U is for Unity

U is for Unity #atozchallenge @fillpraycloset on TwitterWe’re at U already?! Where did the time go? I can’t thank you enough for joining me on this wonderful ride. We’re united in unity, right? We better be, because that’s what we’re talking about!

We debunked some bunk about Third Orders yesterday and you should totally check it out. We also talked about my favorite atheist. He’s super cute.

 What is it?

Unity is the state of oneness amongst persons especially. To be unified in beliefs and values.

Why did I choose to share this particular “U” with you?

In this whirlwind of a month and as a Catholic, I am like you in that I love fiercely, I laugh, I fall flat on my face, I find the humor in the sadness, and I am certainly not perfect, or typical. It’s from this place that I am looking to be unified with you. In our oneness of humanity and caring for others. It’s from this unity that I want to understand one another. Let’s just start here, my baggage and yours. Let’s throw all the contents on the bed, like you do after a trip. I am a mix of what you wouldn’t expect: adult Catholic convert, remarried to an atheist, covered in tattoos – did I forget to mention that!?, I drop the f bomb more than you’d ever guess – I know I didn’t mention that, I watch trash reality TV, was raised in an urban neighborhood in Brooklyn (putting it mildly) and have no accent at all (classical voice lessons stripped me of that!), learned Spanish in High School (I’m Puerto Rican remember?), learned how to cook Spanish food from a cookbook and my husband’s taste buds and I don’t know how to dance salsa. I was too white to hang out with the Spanish kids, and too dark to hang out with the white kids.

It’s because of all of these unexpected “tags” that I abhor dissension, disharmony, division and disunion. Basically, I am hating the letter d in that sentence. This is why the Catholic faith resonates with me. It is the whole for me and how I preach it to you. This is why God’s message of love, hope and charity is still being talked about today whether agreed upon or not. Can you imagine? The words you say today, being spoken about and lived for thousands of years after your death? Why wouldn’t I at least check that out? Why wouldn’t you?  I’m not trying to convert you. I couldn’t if I tried, that’s not my thing. That’s between you, your heart, and God.

It is my sincere hope that I’ve at least changed your mind about some things and have shared just enough of my soul that you will share yours.

I leave you with the words of Pope Francis:

@fillpraycloset #atozchallenge #unity #popefrancis


Come back tomorrow to read all about my Catholic take on the letter V. I am blogging my way through the alphabet with others who are doing the same. 

Please support the bloggers of the #AtoZchallenge by visiting, sharing or commenting. We have all worked long and hard to prepare these posts, some prepping for a couple of months, as we posted our regular schedule, took care of our children, went to work, had the flu…well, you get the idea.


30 thoughts on “U is for Unity

  1. Unity is a wonderful thing. No matter what is between people, there will always be something because we not all copies of each other, there is always something to found with which to be united. I may not be Catholic by denomination any longer (was raised both United Methodist and Roman Catholic – decided to call myself Roman Methodist for a long time), I am still a church going Christian. I am amazed by the gift of love that God has given us, all of us. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi Melanie,

      I call myself a Catholic: Dominican with Carmelite rising. My own joke. We are abolsutely not copies of one another and I love that aspect of blogging. It’s a wonderful recipe that I get to share and give daily.

      Thank you for stopping by Roman Methodist – I like it!


  2. I love it. As a semi-Buddhist atheist, I love the idea of the oneness of humanity and the universe. And I LOVE that quote from Pope Francis. He is my favorite pope EVER!


    1. Hi Sarah! I hear that so often about our Pope. He is a truly humbling man. Besides, anyone who uses Spanglish in public (like he did last week) is ok in my book!


  3. I think we are unified in our feelings about unity. BTW, I love your list of “tags”. It makes you more real to me. Not to say that I thought I’d imagined you or anything…


  4. I love Pope Francis! It seems I’ve seen your blog twice on the a-z challenge linky list. Did you sign up twice? 🙂 Anywho, I left a message the first time around, I think. I love that you have found God in a way that fits you. I was raised Catholic, left for awhile, then returned. It means more to me, the older I get.


    1. I only signed up once…odd. I noticed you liked my FB page after I shut it down! I did like your page, however. I don’t think I’ve found God in a way that fits me as much as I’ve found the Catholic Church and I feel at home in it. There are non-negotiables with any organized religion, as you know – and the Catholic Church is no exception. I’ve had to take some issues that I thought were settled for me and revisit them. I don’t think making it fit for me feels right. You don’t make God fit you. You either believe or ya don’t. Know what I mean? Thanks for stopping by, again!


  5. I wish we were all more united. But, I fear that is an impossibility. Yes, we have small, united groups, some overlap, but in the grand scheme of things, man is inherently greedy and jealous. It’s something that can’t be helped. Tamed, yes, but there will always be someone wanting more than he has. Always. I do like to find that group that will welcome me and make me feel united in something. Small has always been better for me anyway. 🙂

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    My A to Z
    Caring for My Veteran


      1. ah, you got me there. However, from what I witness every day, no one is looking to be better. They rather judge and bring drama and think only of themselves. My V post speaks a little to this. Because, really, I want to set the example, but it hurts when no one notices. 😛


  6. I hate labels too. I’ve been learning to put those labels and stereotypes behind me to really get to know a person. A friend of mine, in terms of actual skin color, the whitest white ever (yes, she’s very pale) speaks fluent spanish. She’s an ESL teacher and a dang good one at that. Anyway, in college stick her in a retail job working in the clothing section of a department store along side another woman who is obviously Hispanic. A Hispanic customer comes up to the Hispanic sales associate and starts talking to her in Spanish, in which case the sales associate stares at her blankly, then in English tries to tell her that she doesn’t understand because she doesn’t speak Spanish. Over comes my whiter than white friend and starts a full on conversation with the customer in Spanish. The customer was so shocked she thought the two women were messing with her and stormed angrily out of the store. I’ve always been fond of the saying to never judge a book by it’s cover, lol.


    1. You will be surprised to know that this happens to me all the time. People assume that I am not Puerto Rican or any kind of Latina for that matter and start talking as if I had no idea. Sometimes I let it go, other times I throw in a little sumthin’. Shocks, every time.


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