Ash Wednesday #ashtag #photobomb

I came across this meme last night and about lost it, I couldn’t stop laughing at the sheer genius of it. Why? Because it kind of turns the selfie on it’s ASH so to speak. Please let people know that they should get their ASH TO MASS! It’s gone viral overnight! Shocker.

Do exactly what this meme says, take a selfie and tag it #ashtag, share it with all of your social circles. Thank you to Mark Alves at for this insanely awesome idea. As always, I took it just a little too far, and photobombed it. THIS is how you Oscar, peeps.

Sorry Spacey, this is payback for scaring the ASH outta me with Seven.

#ashtag #selfie #lent

and for those of you that just want the sans photo bomb meme:

#ashtag #selfie #MarkAlves #churchmojo


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