Feature Friday: A Sir, A Lady and A Friend

It’s here, it’s here! And I am doing it again! I can’t help it! Seriously, this is along the lines of “once you hop, you can’t stop”. I want chips. Let’s get to hoppin’ bloggy peeps.

Blogitudes Feature Friday Link up

Peep-a-leeps, the #AtoZchallenge is coming. As in, starting Tuesday, as in now it’s for realz (with a capital Z). I’ve already begun bouncing around on different blogs and what I’ve learned is, there’s a lot of talented, creative, wonderful people out there. I’ve also learned, finally, that I am one of them too! Sometimes it takes splashing around in the deep end to see that you can actually swim there. You won’t drown and you won’t die. You may get your hair wet, but that’s when you rock the sexy, Spanish bun, or the J-Lo on the 6 bun, and say, “I’m here all the time, I love it here” and act like you know, till you feel like you know. You know? So this will be what I look at when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s also one of my favorite places.The infiniti pool at Las Casitas Village in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Cristina in the deep end @fillpraycloset
I rock the J-Lo bun.

Here are my favorites (one secular and one spiritual – because that’s how I roll) And the features go to:

Chuck Wendig at terribleminds

Missy Kierstead introduced me to this blog. One quick glance and I was hooked. She mentioned him in her Feature Friday a couple of weeks ago and I’ve become insta-stalker. The first one I read (at Missy’s suggestion) was The Varied Emotional Stages of Writing a Book but my favorites are Stupid Answers to Common Writing Questions and  25 Things you Should Know About Life with a Toddler

I also just found out that Sir Wendig (as I have just dubbed him) lives near yours truly. SO, now I will go to Wegmans (which I fear and loathe because there are all of these unspoken rules, which I really should let you in on, but more research needs to be done to refine it) in the hopes that I will find him with his family, shopping innocently and do nothing except my usual “I’m from NY and we don’t go nutso for celebrity, but will text everyone I know that we saw Sir So-and-So buying regular milk and NOT organic *gasp*.

So I will save you having to comment “thank you for sharing this Sir Wendig with me” because, you’re welcome, now.

Can I add one more, please, oh please, oh please? Because she really touched me.

Meredith Ethington I Write to Stop Time was featured on TipsyLit this week, a blog I shared with you last week. Naturally, I keep up with TipsyLit (we’ll skip the lurk-stalk-talk) and when I read this, I instantly connected. I write to remember and I know that’s a core reason for others too. Lady Ethington (isn’t that the way it should read – great last name on that one) writes at Perfection Pending.

Emily at A Year of Living Adventurously

We chat on Facebook all the time. She is a fellow Lay Dominican. She pushes me to write. She is smart, funny, witty, sophisticated and always wears the cutest outfits, as she describes it. Although we’ve never met, she has quickly become a dear friend the likes of Tiffany (saving her for you – just you wait!) Just today, she wrote To Boldy Go… See, she was diagnosed at 11 with Cystic Fibrosis (a genetic disease which affects the respiratory and digestive systems.) She chronicles her lung transplant, the medicine, the pain, the misconceptions and the treatments. She is having some scarring going on in her lungs now, which may or may not be problematic. How does she phrase it?

We’re not in “Danger, Will Robinson!” stage yet, so no panic. But–prudence.

So, I think you should stalk her, because she always, always, always says “You are Awesome” every time I even think, or think about thinking, I’m not. If you don’t visit, throw up a prayer. If you don’t know how to pray, or don’t even pray. Think about her, and visualize her wellness. Because I need her.

What I wrote about this week

I’ll make this short, because I really want you to see those peeps up there (so you can better understand my kinda-crazy)

Why I’m ok if you’re not Catholic, Christian or unsure. It’s kinda my theme for the #atozchallenge turned into a quasi-manifesto. Even other atheists and agnostics loved it. Ok, well they liked it, and they commented, so to me it works out like this: Comment + Like Button = Love. I can do math!

Why I hate teeth. Why my kids have to deal with why I hate teeth. And well, teeth. GAH! This post outed a tooth fairy. I am not even kidding.

Why my friend sucks. Shhhh, my friend is me. My inner self-critic. My personal drunken monkey. What animal does your inner critic take? If you say monkey too, I’ll think you have video cameras in my kitchen (where I write, because where else would I? The coffee and crazy about-to-attack-me plant are here).

And that’s how you Feature Friday Hop people. Interested? I was! Anytime I can share my faves with you, it’s a must do in my book! Won’t you share with us?


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See? LOVE!

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13 thoughts on “Feature Friday: A Sir, A Lady and A Friend

  1. Love your links Cristina and as always, your very fun narrative! You ROCK and I’m so happy that you’re part of the Feature Friday Hop – you bring so much fun to it! Thank you! 😀


  2. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you connected with my TL post! 🙂 And, it’s so funny you should call me Lady Ethington, because when I was dating my husband I used to always make fun of his last name because it sounded so regal to me too. Now, I think Meredith Ethington is quite a mouthful! Ha! 🙂 You can call me Lady Ethington though if you want to.


    1. That’s it, you are Lady Ethington, and Lady Ethington you shall be called.

      Seriously, that could be a character in Downton Abbey and be totally believable.

      Thank you so much for coming over and saying hi!


    1. Thanks – that was on our Honeymoon taken before we were married? You know that only makes sense in *my* life.

      Best time though. I have another picture from that trip. It’s of Mike. I’ve never seen him make that face for me again. It. is. priceless.

      Let’s just say, straw cowboy hat.

      Can you just picture it?


  3. Oh my gosh…you are too funny. You DO rock the J-Lo bun girl!

    Just reading your blog gives me a boost of energy…really…where the hell do you get it?

    Emily…know that girl too and she does rock!

    Looking forward to April. You are in my prayers! xoxo


    1. I have to rock that bun when I’m in the water, or I’ll look like I stuck my finger in a socket (read frizz – of the third kind).

      Thank you for the prayers! I need them. Getting the last posts done TONIGHT! If it means an all nighter! (I’ll be in bed by 11PM mom, promise!)



  4. Wow, thanks for this post. That’s a wealth of links. I wasn’t aware of the Feature Friday Hop until now. That’s a brilliant way to edify a cyberspace community. I’m joining the A to Z Challenge, too! See you there!


  5. What are you doing posting a photo of you in a pool?! I am dying looking at the view while reading this because I see my unfinished job on my task bar and it’s Monday and I have work and I am dying to go to the beach already… Tsk!


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