Contributions and Camp

I’ve written a lot this week, haven’t I? I actually had a post for 7QT that I was working on for today as well, and then I received confirmation that a post I’d written for Catholic Lane would run today! So I took that (along with my writing partner being off today) as a lovely reason to sit back, and watch some basketball. As in, Alex is in basketball camp this week so I’m going to stop work early and watch him shoot some hoops on his last day.

Contributions and Camp via @fillpraycloset

In the meantime, I invite you (maybe there’s a little implore in there) to head over to Catholic Lane and read my post about a Papal Audience (from back in February) about the Eucharist titled, Front Row With Francis: The Eucharist and Renewing Our Hearts. Grab a knife and fork and dig into that post!

When you contribute to a site, especially such a well run aggregate site like Catholic Lane, you want to be sure that what you contribute resonates tangibly (clicks, comments, shares, and the like).

I’ve written for them once before about Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, titled Front Row With Francis: In Our Suffering, God Humbles and Exalts. And why not have this image here, of when I actually got to see Pope Francis in person!?

Pope Francis here on earth.
Pope Francis here on earth. That photobomb though?!

With that, here’s to a Happy Friday and an even happier weekend! See you Monday!


One thought on “Contributions and Camp

  1. I loved your reflection on Jesus pop-pop. being named after St. Anne, I have an affinity for her but not so much St. Joachim. Also, was there a link to,Catholic lane? I used to write articles there but haven’t in the last year I’ve been working on the novel. How DO you have time for everything social media CRristina?


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