Look who’s talking?

Interesting isn’t it? I do all the talking (writing) and never ask you what you’d like me to write about. It’s always just me, alone, with a screen and then some time passes and I click “publish”.

Time for a change – don’t we love that?

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My draft editorial calendar. Exciting isn’t it?!

I worked a bit over the weekend on content and planning for this space and I realized that my marriage is something that resonates, so why not ask you about that? What topics regarding marriage and relationships would you like to read about? To give you a bit of a frame for this, here are my credentials:

  1. I am a stepdaughter with two brothers, 3 half-brothers, and one half-sister
  2. I am divorced and have a child from that marriage. (married 2 years)
  3. I am remarried with a child from this marriage. We met at work. (gasp! taboo!) He has children (3) from a previous marriage. We are the ultimate blended frappe, complete with caramel drizzle. Delicious in all the right ways, but at first gulp, it was chilly and gave us brain-freeze. (married 7 years this August)
  4. At one point, we had all 5 children living with us (at the time, their ages ranged from newborn to 19). My stepchildren currently reside with their mother.
  5. One of my children had epilepsy. I say had because for the past two years he’s been seizure free. He was very ill and quarantined in the hospital for a month. He had an adverse reaction to a commonly prescribed drug for his type of epilepsy. In fact, it was a 1 in 1,000,000 chance he would have this reaction. Aren’t we the lucky ones?
  6. I quit my very secure job as an Executive Assistant in NYC when I realized I wasn’t happy. I moved to a completely different (in every way) location and started over. I didn’t even know where the nearest supermarket was at the time. For the first year, my husband was gone half the time (maybe more, who’s counting?).
  7. I work full time outside of the home again, but spent two years+ at home, caring for my children and household.
  8. I have an undergraduate degree in Human Resources (Organizational Psychology and Marketing were my favorite topics of study).
  9. I am two classes shy of a Master’s degree to teach Secondary (High School) English. Why two classes shy? (read point 7, I needed to help support the lifestyle I wanted – boys in Catholic school and living a stone’s throw away from their school/church)
  10. Both degrees were online! Talk about structure and discipline, who knew I had that before embarking on this method of study?!
  11. I am a convert to the faith; class of 2012.
  12. My husband works very, very full time. He works from home or he’s traveling. There is nothing 9-5 about it.
  13. I’m Catholic 🙂

I am sure there are points here that speak to you. Experiences that you may have had, will have or are currently navigating through and you want to get another perspective on it. Let me be that person. Let this be your space to feel good, or better about the most important relationships in your life. This isn’t just for married folk either. I am a sister, stepmother, aunt, cousin, friend, co-worker, distant relative, and estranged daughter. I want this to be about you, so tell me more. This can become a very collaborative series, but I need your help to make that happen.

You can respond with your questions in the comments or email me at fillpraycloset{at}gmail{dot}com

Because confidentiality is something I know all too much about. I’m an Executive Assistant, remember? Think Joan from Madmen. She always keeps everything close to the vest*

Madmen 2010-2014 AMC Network Entertainment
Madmen 2010-2014 AMC Network Entertainment

*I’m only on Season 3 episode 4, who knows what Joanie is doing now!


18 thoughts on “Look who’s talking?

  1. You already know that I have a need for functioning in marriage (and perhaps as an unequally yoked couple? although not in the same realm as you two love birds, I think we very much qualify for that term :/). Your discipline amazes me (I should have added that to my reply!) – I always want to see how people “get it all done” (organizational psychology?)! Xoxo


    1. How I get it all done…that’s going to take thought! Noted. And the unequally yoked thing? Yeah – more anecdotes, tips, successes and failures to come for sure.


  2. In your hectic (chaotic?) life you no doubt have had periods of time when you and spouse were simply out of sync’. Maybe life itself was out of sync’ for you. Think back to those times and share if you would, your perspective on getting BACK in step. Thanks!



    1. Hi Mike! There have been times where we’ve been out of sync. But to pick just one?! I have quite a bit to choose from. We’re very different, in case you didn’t notice!!!


      1. LOL…….I didn’t notice but I’m sure the more I read – they will be more apparent. Just love your writing style.


  3. Wow! You have lived a very interesting life, haven’t you? So glad to know more about you, Cristina. And I’m all admiration for your choices! I’m sure you’re going to make a difference to a lot of people through your writing! God bless you.


  4. I’d love to know about being a mom and getting an education. One day I’d love to get a master’s, but with 5 kids I have little time! Looking forward to more about you!


    1. Oh yeah! I can talk about that for days. Especially how to make it all work, get it all done – and you wanna talk deadlines? Writing an epic paper while suffering (unknowingly) from a concussion? I got all that down too. Thanks for dropping in!


      1. Oh yes, how to get it all done…I can barely get a blog done, much less important things like read a book and write a paper. 😉


  5. Cristina, I’d love to know more about how you manage to post often on your terrific looking blog, be a wife and mom, work fulltime, cantor at Mass and sing maybe at weddings, etc., contribute to other blogs, keep up formation as a lay Dominican…..gasp, I’m tired already! Share your secrets of how to accomplish so much with limited time. I need this! I”m listening! You’re amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In a nutshell? I’m passionately tireless about these things. I eat, sleep and dream all of this, because you only live once – and God put us all her to do something with that. I was listening to Kanye West today and this applies here “Nothing’s ever promised tomorrow today” and I guess, that’s how I live (not like Kanye, ha!) but the sentiment.


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