Nice to meet you.

Hi I’m Alex, otherwise known as Lexicon. My mom thought using my nickname at home would be a good idea around here. But, I like the name she gave me. Hi. I hope you’re having a great Lent. Last night, when we did our Scriptural Rosary I was so tired. I told Mom that we are going to do things earlier because God doesn’t come last. She gave me her usual o_O face. Does she do that a lot to you? I’m going to play with my Legos. Bye!


Hi, my name is Gabriel. You know me as Little Monk. Mom calls me a lot of things: Giggles McGillicutty, Giggi, Monkey, Punkin’, Punkin’ Junkin’, Boboli Pizza Pants and Punky Pants. She gets a little crazy. Maybe because I’m a little silly. When we prayed the rosary last night I fell asleep. But mommy said it was ok, my Guardian Angel finished it for me. I should draw him a picture because he finishes a lot of my rosaries. His name is Angel Gabriel. I don’t do all that nickname stuff.


This is Mike. Hi. I don’t visit here. This is private stuff for Cristina. I have to get back to my thinking. She made me buy that angel.


Hi! Cristina here. You’ve met my family. Now you are meeting my family. It’s time.


We are the Trinidad Clan. That’s our last name. Translated, it means Trinity. Is that Catholic or what?!?!?

Happy Saturday.


The Trinidad Clan


22 thoughts on “Nice to meet you.

  1. What a great family introduction, Christina! Ironically I love the word Trinity. Not for it’s traditional meaning but for how beautiful it sounds. I had a crush on a girl by that first name. Boys, I loved playing with Legos…until I stepped on them in my bare feet. Ouch! Love the shout out for Gabriel. He and Archangel Michael keep watch on Phoenix and I daily as we pray frequently to them. Good post 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh…the Mike comment was priceless.

    I never knew anyone so photogenic…can’t stand ya : )

    Blessed weekend to you and thanks for sharing a fun family post.



    1. If ya can’t stand me, then sit! Had to! Running joke in my house, albeit a bad one! Mike is pretty funny. Missed him quite a bit this week and he’s only here a short while and then off to parts unknown!

      Miss ya!


      1. Swimmingly, thank you! 🙂 The Monkey had a good “shadow day” today at one of the new schools and he had a good time. One down, one to go!


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