L is for Luke (St. Luke)

L is for Luke (St. Luke) #atozchallenge @fillpraycloset on TwitterSt. Luke the Evangelist, love him. I can’t not talk about L, without throwing this Apostle out there!

He is one of the OGs , or OAs? Original Apsotles?

In case you missed it, find out more about the Kerygma enigma, here.


Who is it?

St. Luke the Evangelist is the writer of the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. He is the Patron saint of Physicians and Surgeons.

Why did I choose to share this particular “L” with you?

Luke’s Gospel is different in many ways (here are aL is for St. Luke #atozchallenge few):

  • The parable of the Good Samaritan is only written of in this Gospel
  • Mary’s Magnificat, only appears in St. Luke’s Gospel
  • Further to the connection with women and Mary, St. Luke is where we get the scripturally based prayer, the Rosary.

St. Luke had an affinity and love for the poor and marginalized. He preached about forgiveness and God’s mercy for sinners. He’s also my patron saint for this year.

I leave you with this from Catholic Online:

Reading Luke’s gospel gives a good idea of his character as one who loved the poor, who wanted the door to God’s kingdom opened to all, who respected women, and who saw hope in God’s mercy for everyone.

I didn’t choose this saint for 2014, he chose me and I’m glad he did.

Come back tomorrow for to read all about my Catholic take on the letter M. I am blogging my way through the alphabet with others who are doing the same. 

Please support the bloggers of the #AtoZchallenge by visiting, sharing or commenting. We have all worked long and hard to prepare these posts, some prepping for a couple of months, as we posted our regular schedule, took care of our children, went to work, had the flu…well, you get the idea.


21 thoughts on “L is for Luke (St. Luke)

  1. I’m most familiar with St Lukes gospel, and love the feet washing story (being a reflexologist might have something to do with that 🙂 St Luke sounds like my kinda guy. One of my often repeated sayings is ‘God blesses sinners too’ 🙂


  2. “He is the Patron saint of Physicians and Surgeons.” – No wonder our local hospital is called St. Luke’s! It makes sense now.


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