SO many updates!

I have so many updates to share with you. The breaking whoa! news is, I am an EC Reader. What’s that you say? I’m so glad you asked. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I came upon a site called Tipsy Lit, well, the chick that runs it, Ericka Clay, has a book coming out, Unkept, later this year. Isn’t that exciting?! She made a request, not to me personally, but maybe she did. I’ll let you decide. She asked for help promoting her book release. To get the buzz out there. There were promises of glitter, and cats and secret clubs where I could ask anything writer related. And we all know that, lately, I am all about the writing.


I saw her video, making said request, and she offered the Oprah experience, and that’s all that was needed. So, you will be hearing about her book, maybe an interview, and any funny updates that she can spare – and she definitely does that.

What am I getting in return? The excitement that comes from virtually palling around with a writer who is fulfilling a dream that I will one day be on the waking side of! And a lot of other very creative perks! And, hello, a badge (check it out on your left). So if you’re into grassroots movements, supporting writers, glitter, women and funny, there’s room for you to be on the street team too. Come hang with us! Considering the timing of the video and my writing revelation, I would say it was a personal invite. No? That’s what I’m sticking with. Gracias, Señora Clay!

I am all done with my A to Z Challenge posts. All 26 of them! I managed to blog (most every day in March, while still creating posts for April and keeping up with all of you guys. Thank you, Bustelo!)

Want the schedule of what’s going up, when? Of course you do! I’ll turn you all into planners at some point!

#atozchallenge @fillpraycloset on Twitter


The format for each post will be: “What is it? and Why should you care?” Fair enough? I hope to teach something and get you to laugh, think, and come back for more!

I don’t have to actively blog at all in April and you will get a post from me every day except Sundays. Does that mean I won’t be writing? No. I’ve got that secret writing blog I talked about, so I will work out these typing muscles there. I will also be visiting and commenting on the 1,600+ blogs entered in this challenge. I may even add an extra post round these parts.

Sunday was met with #wordmongering for the A to Z Challenge where we wrote for 30 minutes, and rested for 30 minutes until we met our goal. I was tapped by the lovely Julie Jordan Scott to write and so we did! We checked in on Twitter every 30 mins and encouraged each other to get’er done! It was honestly, the most fun I’ve had writing in a while. We met in a little Tribe Challenge I did earlier this year. She’s been amazing in this writing-coming-out-of-my-chrysalis thing and for that, she gets a shout out. I am sure she’d be willing to help you out too. Hit her up and get your #wordmongering on! We even took selfies of our writing spaces.

#amwriting #wordmongering follow on @fillpraycloset
I write in the kitchen, where the coffee, food and wine rack live?! Where do you write?
#wordmongering #amwriting @juliejordanscot @fillpraycloset
How do you not write with a chick rockin’ that hat!?!

I was asked to contribute to a site called Real Housekeeping! Can you imagine? Moi? Asked! Yes, I was, just last week, by editor and fellow Nuyorican, by way of her Mets fan hubby, Rhonda Ortiz. I am already buzzing with what I could contribute to this fantastic line up of ladies around being an unconventional working mama! And come on, they have a snarky figure named Ethel that has an advice column?!? Loves!

Real Housekeeping @RealHouseBlog on Twitter

You’ll get a couple more surprises on Wednesday too. Yes, this week. Because surprises, it seems, are cropping up all over the place, of late.

Got any surprises over in your neck of the woods?

Share with me so we can both do happy dances together!


15 thoughts on “SO many updates!

  1. “maybe an interview” Yes, yes an interview! Thank you for this, Cristina! Can’t wait to talk (writing) shop with you!


    1. Ok, ok, so definitely an interview. So long as you make good on keeping the cats away, I’m allergic! Thank you for poppin’ in with all your author-y goodness!


  2. Cristina, even your selfie is precious! Can’t take a bad picture, eh? I’ll be here with a steaming mug of tea waiting to dive into your A post tomorrow. I predict fame and fortune in your future. If I were an agent, I would sign you up. Seriously, you do have star power….just promise you’ll remember us little peeps when you are a big name on Amazon! 😉 love ya!


    1. Patricia! I thought I told you, I am all the little people! Right now, I have wish lists on Amazon…it’s where I go to learn about all this stuff!

      (who could ever forget you, m’dear!)



  3. Holee WOW! You are done with the A to Z Challenge?! I bow to your awesomeness!! I look forward to checking in with you this month to see all that you have to share. Thanks so much for joining the StumbleUpon A to Z Party on my blog, I am excited to have found your blog this way!


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