The Incredible Amalfi Coast

First, I would like to thank all of my readers for commenting. I read all of them, but can’t reply as I usually would because there’s hardly any time. The schedule for us is early and long. I always use any free time in the hotel to write (and shower, of course!).

After breakfast, we had mass in the gardens of the hotel under a canopy of green.

Then we were off to the Positano, a very chic town with beautiful shops along the coast. We walked in single file past billowy scarves and glittery jewels. Every shop was small and the clothing for sale were in pale colors. Our guide told us that it is the style in this town.
We walked toward the square where the church was. We couldn’t enter because during a restoration, they found bones. Once that happens, every thing stops until all of the area is excavated. We were able to go just inside the main entrance to see the altar just behind panes of glass. 20140530-182440-66280713.jpg

As always, I pray for all of you and today, this was my opportunity to say them before this icon. As you can see, in the detail shot, she is a Black Madonna.



We walked a little further down to the beach. I touched the Mediterranean! While we couldn’t get in, I wouldn’t waste a chance at getting my hands wet at least. Here’s what I saw. Brace yourselves, it’s incredible.

Then it was on the boat to get to the town of Amalfi. I get sea sick so Deacon Tony stayed right next to me at the front of the boat. He kept telling me to look up so I wouldn’t get sick. He thought we should celebrate with a selfie! Can you believe it?!

We entered into port and were told that the town is dedicated to St. Andrew. It was also noted that the people of Amalfi are so proud that they have a marble slab at the entrance that says when the day of rapture comes and they are taken to heaven, it will be like any other day in Amlafi. You know, because it’s a paradise already!

20140530-183421-66861570.jpg Here is the church where the bones of St. Andrew are.

20140530-183519-66919714.jpgThe guide told us the bones are taken out on two days of celebration a year for the saint and his bones are said to sweat and release an oily substance that has healing properties!

And now, the limoncello! Limoncello is a lemon liquor made of lemon rinds, water, sugar and pure alcohol. I spent the afternoon with Father Joe, Deacon Tony, his grandson and my roommate. We bought some limoncello to take home and lemon scented soaps. The lemons are huge and grown organically making the limoncello perfect! Here’s Father Joe with his bag of goodies coming from the shop.

20140530-183838-67118757.jpg We had a light snack of cappuccino and their specialty, lemon cake. The cake was so good, we ordered another one!

20140530-184001-67201986.jpg We shopped a bit more and felt peckish again. So we bought, what else? Limoncello gelato!

We left Amalfi and headed to Ravello. Ravello is where the famous composer, Richard Wagner was inspired to write Parsival. Here is a shot of the coast as we walked toward the main square.

20140530-184402-67442372.jpg we had time to spend in the square and take another…cappuccino. Italy is my kinda country. But look at the view from the cafe we were sitting at.

20140530-184550-67550393.jpg On our way back down the mountain, we got to see Mt. Vesuvius! It was scheduled on our trip to visit Pompeii but that had to change because the road in and out is so narrow, that we would have had to add another day to the trip. But I got a picture!!

Now I am in my room with some free time before dinner scheduled at 7:45pm. Today was a much easier day on us. Generally we’ve walked the equivalent of 8-14 miles a day!

Till tomorrow!



8 thoughts on “The Incredible Amalfi Coast

  1. Thank you for the tour! Will you be able to pick up a post card for me? (what a segue) We can exchange adds when you get back home and I’ll send you one from my third world kitchen! But only if you can because it sounds like you have a tight itinerary. 🙂


    1. I will!!!!! No problemo! I can try to pick one up in a shop tomorrow. We won’t be on the Amalfi Coast though! We are moving on to other towns.


  2. Loving “living” this through your posts!!! Thanks for taking the time to share it with all of us! Now to go find some lemony dessert – that looks super yummy!!! xoxo


  3. Oh, Amalfi!! Our honeymoon spot!! 🙂 Oh, that gelato looks so delicious! You’re amazing–traveling and blogging–wow!! I’m itching to hop on a plane to somewhere gorgeously Mediterranean with all your wonderful photos. Ci vediamo domani! 🙂


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