Feature Friday: Everyday Gyann and The Naptime Novelist

Feature Friday – the one post that I think about writing all week. I am reading so many blogs this month and keeping an eye out for special ones to share with you. If you’re visiting from the #AtoZchallenge, no Judgement <—that’s your hint! Just head over to read and share your thoughts. Feature Friday peeps, if you want to be all in-it-to-win-it, you can head over too.

Blogitudes Feature Friday Link up

Corinne Rodrigues at Everyday Gyaan

This chick had me at the letter B! I know, this is from last week and the rules clearly state this week, but I have to give you a background. I can’t just come at you sideways all crazy like!? Can I? She is a blog I found during the A to Z challenge. If you’ve been around, you’ll see that she’s commented on every post throughout the challenge. She lives half way across the world (Mumbai) and comments. I don’t know if she’s Catholic or purple, lives on a diet of cheese and cupcakes or what. All I know, is I really loved her Back to Blogging Basics post. Not that I haven’t read a ton of these kinds of posts before. Corinne is a variation on a theme that goes against the current. She’s slowly turning social media off and ramping up engagement right where she writes. Her blog space. You know I’m hooked – gotta see what happens.

Rhonda Ortiz at The Naptime Novelist

How do you not feature a blog with that name? I love it and hate that I didn’t think of it first! Damn. Her site is clean and has pops of color. She writes about Catholicky things, family things, knitting things, writing things and she grows stuff – like stuff I would kill (plants, vegetables, flowers and the like). Double damn!

I can’t remember how I found her blog. I’m in a bit of a haze of late, but I fell face first onto her about me page and haven’t looked back. Because I live in the land of the literal, when I read that I could contact her I did!  I asked her about her writing and whether I could, you know, do that too. After sending it (in my usual, “hey I’m a little off, I hope that’s ok” style) she responded and asked me to contribute to her other space Real Housekeeping because I made her laugh! I told my husband about it and he just did this:

because he knows. Oh he knows – he really does all the cleaning and he’;s totally the funny one around here. Back to why she’s gettin’ the Sazón sprinkles (a.k.a. Boriqua glitter, just ask any Nuyorican). It’s her birthday week and she asked for a gift that’s SUPER easy to give. Bloggy, commenty, linky love. Who can’t participate in that? AND, she’s married to a Nuyorican herself which, coming from Michigan, had to be SUPER hard to pull off. Settle in and read peeps  – she won’t disappoint because she writes stuff like this and even I’m all…

What I wrote about this week

What a week peeps! This week, we talked about St. Faustina, Grace, the Holy Spirit, Study as it relates to the Lay Dominican postulantSt. Ignatius and Judgment. I know it’s a lot of writing, right? But I said I was a writer, so I kinda have to put my money where my mouth is.

I also wrote a mini post about my break up with Facebook, WHAT? Yeah, just the Facebook blog page. Just in from Facebook…

Only I’m not wrong. I’m totally right (for once).

And that’s how you Feature Friday Hop people. Interested? I was! Anytime I can share my faves with you, it’s a must do in my book! Won’t you share with us?


To enter the Feature Friday Hop, <— that was the link, by the way! You must follow these few simple rules:

Enter a Feature Friday or Weekly Wrap-Up type post written by you in which you:

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  2. feature and include a post that was written by you within the last week or two (complete with URL link) – and explain why you wrote it.
  • Please do not link up contests, product reviews, or sponsored posts.
  • Read and comment on at least two other Feature Friday posts that are entered in the hop.

(Optional) Share this blog hop with your friends and beg them to join in the fun. The more the merrier!

And those are the simple rules. This hop is all about sharing great content – promoting others and promoting yourself.

See? LOVE!

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20 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Everyday Gyann and The Naptime Novelist

  1. Oh Cristina! You’re like a breath of fresh air! Truly! I look forward to reading your Feature Friday posts each and every week – and you never disappoint me! You always put the F for Fun in every post you write – and your Feature Fridays are absolutely no exception. You totally ROCK and I thank you so very much for being part of the FF hop! 😀


    1. I can’t tell you how much fun I have doing these. YES I can! This is truly a let-you-hair-down exercise for me. I love it. Thanks for your creative brain-child!


  2. Hi Miss C – I knew you were special from the first time we ‘met’. Thank you, I am humbled. Just for the record I’m Catholic and can boast of a Bishop (a grand uncle, now deceased) and three priests in my family (two Redemptorists in India and one diocesan in the good ole US of A). Sorry to report we have no nuns – seeing how you love them and all! 😉


    1. We need to get you some nuns! I’ll take the priest and the Bishop too! Amazing. You are somethin’ else. I am bummed you’re so far away!!!


    1. I guess I’ll have to go into my lab and create one. Although I thought that comments were the same as a “love” button, in which case…yay!


    1. That dude just isn’t getting the hint – like bubble gum on the bottom of my shoe. How old do I sound though? BUBBLE GUM?! Ack!

      Cristina the Grey


  3. Hi Cristina, so pleased to see Corinne featured here, she is truly a marvel, though I don’t believe for one second she will become any less social.. her presence is all over the #atozchallenge, but I get not using fb for anything other than personal… This FF is new to me and something i think I’ll take a closer look at after the challenge – Thanks for your words


    1. That’s what she said! I think she’ll be social differently. I say we watch and see what happens! Such a dynamic person!

      This hop is my favorite! It’s not focused so much on yourself, but of others; always a plus!


  4. So given this is my first week participating in Friday Feature, I was learning this week – and this is certainly a wonderful way to do this post – such a great collection of posts to look at (and anyone who posts Vampire Diary gifs is just fine by me!) I enjoyed the blogging tips article. Every now and then it’s good to read a few to remember what the basics are for doing this at all!


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