Back in a week!

I’m on vacation with the family! We’ll be relaxing and BBQ’in in a cabin in the Adirondacks.

Sound fun?! Sounds scary too. But first, there’s the road trip to get there!

20140614-072647-26807003.jpg My husband, a.k.a. Captain Stubing for this trip is driving so he can’t make an appearance in this photo!

I’ll be back with all kinds of craziness, I’m sure. If you want to get an idea, be sure to follow me on Instagram or Twitter I’ll still be lurking around there.



5 thoughts on “Back in a week!

  1. How is your car so clean??? Even going to baseball practice means our car is packed top to bottom. When I take pictures of my boys in the car, I only do shoulders up to avoid all the “stuff” that accompanies us everywhere!

    We don’t live far from the Adirondacks and spend a lot of time there. It’s beautiful! Have a great, well deserved vacation!! 🙂

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