Feature Friday: You know what time it is

It’s Feature Friday with Marcia over at Blogitudes, folks and I’ve been tasked with an important mission that you’ll read about in a bit (and that’s why we aren’t joining in on the #7QT fun as promised!  In the meantime, if you’re feeling like sewing seeds of good blog karma, why not link up to share the favorites you’ve found this week and package your pretty posts with a bow? I am!

Blogitudes Feature Friday Link up

I didn’t get to read as much as I did last week because – work, and mostly because Gmail decided that it would TiVo my emails and threw a ton of stuff that I subscribe to (all of your blogs) into the junk folder. Imagine my surprise, utter shock and embarrassment when I figured that out at 12:46am Wednesday morning. It went something like “I always like his stuff, he’s going to think I’m not holding up to our unspoken ritual!” or “They’re going to think that I feel I am all that and a bag of chips when we all know I’m just pickles!”

Here are my favorites (one secular and one spiritual – because that’s how I roll) And the features go to:

Annabelle of The Carolina Country Girl

This is a little bit different and a whole lot special. I’ve spoken here before about blog best friends. We all know which Catholic Librarian I’m looking at. If she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma just a few days ago, I would be asking anyone and everyone to surprise Annabelle with mentions of support, prayers and love across the interwebs and that’s just what Jen over at JVKom Chronicles did. Let’s not even get into what would happen if it were S, my Knit Whispering RLBFF. Much ash and sackcloth indeed.


I “met” Jen in a tribe exercise and we, along with some other wonderfully talented and creative writers, created an FB group that has remained in touch ever since, supporting one another, crabbing about the ups and downs of all things creative and technical. We’ve even shared bottles of virtual wine and rum with cokes on a Friday night. When she asked our group, we raised our hands to surprise Annabelle. This is a new blog to my reading eyes, and one I’ll be continuing to keep up with, and pray for. I mean, look at this button? She looks like the kinda gal I can pal around with and laugh about nothing with. Won’t you join me in sharing the hashtag across all social media today #TeamTCCG : we’re with ya!

Hannah of Imperishable Jewel

This young woman just makes me smile. When I receive her posts in my inbox, she’s got the biggest smile across her face like she’s just laughed at a joke complete with a Santa hat for extra cheer. Love that! Here she writes about the boxes we live in and how, for some, it’s confining, but for her, it’s freeing because her box is love. I say, after reading her post, you adopt her. I did and it seems that’s just what people and children do. She’s a special soul and I am so lucky to have found her. Now you have her too.


What I wrote about this week

This week was an eye opening week for me. I wrote about being a writer and how I have a grungy, secret sidekick blog to work on my craft. I included a list of my makeshift roadmap to help me along the way and think I could share those resources specifically at some point. I was kind of vague because I am a total scaredy cat. Another post, was all about my secret diary and how it’s different now. Man am I breaking out of the dark places….

St. Frances de Sales Patron Saint of Writers and Journalists

I also shared what we made for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a traditional Puerto Rican favorite and something I make weekly. The recipe is included and all I can say is, whole food lovers need not click. Warning … nitrates, white starch and deep fried. 

And that’s how you Feature Friday Hop people. Interested? I was! Anytime I can share my faves with you, it’s a must do in my book! Won’t you share with us?


To enter the Feature Friday Hop, <— that was the link, by the way! You must follow these few simple rules:

Enter a Feature Friday or Weekly Wrap-Up type post written by you in which you:

  1. feature/list a post that you recently read that was written by another blogger (complete with URL link, name of author and blog) – and briefly explain why you are featuring it. (You can feature more than one fellow-blogger post if you’d like.)
  2. feature and include a post that was written by you within the last week or two (complete with URL link) – and explain why you wrote it.
  • Please do not link up contests, product reviews, or sponsored posts.
  • Read and comment on at least two other Feature Friday posts that are entered in the hop.

(Optional) Share this blog hop with your friends and beg them to join in the fun. The more the merrier!

And those are the simple rules. This hop is all about sharing great content – promoting others and promoting yourself.

See? LOVE!

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9 thoughts on “Feature Friday: You know what time it is

    1. So glad we connected when we did – and in the way we did. We’ve got a great support group going on in the land of FB! #TeamTCCG (just had to throw that hashtag in there one more time!)


  1. Your Feature Friday posts are always so much fun, Cristina! I love the way you roll. 😀 Thank you again for participating and for the great shout outs! You’re really helping a lot to spread the word and the fun of it all – and I appreciate it greatly! Thank you!


    1. I love Feature Friday. The idea is genius. Blogging is a labor of love that should be appreciated and featured – I know that first hand, so featuring others is something I love to do. Thanks for making it officially easy! ❤


  2. This Feature Friday is an amazing thing, but it makes my to-read list soooo much longer! You’ve shared some awesome posts this week. I hope I have time to read and make comments on all those blogs, too. Working on it!


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