Today I spent all day in beautiful Florence.

I decided to go off on my own with my roomie, Pat and Deacon Tony’s grandson. We had a map from 1996 and thought we’d wing it and see whatever we could in our free time.

Here’s a replica of Michaelangelo’s David. The real one is in a museum in Florence but the wait to see it was about three hours. I thought this was just as good!

Here’s what looks to be a statue of the beheading of Medusa.

20140602-192815-70095310.jpg We walked along and saw these other “statues”.

20140602-193020-70220218.jpg Little did we know that they were real!!

We walked along the Ponte Vecchio and snapped a few photos with the beautiful view.

20140602-193218-70338969.jpg We tried to find the Markete Centrale and kept coming up on dead ends. The map was from 1996, remember? Sure, we could have bought another one. Would that have been as fun though?! We ended up in a residential/artsy area. I found this just before we stopped at a cafe for lunch.

20140602-193421-70461339.jpg I’m hoping we were better tourists!

I knew this was a good spot for lunch as there was a framed picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe just in the entry way.

20140602-193530-70530048.jpg we had an excellent lunch of Insalata Mozzarella,

20140602-193711-70631358.jpg gnocchi with pesto,

20140602-193741-70661741.jpg and panna cotta! Finally!

20140602-193819-70699427.jpgAll I need is a tiramisu and I’ll have crossed my Italian favorites off the list.

A few more quick snaps along our walk back to the meeting point of San Marco square.




20140602-194021-70821840.jpg I even found a local painter working on
some miniatures of the scenery for his shop.

20140602-194159-70919367.jpg Pat and Deacon Tony’s grandson acting like locals!

And of course, the day is not complete without a cappuccino for the trip back to Assisi!

20140602-194248-70968253.jpg I will tour Assisi more tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Firenze!

  1. Ok I think the “statues” would freak me out a bit! LOL
    The food looks so yummy!
    The scenery is beautiful (especially when you’re in it 😉 )!
    And I’m so glad you’re having a blessed trip!


  2. The street performers are what I miss about Europe as a whole. Spain and Italy had the most of them when I went traipsing about there almost half my life ago.


  3. The pictures of all your tasty food are making me want to lick my computer screen at work; good thing I have not yet resorted to that. 😉
    I just love seeing pictures of the back streets in Italy, I made a calendar for my Mom after I first went with pictures of the just different streets and back roads…enjoy Assisi, other than Rome, it was my favorite city in Italy!!


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