Arrivederci Italia!

I arrived at Newark yesterday early afternoon. I am very happy to be home, but there’s just a little more to share of the final highlights of my trip. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of that!

We visited Orvieto where another Eucharistic miracle is housed. The Eucharistic miracle took place in a nearby town. A traveling priest had doubts about the true presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ when the host bled onto the altar cloth. The Chapel of the Madonna di San Brizio is where the stained altar cloth is housed.

The town was so humble and beautiful. The Catholic faith was infused in everything. This is the first sign of the Catholic faith that we saw the moment we got off of the tram (we were atop a huge hill!)

Eucharist, IHS, catholic

We walked for a bit and I couldn’t help but take in some of the old world beauty. I won’t even tell you how many detail pictures of arches and engravings I took.

Orvieto Italy

We made it to the church where we would have a private mass below in the crypt.

Chapel of the Madonna di San Brizio

We celebrated mass in a true crypt as there were two tombs on either side of us. This mass was slightly different, instead of having a longer homily, Father Joe used Padre Pio sacramental oil he purchased to bless us with, and then Deacon Tony gave us a special blessing.

Chapel of the Madonna di San Brizio rvieto Italy

We had an hour to walk around, or we could just have some lunch in the square. I’ll let you guess what I chose to do.

Wine in Orvieto

Afterwards we hopped on the bus and headed back to Rome where we visited the Pantheon. I couldn’t believe that I could just enter this historical (to say the least) place.

Pantheon Rome Italy @fillpraycloset

While we were supposed to visit the Spanish steps, we ran out of time and could only get to the famous Trevi Fountain and Navona Square. I’ll take it! It’s said that if you throw one coin in, you will make it back to Rome. Two coins, you’ll find love. Three coins, you’ll get a divorce and I can’t remember what the significance of four coins was. I was too busy laughing at the three coin option! One coin for me thanks!

Trevi Fountain Rome Italy @fillpraycloset

For our final dinner, we were serenaded by a guitarist and flute player who was also a singer! But, most importantly, I captured my roomie, Pat. I can’t even tell you what a blessing it was that we were randomly paired. I was supposed to have my own room. I’ve left this trip with a really great friend. She made me laugh at everything. I thought I knew how to do that already, but Pat, well, she taught me a thing or two about not sweating the small stuff. I can’t wait to have lunch with her to reminisce. Love you, Pat! I’m making up those shirts that we talked about too!!

Me and Pat at dinner Rome, Italy @fillpraycloset

Just because the trip came to a close and there was nothing more to see, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get a shot of me and Father Joe walking around Rome. What a wonderful priest. We are so blessed to have him. I think he will walk away from this trip knowing that.

Me and Father Joe walking around Rome @fillpraycloset

Or snap a couple of pics of our Tour Guide and Driver, both named Massimo (maybe on purpose to make it easy?). I called them Massimo Squared.

Rome Italy @fillpraycloset
Tour Guide Massimo! A friend went to Rome a couple of months ago and had the same tour guide!
Driver Rome Italy
Massimo King of the Mama Mia Roads. He took every hairpin turn as if it were nothing!

And that’s all she wrote folks. This was me at the airport yesterday signing off (with a new silk scarf I picked up to be super chic!)
Italy Rome airport @fillpraycloset

I’ll be back to Italy, I know it. And next time, I’m taking my husband with me. I think we’ll spend extra time on the Amalfi Coast. I hope you enjoyed touring Italy with me. I had a blast sharing it with you.

Ciao, Ciao!


18 thoughts on “Arrivederci Italia!

  1. I think it actually made me take better pictures and remember all of the little factoids. I kept thinking I have to remember this or that to share! Glad to be home!


  2. I’ve so enjoyed hearing about the travels and all of the awesome experiences you’ve had! Can’t wait until the day comes that I get to make the trip 🙂 Love you!


    1. Love you too!!! I hope you’re weather is better. I read about the twisters in a half conscious state coming back from Italy. Catch up soon xoxo


  3. So fabulous! I felt like I was a part of your day. What a phenomenal, over the top worth it trip. I also got a kick out of knowing we missed each other only by hours when you were leaving Newark for Italy and I was leaving Newark for home. Welcome back – – take deep breaths love!


  4. I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through you these past few days and I’m so glad you soul was refreshed and delighted in the roots of your faith. My favorite picture by far is the one you took of the church with the sun flare glowing around it. Just lovely.

    And welcome back home.


  5. Cristina, I have LOVED touring Italy with you! I’ve been there a few times, but seeing it through your eyes really gave me a new perspecitve…and, I haven’t been to many of the places you visited. Thank you for a wonderful account and for your absolutely beautiful and charming pictures! Welcome home, but I just bet your wish at Trevi Fountain will come true. 😉 xoxo


  6. So glad you had a wonderful time and thrilled that I will see you in two days! Welcome home, my friend!


  7. What a great opportunity! I don’t know if I’ll ever manage a trip to Italy but getting reports like yours brings it all closer to me. Thanks for sharing these trip highlights.

    Tossing It Out


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