Small Success Thursday Vol. 18: Planning and Cheerleading

Who knew that planning and cheerleading could bring about small success after small success?

Vol. 18: Planning and Cheerleading  #smallsuccess #catholic

1. I completed the 7 posts in 7 days blog challenge hosted by Jen at ConversionDiary. Taking it a step further, I collaborated with Tiffany and had a theme throughout the posts. Lent. We created a mini editorial calendar and discussed which teaching posts we’d like to write about while the other took a reflective approach on the theme. Here are all of my Lent Packet Posts should you want to peruse, share, comment, you know. I learned a lot about structure, virtual teams, balance and finding the humor in our Catholic faith! If you’re interested, here’s a great post from Blogging on the Side on why you need a best friend in the blogging world.

2. A, B and C as in, planned posts in April for the #AtoZChallenge. What is the A to Z Challenge? I will be blogging along with over 1,000 bloggers (WOW) every day, during the month of April, through the alphabet. You can have a theme, or let it fly daily. I immediately thought that this would be a great opportunity to write about the faith, through the eyes of an adult convert. They are short and have some resources should anyone want more information. This link up is not strictly Catholic and I like that. I keep my body and soul in the Church, and my toe in the secular – just to check the temperature and report back! I hope to have all of the posts scheduled and ready by the end of this month!

3. One of my new readers, has started her own blog at my gentle nagging nudge. I couldn’t be happier for her. I won’t share the link yet, because it’s still a baby blog and she needs more time to get it up and running.

In that, I realized that I am not a leader, I prefer to support and point people to resources that could help them achieve their goals. I never worry about being surpassed, in fact, I pray it happens. Surpass me ALL DAY. I get such a deep sense of agape in seeing others implement a suggestion or stretch themselves by begging them to so I can read more of their funny getting out of their comfort zones. I was never the sis-boom-bah type in high school, but boy do I love standing on the sidelines now and cheering evangelizers of the faith. This light went on for me just this morning, when I read this from Sacred Space for Lent 2014:

Lent invites me to consider what I am really looking for as I hear Jesus say that it is possible to gain the world and lost oneself. I ask God to help me, through my time of quiet and prayer, to recognize how I am being called to life.

What are you really looking for? How are you being called to life?

Head over to to share in other #smallsuccess happenings.


2 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday Vol. 18: Planning and Cheerleading

  1. You crack me up! Way to go on your “small successes” Looking forward to all of the good fruit you have for us coming up 😉

    I *was* a cheerleader in my school days (and my children who are in sports now would say I never quit – it’s kinda in my blood – sorry kids!). Our coaches gave us all Precious Moments figurines one Christmas – Cheers to the Leader 🙂 So guess what, by being a cheerleader, you ARE being a leader!



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