Quick! I’m in Assisi

Yesterday was the most relaxing day of the trip. Here was the schedule. It’s always put up the night before to help us plan for the following day.


Here is beautiful San Damiano church where we had the most touching mass.



20140604-061759-22679091.jpg This is the monastery where the original Franciscan nuns lived and then they were moved to San Marco. This was considered “the old place”. Back to mass, before the final blessing, Deacon Tony asked us one by one, to go up to Father Joe and say a prayer or blessing for all that he’s done for us on this trip. There are 43 of us. Most of us went and came back crying. Even he was overwhelmed. To see such love for a priest, a father, a shepherd was truly moving and bonded us in a way that’s stronger than before we left.

I couldn’t go to St. Clare’s monastery because I got sick and had to get back to the hotel. I raced up the mountain to the pharmacy and picked up medicine to haul it back down the mountain by 12pm. But look at the name of the pharmacy.


Here’s San Marco Basilica where St. Francis of Assisi is buried.



We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside so I’m sorry that I don’t have anything to share, especially where St. Francis was buried. There were frescoes by Giotto all over the walls depicting the parallels between Jesus’ life and his own on either side.

Lunch was light but delicious and we were taken to a pottery factory.

In the afternoon we had free time. My roommate, Pat and I went for a stroll to visit a church from the first century BC.



20140604-062752-23272508.jpg After that we were pooped. Just ask Pat.



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