me understand, re-learn things or “just” listen. Their open, loving and welcoming natures have made so much of a difference. I would have walked away from the Church again if I had not had them to go to.

    Father Prospero is suffering from cancer.

    Also, please pray for me to get the job God created me for. I have been unemployed for 4 yearsand I really need to get a job, I would like to find what God wants me to do.

    THe saints I ask o interceed for me most often are St John Vianny, St John Brebeuf and St Ignatius of Loyola


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