What the Shrove?

Yesterday was chock full of Lenten Family planning 7QT style and Tiffany did not disappoint!

Yes, dear friends, we’re all about the Shrove Tuesday today. Now, when I began to research, I thought Shrove…hmmm

A mushroom is not Shrove Tuesday
Totes not shrove

Then I thought it could mean this…

still not Shrove, just the Dowager Countess Downton Abbey
still no Shrove

So what is Shrove Tuesday? Quite simply, it’s the day before Ash Wednesday. That’s it. No royalty, no mushrooms, nothing crazy.

Apparently, the word “Shrove” is derived from the word “shrive” and all that means is to hear the confession of, assign penance to, and absolve.

But in N’awlins this is known as Fat Tuesday! Fat as in, eat-up-because-tomorrow Lent-is-on!

It’s also known as Pancake Tuesday – mainly because it’s considered a filling meal and probably because with sausage or bacon it’s the best thing ever (I added that last bit)

In Pennsylvania Dutch country (where I live now) it’s known as Fasnacht Day.  Fasnacht means “fast night” as in

Brace Yourselves Lent is coming

According to Wikipedia:

Fasnachts were made as a way to empty the pantry of lard, sugar, fat, and butter, which were traditionally fasted from during Lent. There are three types of Fastnachts, one made with yeast, one made with baking powder, and one made with potatoes and yeast. All are slightly crispy on the outside and not as sweet as standard doughnuts.

Apparently, Shrove Tuesday is Fat Tuesday is Pancake Tuesday is Fasnacht Day. So EAT PANCAKES or Fasnachts, just eat it up, because Lent is coming!!!

Now the sister post for this is over at Tiffany’s house, where she is writing about Laerte Sunday, Catholic Nook stylie!

I’m writing seven posts in seven days this week with Jen at Conversion Diary. To check out other bloggers who are doing the same, see the list here.


14 thoughts on “What the Shrove?

  1. We always have a big Shrove Tuesday Party with decadent pancakes (fruit, syrup & coolwhip), bacon & sausage, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, ham, scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy…you get the idea!


    1. HEY! The town Liberal that they listed that does a race with them (they often compete) is just a couple hours from me in Kansas! 😀


  2. Dear Filling my Prayer Closet,
    Solid info and in an entertaining delivery. I enjoyed this post. Keep up the good work.

    God bless,


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