San Giovanni Rotondo and St. Padre Pio

We just arrived at our hotel in San Giovanni Rotondo after a long day. We ran over time! Please forgive the short but sweet post. I only have 15 minutes before dinner. I hope the pictures speak for themselves.

Sfogliatella at a rest stop for breakfast

20140531-190312-68592674.jpgA view of the Adriatic Sea

A visit to St. Michael the Archangel Shrine in Santo Angelo


A typical lunch for the region (which was very Greek looking because they inhabited the region years ago) that farmers ate in the fields. Our guide called it the first “to-go” lunch ever made!

We call it the Mama Mia plate. Because wow! Was it good!

Hanging out with Deacon Tony, who looked like he belonged in that town. This is one of the main reasons for my visit. To spend time with him. He’s the salt of the earth.


Upon entering St. Padre Pio, we were able to receive a blessing from Father Joe using gloves that St. Padre Pio used to cover his stigmata – a second class relic. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. I brought very special intentions for this blessing. 😉

We had mass at St. Padre Pio’s church; the smaller original where his confessional was. While we could take pictures, I just spent time there praying.



And now, off to dinner!


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