Feature Friday: Words and Other Things and Songs Kate Sang

People! People! Did you miss me? I certainly missed you. Wait. I never left. But, that’s kind of how I feel when I miss these Feature Friday Posts which are now Weekly Wrap Up’s because bloggers, you know, felt confined to just one day! Let’s celebrate all week. I’m cool with that!

Nicole Marie at Words and Other Things by way of Tipsy Lit

I read something so beautiful this week contributed to Tipsy Lit by Nicole Marie. It’s a piece on faith. I know, I always do one spiritual and one secular. Stay with me. Nicole Marie shares a slice of her shift as a bartend(ress?) and how a few moments spent with a blind man taught her a thing or too about slowing down and faith in humanity. I had to – had to share it. Head over and read How a Blind Man Reminded me of Faith and then head over to her permanent residence Words and Other Things. She’s a wordsmith and we like her.

Songs Kate Sang 

I cannot take credit for this one peeps. I have a tribe, did you know that? You knew that. And Ms. Julie suggested that I connect with this beautiful blog, woman and fellow convert. She writes about becoming a saint complete with a quick hypothetical conversation that addresses the commonly asked question, “What’s with you Catholics and saints anyway?! Head over, I promise it will be lovely, peace-filled and full of great photography. She certainly doesn’t need any recommendations from me though – she looks pretty profesh! Follow her on twitter and be sprinkled with Arizona sunshine (where she lives with her family) and pretty desert blooms.

Now, off to the land of what Cristina wrote this week, it’s not far, just past this little well here.

Discovered by bigbaldnbearded over at piccsy.com

What I wrote about this week 

I only wrote twice here, but they were heavies. Here’s how I navigate through an unequally yoked marriage (I’m Catholic and he’s not) and a memory from my childhood (it ain’t pretty). The truth sometimes isn’t and that’s ok. I also contributed to Real Housekeeping and shared my recipe for homemade recaito and … wait for it … rice and beans. GO! Cook and feed the masses yearning to breathe free from the same ol’!

Some News…

Did you know that I hopped on the good foot and joined Instagram? I’d love to see you there! I am also going laptop shopping this weekend. Watch out! My tribe will know what this means. It means that the plan is unfolding… and in case you didn’t know who the tribe gals, we are: MaryCharityJulieSharonSarah or The Outliers. We even have our own jackets. No we don’t. We are kind of the coolest thang since sliced bread though. Get thee a tribe.

And last, but certainly not least, I got a virtual promotion! As you know I am an #ECReader. We’ve talked about this, I know. But, I am now moderating the exclusive velvet jacket and pipe required FB group of the same name. Can you believe it? I don’t think the great and glitterfilled Ericka Clay knew what she was doing when she bequeathed such power! In any case, wanna know what I do when I’m not here? Sign up! Be an ECReader and get your read/write/support all things Ericka Clay on. Why? Because I did it. And, shhh, she’s Catholic. 🙂

And that’s how you Feature Friday Hop people. Interested? I was! Anytime I can share my faves with you, it’s a must do in my book! Won’t you share with us?


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See? LOVE!

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9 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Words and Other Things and Songs Kate Sang

  1. Heck yeah I missed you last week! 😀 Feature Friday / Weekly WrapUp hops are absolutely NO FUN without you, Cristina! I can see from this post, however, why you were MIA last week – you’re a very busy girl. Wow! My To-Do List for the day is now going to have to wait some more while I check out all your great links.Thank you and I hope you have a beyond wonderful day, weekend and Mother’s Day! 😀


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! You absolutely made my day! I am so glad that we connected!


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