The Land of Bloz

After a month of pre-scheduled posts, I am back at a blank screen. In case you’ve been hiding out and didn’t know, I just completed a 30 day blogging challenge complete with a Catholic theme *no small feat*. Researching and fact-checking as I put the posts together was nothing short of studying for a massive final. I had books, links, podcasts, conversations with priests and deacons, cross referenced with other blogs, all to be sure I provided information with intrigue, truth, a little humor and a personal perspective. Then, I just had to create unique pinnable images for the posts for you to drool over. So, I was the only one drooling over them. I really enjoyed that part.

Readers have asked that I compile the posts into an e-book and it’s definitely something I am looking into (as in downloading some e-books for me to read because I’m tapped). There is supposed to be a reflection post on this whole experience to be linked up next week, but I don’t even know if that’s comin’, to be honest. The blogs I visited were great and the writer/bloggers were so supportive and kind, but there was an unexpected sour note smack in the middle of the challenge and, my heart, dear reader, was sad to be in it. I know, right?

I want to thank you again, new readers, subscribed readers, followers and party-goers (what?) for sticking with me through this challenge. I feel like Glinda the Good Witch asking you all to “come out, come out wherever you are, and meet the young lady who fell from a star” (that would be me). April felt like Oz to me. Like a Blog-Oz, Bloz? I like to mix words like a stiff drink. Mmmm, drink.

The land of Blog-Oz #Bloz

In the span of a month, I’ve joined a crowdsourcing group, revamped my blog, read a couple of books on writing, wrote a massive post for Catholic Lane, another for Ericka Clay about what it’s like to be her (she is about to publish a book so I had lots of fun with that) and wrote for Mommy Verbs about the inevitable, change. Let’s not forget that I linked up for Feature Friday posts too. I had crazy sci-fi dreams that I think could be the start of something to write about and supported my Outlier tribe every day. If that’s not all, I created an Instagram account and shut down my Facebook page. Yep, so now you can have my type of silliness, visually (like you secretly always wanted). I commented on anywhere from 35-40 blogs a day in April, while replying to every comment made here. That’s not a typo. This could be part of why I am a little fried and totally exhausted at the moment.

Forgive me. I feel as if I don’t remember how to blog or what to say just now. I know it’s fleeting and I will be back to my perky self in a couple of days. Know that I am writing though, just like this, but with frizzier hair and way better make-up. The eyebrows? Same, pretty much.


typing writing furiously Jim Carrey


13 thoughts on “The Land of Bloz

  1. You did good! And I love that you’re exploring the idea of an e-book! That would be very cool, Cristina.

    I’m sorry about the sour note. Especially considering where it came from. But I hope the challenge was beneficial for you, and it sounds like it was.

    Tired? I hear ya. But, I am invigorated to start moving forward with my blog.


    1. Thanks Carrie-Anne. I’m sorry about the sour note too. You know I am. I think, for me, I just need to get back to white space, where anything can be written and there’s no deadline. I need that PITA chick, “Inspiration” to show up. She took all of April off. I was afraid this might happen. But, it’s all something to write about. And when all is said and done…ITALY at the end of the month baby!


  2. Oh that last image just made me literally laugh OUT LOUD!! I can only imagine how fried you are…. did you even eat or sleep in the last month Cristina? Good Lord woman! i can’t even imagine doing THAT much in a half a year. Seriously.

    I don’t know what happened to sour and suck up the goodness in this challenge- but I do hope you can grab the (I could only guess) powerful lessons and experience of writing every day and accomplishing goals and pulling out more than you ever probably thought you could… in your talent, your gift, your passion.

    I say, take the next month OFF and recycle all your posts. 🙂

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  3. Notice I didn’t mention taking care of the kids, making dinners, washing clothes, going to work full time every day, preparing a presentation for my chapter group. I don’t even know what happened last month. I grabbed some wonderful people and blogs along with a deeper seated conviction to respect people, diversity of opinion and faith and to never allow anything to change that. So about recycling…I’ve been toying with that too!!! 🙂


  4. Damn, I’m too nosy not to ask what the sour note was (cos that sounds sucky) and too lazy to go and find it #conundrum

    How’s it going without the FB page, Salty? I’m just glad you didn’t shut down the blog comments!

    You did really well to get through it. Your voice appears to still be here, and I look forward to reading more of your writing soon (definitely explore the e-book idea)


    1. Let’s not tarnish your sunny day with crap that happened in April. I don’t know how it’s going sans FB other than how I feel about it. Great! I may shut down comments when I’m in Italy, but that’s just 12 days. My Deacon has promised wi-fi in every hotel so I *could* respond or skype YOU. I’ll just be drinking vino and singing arias with the wait staff though. So….

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      1. Oh you Skype? That’s interesting 😀 I’ve been known to skype in the past. If you shut down comments while you’re away, it’s sure easier to manage the backlog when you get return.


  5. I’m like the others and want to know about the sour note. Everyone out there has their own opinions, and some people lack the tact or social skills to deliver their message without coming off like a troll. I’m just sorry I wasn’t there to encourage you after you received that note. I got an overly blunt comment criticizing my dialogue during my story, and later got an email from a different blogger telling me she was going to be furious on my behalf. It was very sweet and encouraging, and I wish I could’ve done the same for you.

    Even though I’m not a Catholic, I’ve enjoyed your posts and found them very interesting. Congrats on completing the challenge, in addition to everything else you accomplished during the month!


    1. It happened quite early in the month. After the close of the first week, actually. It wasn’t an attack on my faith, but of another faith – and I tolerate none of it. In the end, I didn’t let one person get in the way of a good series and fruitful discussion.


  6. Cristina,

    Even though I’ve been blogging for a few years, I just started making my blog public and a big part of that was because I saw you were doing the A-Z Challenge, and I decided to try it too (See what an inspiration you are??? 🙂 ) I was totally overwhelmed and exhausted and I didn’t comment on nearly that many posts. I can’t imagine how you’re doing it! I too hit a sour note part way through the challenge, but my sour note was one of my own making. I published my reflection yesterday and talk about that sour note and lessons learned here

    So my question for you is: Will you be doing the A-Z Challenge again next year? I think I will, but I’ll do it differently next time.

    From one frizzy haired gal to another… Thanks for all your posts, for your sense of humor, and for being an inspiration!


  7. It’s been a long month! You did good to get to the end of it. I’ve been in an exhausted haze myself the last few days. It’ll all come back to you. Cheers.


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