W is for White

W is for White #atozchallenge @fillpraycloset on twitterI didn’t get a chance to share Liturgical Colors with you, which is where the White comes in. I may throw in the others. May, let’s not get crazy.

Yesterday was a pretty day, wasn’t it? Whenever I talk about Mary I get all soft and full of strength. If she can do it – you know, this life thing – then I can. Catch up buttercups! 10 Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary

What is it?

In the Catholic Church we are all about symbolism. This is so we are always attentive to the subtleties of the faith – even if our minds wander. Yes, they wander, just ask Screwtape. who lives here in this book The Screwtape Letters.

The color white symbolizes light, innocence, purity, joy, triumph and glory. Priests change their vestments according to the time we’re in. As a partial example (because we’d be here all day!), in the season of Lent priests wear purple, for Palm Sunday, Pentecost and Feasts’ of the Martyrs, they wear red.

W is for White #atozchallenge @fillpraycloset on Twitter Gandalf the White
You think this color choice was a coincidence? Ahh the Christian symbolism in the Lord of the Rings – now that’s a topic for discussion! And who doesn’t love Gandalf the White!

Since we’re focusing on white, here are the instances you will see white worn at mass:

  • Season of Christmas
  • Season of Easter
  • Feasts of the Lord, other than of His passion
  • Feasts of Mary, the angels, and saints who were not martyrs
  • All Saints (1 November)
  • Feasts of the Apostles
  • Wedding Masses
  • Masses for the dead (Requiem Masses) when the deceased is a baptized child who died before the age of reason

Source: http://www.catholic.org/clife/lcolors.php

Why did I choose to share this particular “W” with you?

I just attended a wedding ceremony last month (not a wedding mass because communion wasn’t shared – they were in the RCIA program!) This couple has been married 28 years. 28 YEARS! She was the most beautiful bride. She wore a simple Audrey Hepburn style dress and her makeup was fantastic (because I did it!!). I snapped tons of pictures with her camera and my iPhone. There’s just something about witnessing that, last month. As they exchanged vows, she was petting his hand as if to assure him – I think he was welling up with tears. I was too. I am sure that in each others eyes they saw the years of love and strength, disappointment and strain, but they were still there and she was still wearing white. Their love is pure. Their hearts are pure with love of and for one another, and that, was truly a sight to behold.

This family has come into the Catholic faith just this Easter, and I was honored to be the sponsor for both the mother and her daughter.

#atozchallenge #white #wedding @fillpraycloset #catholic

Come back tomorrow to read all about my Catholic take on the letter X. I am blogging my way through the alphabet with others who are doing the same. 

Please support the bloggers of the #AtoZchallenge by visiting, sharing or commenting. We have all worked long and hard to prepare these posts, some prepping for a couple of months, as we posted our regular schedule, took care of our children, went to work, had the flu…well, you get the idea.

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9 thoughts on “W is for White

  1. Great post! Very informative!! White, although seen as boring to some people is a very beautiful color. It is rich with symbolism of being pure and innocent.



  2. I love the color white. It inspires me to create. I love our priest in white too.
    My husband and I got married on the beach by an ex priest and then in the church. We were both teary messes.
    I’m curious to see what your x and z words will be.


  3. Very well written. I loved the story about the couple married for 28 years. I also loved that you chose White for the letter W. White always reminds me of peace and pure.


  4. White. A beautiful colour choice! I had no idea that colour played a part in the Catholic faith.

    I’ve been to two Catholic weddings. My cousin’s and my Aunt and Uncle renewing their vows. Both ceremonies were slightly different, but so beautiful.


  5. Such a lovely post. I’d love to read about the colour purple, when you get around to writing about it. 🙂
    Of course, I love Gandalf’s pic. And you do make up! Woman of many talents, it shouldn’t have surprised me. 🙂 Hugs!


  6. I love color symbolism. It’s amazing how something can mean so many different things depending on who you are talking to and what their culture (personal, ethnic or otherwise) is. With that said, I’d love to hear more about what white means to you, not just what your religion says about it. Do you tend to lean toward wearing certain colors, what do they mean to you? Do they shape your life in anyway consciously or not?


    1. I wear black – because I have stuff to hide. Stuff most people call a muffin top. My favorite color is purple. It always has been from lavender to royal robes. Purple. Not the Barney or Grimace kind though.

      White to me, means restriction. I can’t paint the walls in my house because my husband prefers white walls.

      I hope I answered that question with as little religion connection as possible.

      Wait. I can’t have that. I wear black and white because those are the Dominican colors. Interesting – their motto (for lack of a better word) is Veritas or truth. Kinda black and white, isn’t it?


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