B is for Bible

B is for Bible #atozchallenge @fillprayclosetYou came back! Yesterday we kicked of this daily series with A is for Annunciation. Today we will briefly discuss Bibles. Not the story, the types.

This really just gives me a reason to showcase this awesome graphic by Adam  that I’ve had on my Pinterest board for a while.

What is it?

There are Protestant Bibles and Catholic Bibles. What’s the difference? Plenty. According to the USCCB:

Catholic and Protestant Bibles both include 27 books in the New Testament. Protestant Bibles have only 39 books in the Old Testament, however, while Catholic Bibles have 46. The seven extra books included in Catholic Bibles are

  1.  Tobit
  2. Judith
  3. 1 Maccabees
  4. 2 Maccabees
  5. Wisdom
  6. Sirach
  7. Baruch

Catholic Bibles also include sections in the Books of Esther and Daniel which are not found in Protestant Bibles. These books are called the Deuterocanonical books. The Catholic Church considers these books to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Know your Bible Translations
Created by Adam at http://adam4d.com/translations/

Why did I choose to share this particular “B” with you?

Before I was Catholic, I had an NIV translation. I didn’t know that there were different translations, or different Bibles for that matter. Apparently, I’m not the only one! Jen at The Bad at Cleaning Blog writes:

20 Signs You Grew Up in Catholic School #8

8. You were shocked after you graduated to find out there were other translations of the Bible than the New American Version. NIV! ESV! IHSYESYGGLSO! Okay, that last one isn’t a translation that I know of but there are so many options out there! If you decided to stay or go back to the Christian life after graduation you were probably met with some confusion when you went to the Christian book store and was met with the aisles of different translations.

So which Bible are you? I hang out with the the NASB and the NRSV-CE (not listed, Catholic edition bible) personally, but use the NABRE for RCIA. AYDWA? (Are you done with acronyms?)

Don’t read the bible? That’s ok, you probably know more scripture than you think! Which personality are you? What a cute, little bible you are!

Come back tomorrow for some C talk. I am blogging my way through the alphabet with others who are doing the same. 

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66 thoughts on “B is for Bible

  1. I also grew up with NIV. When in college I took OT history. It was taught by a priest and I brought my NIV Bible. He then asked me to read from one of the books I didn’t have. NASB is my go to now, but that didn’t happen until 6 years ago.


    1. You know what I just read? Of course you don’t! How silly of me! Ok, So this:

      What’s the best bible?
      The one you’ll read!

      Love that!!!


  2. Brilliant! I love Adam’s graphics sooo much, well most of them anyway. I’m an NASB person too but I use the RSVCE. It’s very similar to the ESV, which I used before. Of course my first bible was the Good News one – with the cute little line drawings! 😉


  3. I am especially grateful to be Catholic when I read any of the books that our Protestant brethren are without.


  4. Cristina:

    Delightful post! The cartoons on the Bible translation types is awesome! Personally, I am a NABRE fan as I love the new commentary for the Old Testament. Of course, I am a nerdy type anyway :-).

    Hope you have a great week!

    W. Ockham


    1. You aren’t nerdy, you’re knowledgeable. Leagues and leagues ahead of me every day of the week! I should know, I subscribe to your posts!!!


  5. I love that graphic! I’m KJV all the way. I do read the New KJV now which is easier to understand. My grandparents taught us with this Bible and I’ll never use a different one.


    1. Right! Sometimes, you just go with what you’ve always had. I have that bible I first bought, almost 4 years ago, even though it’s not a Catholic bible. I spent SO much time with it, that I will never, ever part with it.


  6. Awesome post, and spot on 🙂 I’m RSV-CE (said to be the most literal translation) – what does that make me? Someone that wants it how it is, and always take the nontraditional route? hehe Lovin the new pic!! Beautiful!


    1. Isn’t that funny! I love the language used in the KJV. It’s almost like you pick the translation depending on the mode you’re ready to receive the words…


  7. Yup, the NAB….I remember the long, long shelves of them in each classroom, and precisely what they looked like….I have the NRSV that I use now.


  8. In college I took a class called “The Bible as Literature” which introduced me to different versions of The Bible. And that’s when it became an issue for me. Which one do I choose? I mean, I grew up being taught that The Bible was THE word of God. It was TRUTH. But when I learned there were so many differenct versions it really messed up my brain. How could they ALL be THE word of God, the TRUTH?

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    My A to Z
    Caring for My Veteran


    1. Just like language is changed almost daily, you know? We, as a society, add words to better convey the meaning behind them. We so want to express what we mean! These are translations based upon more knowledge of the meaning of the language in which it was originally written. Does that help??


      1. yes and know. I understand the translation and updating to more modern terminology. But it’s still translation. And we always have issues when we translate. Sometimes people inject their own opinions, sometimes people mis-translate. So I guess it’s just a matter of our own preference, ease of reading, and such. I guess I’m just stuck with KJV or something because that’s all I’ve known. 😛

        Also, I wanted to get your opinion on a post I did over on my other blog…I’m not sure how I can go about conquering this feeling: http://caringforaveteran.wordpress.com/2014/02/19/guilt/

        Thanks for everything.


  9. I picked 2 blogs to read first thing in the morning. The first was Held By His Pierced Hands where I found a post about a new read-the-Bible-in-a-year schedule and a Bible timeline. Then I immediately hop over here and find your little ditty about the Bible. A Holy Spirit thing, maybe! My only Catholic Bible is the NAB St. Joseph Edition (it is FAT). I have a few non-Catholic ones, but they are too incomplete for me to bother with these days. Gonna start that read-the-Bible-in-a-year schedule on my baptism day, April 7.


  10. I didn’t know about the extra chapters in the Catholic Bible! How interesting! In the past my favorite was the New King James Version. I would like to get back into Bible Study. I like intense, deep, peel back layers sort of Bible Study. (After all, my daughter is about to go to Princeton Seminary, this should say something, eh?) From your description, the ESV would probably by my choice since he sounds like a hipster poet. At least from what I read into “him” – unless, ofcourse, there was a female free spirit version of the Bible. There probably is, but from what you have listed, ESV it is.

    And once again, I question God about a Bible Study. I’ll let you know how that conversation turns out. 🙂

    Julie Jordan Scott
    A to Z Challenge Participant/2011,12,13,14…..
    The Bold Writer from A to Z


    1. There’s a ton online available – or, you could just read and when you’re stumped, ask!

      Actually, now that I think of it, there are bibles out there with “devotionals” in them – you know, questions for reflection, related verses to read. Reading in this way created a HUGE journal for me. That may or may not be a good source of writing for me now 😉


  11. A couple of years ago my husband, Matt, gave me a duel Bible with the NIV and Message side by side. It’s a bright pink leather and rivals Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary in size, but I look super holy whenever I carry it with me to church. 🙂


  12. I grew up in the Protestant faith but my best friend was Catholic so I went to church with her all the time. Then, I met a friend who rarely attended church so when he came to mine he was like, “why do you guys stand and kneel so much?” His church sat and listened. Funny. My Bible app is set to CEB (Common English) because I need it simple! Love the graphic.

    AJ’s wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge


  13. That graphic is indeed awesome! Cracked me up. I use the NLT a lot, and I love the Amplified version because it brings out the original Greek and Hebrew. I’m looking forward to the rest of your A-Z posts!


  14. Help! First of all, I knew there were different translations, but I didn’t know there was a difference between the Catholic and Protestant Bibles. That’s kinda neat. Second, help me out with the acronyms! The only one I knew was KJV, lol.


    1. Don’t fret! Here they are: NIV New International Version, ESV English Standard Version, NASB New American Standard Bible, NLT New Living Translation

      Hope that helps!!


  15. Our family uses the KJV. I am and always have been facinated by all the different versions.
    The graphic is adorable.
    Onto C…


  16. I must still be looking for the original version…I have no idea what any of the abbreviations stand for either (great image but would prefer it if I didn’t have to look up the abbreviations). I know here in Denmark I often joke that lutheranism is a catholicism on a diet… I wonder what version they use…


    1. Nope! No earlier post! Sorry! I was trying to be short! Here they are: NIV New International Version, ESV English Standard Version, NASB New American Standard Bible, NLT New Living Translation.

      Hope that’s helpful!!


  17. *whoa* — DUDE! I didn’t know Catholic Bibles come with extras! That’s amazing! How am I almost 40 years old, and yet I did not know this? Well… I’ll be honest: The Bible and I have a rocky relationship. I was not raised with religion, so am not really familiar with any one particular faith more than any other, beyond what I have studied in college and out of my own curiosity. I love finding out more on world histories and cultures. So interesting! My parents joined church hardcore in their later years, which was an unexpected and upsetting change in my life. They are now staunch KJV users, and behave just like the image in the graphic, only much worse! Sadly, I do not think they represent some of the most beautiful parts of Christianity as I understand it, so that puts us even more at odds. To answer your question specifically, I don’t read any version of the Bible. I think God and I have a bunch of sorting out to do. Is that okay to say? I don’t mean to be offensive on your blog! Mostly I just want you to know that I am already learning a lot and I appreciate having “met” someone as cool as you who doesn’t mind explaining stuff to me. I love how eager you are to answer questions!


    1. That is TOTALLY ok to say. Work stuff out with God, that’s what He’s there for. There’s a huge misconception that we can’t question or get angry with God. We’re human, we have emotion, we have a world that an absolute mess. We can’t just be all “tiptoe through the tulips” all the time. You think He wants a fake believer, or one that has a real relationship with ups and downs? I say the latter because I wouldn’t want a God that only loved me when I was nice and wore pretty clothes. He loves me just as much when I am ugly and nasty and mean. This isn’t to say that I abuse this. I’m just always going to be there for Him (not because he needs it, but because I do) just like He is for me. I’m not just in it for thin, I’m in it for the thick too.

      I grew up with no faith either. My parents, I think, are still Mormon. So there you go. If you ever have any questions about anything at all, just let em out. He’ll respond. He always does.


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