20+ Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by Gina blogger Someday Saints to share 20 things that make me happy. In light of all the sad that’s been going on, this “tag” was a ray of sunshine for me.

1. You guys. All the comments and prayers I received since my last post on Friday about my blended family, extended family stuffs going on. I read them over and over. How do you express that kind of gratitude in words? I will. Today.

2. Texts from S saying she misses me. I know you’ll read this, it is amazing that we live so close and rarely see each other, but between your nun texts (she knows I love them and sends me pics when she sees them about town), and my silly face texts, we bridge the gap. Date night soon?!

3. A new group of Catholic women that I am connecting with as a contributor to a new Catholic women’s devotional site spearheaded by Jenna over at A Mama Collective (you know her right?). The new site is Blessed is She. We’ve all been collaborating on what needs to be done, tapping the resources within our group to cross them off the list – and praying for one another. So huge, right? Right. Please sign up for the latest, we’re still getting all of our ducks in a row, but don’t want you to miss it! Follow us too on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter  (because I know you’ll want the whole social media set, that’s how I play anyway!)

http://blessedisshe.net/ @blessedisshe_

4. My tribe, seriously. You know them, we’ve talked about them here! We check in with each other every day, share content that’s interesting and could be helpful. Tomorrow, we’ll be linking up over at Charity’s place to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood at The Wounded Dove. She’s got a hashtag that I think encompasses this perfectly #goodenoughmom so I hope to see you here and there for that and check out her totally pinnable image!

@charitylcraig #goodenoughmom

5. Lists, lists and lists. I’ve got three going and I love them. I am such a planner. I feel more engaged (I know, but I didn’t want to say I felt more in control, because I’m not really, God is!) and can try to minimize pile ups!

My to-do list @fillpraycloset #organization #planning #blogging

6. Sprinklers! This weekend, we went to an outdoor mall that has a sprinkler area for children. This is why I don’t have pictures, I respect the privacy of all the babies! But my boys had fun. It’s amazing how Gabriel can play in the water and never get wet. Picture it, he runs under all of the water arches so he doesn’t have to get soaked. #smart Here are the boys just before, sporting their new (and divinely on sale for $1.99) sunglasses!

Sprinklers with the boys @fillpraycloset

7. My drive to work this morning. I did forget to download the Divine Office for the week so I couldn’t listen to the morning prayer, but, I always have the rosary hanging from my rear view mirror. I prayed all the beads this morning for all of you (and maybe one for me).

8. My skirt. It’s turquoise with daisies in the same color embroidered on it. And that’s happy if ever I saw it. Here’s my attempt at taking a full body shot in the bathroom where women tend to have business meetings. WHY!?

That's me! #outfit @fillpraycloset

9.This delish salad I am having for lunch today! I didn’t have to chop it, dress it, or wash dishes. Thank you office cafeteria.

Salad lunch #workingmama @fillpraycloset

10. Apps. No, not appetizers, but apps for my phone. As I’m helping out with Blessed is She, I am downloading the image apps they use and let me tell you, I could be on there all day slapping roses and doo-dads on all the pictures I take from our family walks in the evening.

11. This weekend, I helped Deacon Tony with his network. He couldn’t connect his iPad to the wireless router, his email wouldn’t refresh on the iPad and his home page was set to who knows what! I got it all working under 30 minutes. He was so appreciative because he was without internet for over a week (maybe more) and he hustles on that iPad, let me tell ya!

12. Not succumbing to sweets! No snacks. Even when Kaila is making deep fried Oreo’s (twice) People, I am struggling with my weight over here. I know I didn’t tell you. I don’t like to complain. But, there, I said it. As a gal who’s 4’11” and according to those pesky BMI charts, I am in the land of this “Overweight = 25–29.9” I know. I know. My eating habits haven’t changed, but I think my body has. Crap. So I am happy my willpower is keeping up with me even if it did nothing wrong.

13. Sliced bananas drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Now that’s all the “sweets” I do have and only twice a week. So good, right? And it’s pretty to look at before I inhale it.

14. Dandelions. Can I just take a second to tell you how much I love them and why? When I went for walks with Gabriel – when I was a WAH mama, we would go for walks. These weren’t just from here to there walks, these were serious conversations about the trees, puppies, favorite ice cream recipes (did you know that Gabriel never eats ice cream, but loves to talk about his favorite flavor combinations that he’s never tried? CUTE!) and of course, search out dandelions to say “feshal” (he has a lisp and took a bit to say the word “special” right) wishes. He always, always, picked one for Mike who was most likely in another part of the country or the world working, so we could wish for him as his proxy. Gabriel is very thorough and fair. No wish for you without a wish for everyone. During these past few days of feeling down, I was looking for little things to cheer me up. This iPhone wallpaper did it.

Dandelions iphone cover @fillpraycloset

15. Today is payday! What?!?! Yeah. It makes me happy because it’s one tangible way of contributing to my family financially. Not spending it all on ebooks for my Kindle is another. 😉

16. Ebooks! You had to know. I just downloaded C.S. Lewis Bible because my bloggy gal-pal and fellow Lay Dominican is reading it, and you know, being like her when I grow up is a goal. I am loving it. I read it just before bed. The addition of Lewis’ writings next to the scripture bring another layer, a deeper dimension otherwise unthought of or untapped, until read in conjunction. I highly recommend it.

17. Curating content. I know, I’m kind of a nerd. But I love when someone asks “Anyone know the best way to do XYZ?” or “I would really like to do this, but don’t know where to start” I love swooping in with relevant blog posts, articles, slideshares and how-to’s from all the places I peruse on the internet. I keep them all in my Pocket for easy access. Do you use Pocket?

18. Video chats with Tiffany – in case you missed it, she reveals step by step, the nuttiness that was our first two attempts at a Google Hangout. She is not the gadget/techie one in this relationship. However, since she lives, oh, only 5 hours away – meeting is something that is on the “timeframe uncertain” list. Head over to find out why I thought she asked how her habit looked.

19. Crying a little and having no one notice because I’ve gotten some sun, so I’m already red. Thank you genetics! I am really the only Puerto Rican that burns. I’m sure of it. (Let’s hope I’m wrong!) How is this a happy thing? When I want to cry, and don’t want to talk about the why’s it’s nice not to invoke Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’s nose in the process to give me away.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer @fillpraycloset

20. Headphones. They drown out the world (and my thoughts when I need it) with Phantagram. Have you heard of that group? I created an entire Pandora radio station to them. Love that!

21. This post. It’s the 299th post on this blog. I’m pretty proud of that. Thanks for keeping me around.

Now, I tag YOU:

Tiffany at Life of a Catholic Librarian (of course)
Emily at A Year of Living Adventurously
Amy at Making the Swim

Why these ladies? Oh, they know why!

And I’m serious, I am tagging you, leave me one or as many as you’d like reasons you’re happy this week.

And Gina, you are a sweetie!


12 thoughts on “20+ Things That Make Me Happy

  1. You are adorable! Your cute skirt makes me happy too! So cute. And thank you for being super awesome and sharing my link-up. I’m so glad you have, because it’s forcing to try really hard, and not quit, because to be honest, I freaked myself out and contemplated deleting the whole thing and moving to a far-off cave. You’re an amazing e-friend, thanks. xo


  2. I love it!! I feel happy(er) reading your list. The banana treat sounds amazing, the dandelion pic is beautiful, you are flat-out inspiring. Have a joyful week, Cristina!


  3. Cristina, my son got toasty across his shoulders the other day…. after being out in the sun for, like, 8 hours or something. So there’s another Puerto Rican sunburn for you. (Maybe?)


    1. I love me a good list! And I was thinking, that is one of the shortest skirts I own! I am more a maxi skirt gal. Not for modesty so much as…shaving! There, I said it!


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