Feature Friday: Brains and Beauty

Did you think I wouldn’t post a Feature Friday Post, with the kind of blog-tivity that’s going on on the interwebs? If you just came up for air and didn’t know, this is #AtoZChallenge time where over 2,000 bloggers have linked up and are blogging their way from A to Z; some have a theme, some don’t – much like “planners” and “plotters” in the writing industry. Did I just write writing industry? If you could just see my face all scrunched, you’d giggle! Back to work!

Blogitudes Feature Friday Link up

I chose a perfect blend of brains and beauty here, literally and figuratively. Here are my favorites (one secular and one spiritual – because that’s how I roll) And the features go to:

Maria Popova at Brain Pickings@brainpicker on Twitter

This place calls itself a blog, but I’m thinking it’s more of a cool place to hang out – “bringing you things you didn’t know you were interested in — until you are” I tweet or share most everything from this “blog” and maybe this will help you to see why.

Here’s a gathering of writers giving advice on writing, she collected as an e-book (FREE) for you! Can you imagine? You don’t have to! Some of the writers are:  Kurt Vonnegut, Susan Sontag, Henry Miller, Stephen King, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Susan Orlean, Anne Lamott, Ernest Hemingway, Anaïs Nin and Zadie Smith are but a few included. See what I mean? Mind? BLOWN! I think I came upon this site because of this graphic of Famous Writer’s Sleep Habits vs. Literary Activity Visualized. This site is run completely by donation. I want the creativity that’s getting donated, for real. AND, a book archive. There’s a book archive. Can you hear the sweet angels and trumpets? I am in awe of the awesomeness and am a little sad that I am only just learning of it now! Sign up for her weekly newsletter and share!

Tiffany at Life of a Catholic Librarian

You had to know she was coming. She is my bloggy-BFF after all. Although we’ve never met, we talk daily, well chat daily. If I’m working on something, she knows about it. If I’m headed to the chapel to pray, she gets a quick text so she doesn’t think I’m in a ditch. Isn’t that what you would think? Be paranoid with me! We collaborate of projects, guest post for one another and love planning, excel spreadsheets and color coding. Ahhh, the nerdy life. This week, I just loved her post about a typical day in the life of a librarian. As much as she was frustrated, put out and otherwise not amused, it sounded very romantical. Yes, that’s a word, approved by the librarian herself. I actually found her blog in a challenge I did, and was immediately drawn to her “Why I’m a Third Order Dominican” post, of course, and the rest, was history! Tiffany just doesn’t write Catholic, she lives it from fly deaths, to knitting disasters, so there’s an instant connection to her writing. She is a Catholic, wife and mother, with a background in law, a Lay Dominican and also a Belly Dancer. you didn’t see that coming, did you? There had to be a twist – and that’s exactly why, you’ll love her too!

Life of a Catholic Librarian @CatholicTiffany

What I wrote about this week

Good grief! I wrote about all of the updates going on – including my new EC Readers’ status a.k.a. the cool club and writing for Real Housekeeping! the Annunciation, Bibles, Confession and St. Dominic. I also wrote a guest post about why change is a script to be flipped! Busy week, but, I kind of love it – A LOT!

And that’s how you Feature Friday Hop people. Interested? I was! Anytime I can share my faves with you, it’s a must do in my book! Won’t you share with us?


To enter the Feature Friday Hop, <— that was the link, by the way! You must follow these few simple rules:

Enter a Feature Friday or Weekly Wrap-Up type post written by you in which you:

  1. feature/list a post that you recently read that was written by another blogger (complete with URL link, name of author and blog) – and briefly explain why you are featuring it. (You can feature more than one fellow-blogger post if you’d like.)
  2. feature and include a post that was written by you within the last week or two (complete with URL link) – and explain why you wrote it.
  • Please do not link up contests, product reviews, or sponsored posts.
  • Read and comment on at least two other Feature Friday posts that are entered in the hop.

(Optional) Share this blog hop with your friends and beg them to join in the fun. The more the merrier!

And those are the simple rules. This hop is all about sharing great content – promoting others and promoting yourself.

See? LOVE!

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8 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Brains and Beauty

  1. I love the way you roll, Cristina! You amaze and crack me up all at the same time! 😀 I’d never heard of Brain Pickings. It sounds amazing and I’m so grateful that you introduced me to it. You’ve definitely had a busy week! I LOVED your guest post – and your AtoZ posts (that I’ve read so far) are wonderfully inspiring and informative. I don’t know how you do it all! When or how do you find time to sleep? You’re amazing … and I thank you for taking the time to participate in Feature Friday. You always bring such awesomeness to the party! I appreciate you very much! 😀


    1. Marcia! I am so glad you stopped by! We needed a little more sunshine here! You’re going to love Brain Pickings (books, writing, art, all kinds of things interesante (interesting))

      I planned all of my AtoZ posts last month. Each night, I just tweak slightly based on the exchanges throughout the day. That’s the secret there.

      The other secret, I am still in my velour stretch pants and haven’t even made my bed – things slack when it’s Feature Friday. I gots priorities!

      Have a wonderful weekend. (I am gone at a conference all day tomorrow and I am off Sunday) I will catch up Monday!!



  2. TGIF! I am very new here, especially in regards to the blog hop. Just by reading this post, I see you have a lot going on.. I’m exhausted just reading! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to share. Hope share with you again soon. Have a great weekend!


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