Italy Day 1

Hi! I didn’t think I’d get to write anything and it’s hard. I’m at the cafe of the hotel where there’s free wifi. We arrived this morning at 8am and headed right out to St. Paul Outside the wall. So time for a selfie:

Our guide, Margarita (how do you forget that name?!) walked us inside but not after I snapped this shot of St. Luke (my man!)

We pass by the holy doors to heaven (see St. JPII at the bottom right?):


That’s Margarita! She had a wand with the most colorful, glittery scarf so we wouldn’t lose her.

Walk in and see this expanse of the Basilica.


Let’s not forget Penecost coming up so I had to snap this, the back of the holy door where they have these intricate carvings in the back of the door! The Holy Spirit tile.

We had mass where our Priest wore rental vestments. I thought that was cute! Here is the chapel where Father Joe celebrated mass:

Then, of course, a little cappuccino in the cafe. This cappuccino is like creamy creaminess like no other. I may or may not have has gelato – straciatella. So delicious. Did you know that this basilica is run by the Benedictines?! Ya do now!!!

We then zipped around Rome to get to the catacombs. Baaaa baaaa

That’s all I have because we weren’t allowed to snap pictures in the catacombs.

And this shot of the Cyprus trees. Secretly, I couldn’t wait to see them again. I’ve been to Venice before when I sang opera in Castelfranco. The trees, the trunk so thick and strong, meaningfully plunge into the ground and the foliage is so imperfectly perfect in how it shapes itself. Truly a beautiful scene.


And now we’re at our hotel. I just showered, got wi-fi but forgot my eyelash curler. Oh the priorities!

Up for tonight? Dinner, music, wine and opera actually sung by three tenors. Not thethree tenors.

Tomorrow – roll call at 6:30 for breakfast. Then off to St. Peter’s and the Sistene Chapel to start.

I miss you guys. But I absolutely miss my babies and Mike the most. They even left me a Facebook video saying goodnight. Mike is keeping them busy with a barbecue yesterday with friends and Spider-Man 3 today. Are you praying for them? I am.

Hasta la pasta!


17 thoughts on “Italy Day 1

  1. So excited for you!!! We visited in Summer of 2011 and really loved St. Paul’s and of course St. Peter’s. Looking forward to more updates when you can. Prayers….and if you can do it, go up to the dome!!!! You are young and in good shape, so it should be much easier for you than it was for me!


  2. Your trip sounds amazing already, but I have to be honest. I’m really looking forward to your pictures of the Sistine Chapel!! I can’t wait to read more!!!!!!!!!! (excessive exclamations are totes necessary here.)


  3. Did you notice that one of your suitcases was a little heavier than you anticipated? That’s because I snuck in it so I could visit Italy with you!! I’ll pay you back later for the overage fee 😉
    Sigh…soak it all in and eat some more Straciatella for me. ❤


  4. So much fun! Too bad about no pics in the catacombs. I would have liked to see pics.

    Also, I didn’t know you sang in the opera or even what to do with a eyelash curler.


  5. Thank you for sharing, Cristina! So excited for you.
    And I can’t get over that you sang opera! You’re a woman of many talents, huh?
    Have fun and know that Mike and the kids are in the best hands – His! ♥


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