Feature Friday: Are you Kidding Me?! and Clara Seeks Clarity

I took a week off of Feature Friday last week. If you’re looking for today’s #atozchallenge post, click here!  A lot of Easter celebrations and I was alone with the kiddos (Mike was traveling) and I just couldn’t get a moment to bust out another post, on top of all of the #atozchallenge goodness. Can you believe we’re almost at the end of April? I mean today is V! V! When did you ever think you’d read that sentence. Let’s get on with my favorite show…

Blogitudes Feature Friday Link up

Sarah Brentyn at Are You Kidding Me?! Random Rants About Parenting & Life

I tried to come up with a snazzier intro to this blogger/writer but she’s done such a great job that I’ll just let her have this one: “Mum. Lifestyle writer. Loves wine, chocolate, castles, & YA novels. Obsessed with adorable retro owls. Wants to go to Narnia.”

Follow her on Twitter too, and tell her Cristina sent you. She’ll have a writing task ready as a thank you.

I have a ritual, you know this, right? Every morning, I wake up, cry a little that it’s morning, pray that God will keep me sane enough for myself and others, and then reach for my phone. I check any notifications that have come through overnight and then head over to FB, quickly. I have priorities, and social media is waiting on yours truly, to start the party (no they aren’t, oblige me). I don’t quite remember how I found her, but I posted a link about the debate of whether to leave comments on or off on a blog (complete with a quiz to help you decide!) and Sarah responded. After a couple of exchanges, she noted that she didn’t have any comments over at her blog. Now, people, we know that you can’t say that without me popping over to say hi! Enter in her thoughtful post: Practicing Your Craft with Terrible Writing. She used a CTA at the end of her post asking readers to try writing poorly. I did, and it was hard. I felt like Alice in Wonderland on crack and she thought that’s exactly what I sounded like! Head over and enjoy her sense of humor – but do it before she leaves to Narnia!

Clara Seeks Clarity 

So, she doesn’t know this is coming. Clara is a young and dear friend of mine, if you can call it that. I consider her family. She is 11, and she blogs. Well, she blogs as of Easter Sunday. Isn’t that appropriate? I was over her house for Easter and she asked if she could blog. If I would help her to create one.Would I help? Of course, and I will be your biggest fan, Clara. She writes poetry, paints, is active in sports and goes to my church (how we met). Her mother is a crazy creative too and supports all the avenues Clara wants to explore to get the art out! Please head over and leave a comment or two. She reminds me of a little Joan of Arc who said

“I am not afraid…I was born to do this.”

Please head over – she’s got three posts up, one of a poem she wrote (and won first place for in our school district) another post is a meme and yet another, a quick little drawing. She’s so sweet 🙂

What I wrote about this week

What didn’t I write about peeps?! Let’s see, this week I shared a little bit about Unity, Third Orders, the Book of Sirach, the Rosary and asked to pray for you too. I also changed up my bloggy space, did you notice (if you didn’t just lie to me).Last week, I wrote a reflection on the Pope’s General Audience last week for Catholic Lane for their Front Row with Francis series. That was a pretty big splash for me, considering I had to turn it around in 24 hours. It’s titled In Our Suffering, God Humbles and Exalts. Why the quick turnaround, Cristina? Well, the Pope speaks on Wednesday, and Catholic Lane runs the article on Friday, that’s why!

I don’t have the capability to add video here, but you should really check out my little Gabriel trying to sell me some Magic Erasers *cleaning products. He does this all the time. Maybe he’ll go into marketing? It’s quick, and I promise you’ll laugh.

Finally, I just found out that a friend, Lyn of A Catholic Newbie just published an article for FoxNews!! She writes about 11 must see churches in Rome. Comment love people! Head over and tell her I sent ya!

And that’s how you Feature Friday Hop people. Interested? I was! Anytime I can share my faves with you, it’s a must do in my book! Won’t you share with us?


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See? LOVE!

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12 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Are you Kidding Me?! and Clara Seeks Clarity

  1. 1) Clara is awesome!!!

    2) I almost choked on my breakfast when Gabriel went into the BAM!!! That’s Emerill – maybe he should do a cooking show? 😉


  2. This is awesome. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. I get a crown and everything. 😉

    There is so much going on here, I must return and read and click… Thanks, Cristina!


  3. I have to agree with all of the comments made so far – especially the one made by Julie – I love your “sparkle and pizzazz” – you are indeed a blessing! Thank you for always adding so much fun and great reading to the FF Hop, Cristina! I always love your links … and yes I did notice the re-do of your bloggy space – and I love that as well, too! You’re amazing and you totally rock! 😀


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