Lent SuperFriends Power Pack Family Edition a la #7QT v. 16

You know that’s a mouthful! I had to keep SuperFriend theme with my girl Tiffany. I get to wear our interlocking rings only so often. Today we will talk about what we’re doing with our families for Lent. In case you missed it, yesterday we swapped blogs! Tiffany waxed poetic with her cradle Catholic upbringing while I mused on life before 2012 when I wasn’t Catholic.

#7QT fillingmyprayercloset.com

— 1 —

I began talking to my boys about what they could give up for Lent weeks ago. Sometimes, I ask one of them alone, to come and “have a chat” with me. This is where we run upstairs and plop in my bed to catch up. We talk about their day, or with Little Monk, it’s always about ice cream. He is very imaginative with toppings, but hates ice cream. Weird. I digress. I asked him if they talked about Lent at school and he stopped me in my tracks. “Mommy, I got this (remember he has a lisp – CUTE!). I am going to give up your iPad on Sundays”. He thinks he’s slick. I responded “Um, you’re not allowed to use my iPad on Sundays”. He grabs a lock of my hair and twirls a curl around his little fingers (gotta get him to stop chomping on his fingernails) and then remembered my approach. How about this?

— 2 —

Me: How about you add something for Lent. 

Little Monk: Add something for Lent? Like what? Extra snack?!!

Me: No. Prayers.

Little Monk: Ohhhh prayers, I know the Glory Be, Angel of God my Guardian Dear, Our Father, Hail Mary and the O my Jesus-but-that-has-a-bad-word-in-it-you-know-the-H-one, and the…

Me: Yes, I know you know. But how about you just talk to God. He would love to just hear you talk to him.

Little Monk: Like a little chat? Like this? *Finger still curling my hair*

Me: Exactly like this! And when you can’t think of anything to say to Him, talk to Mary. I’ll bet she misses you too.

Little Monk: OK bye! *jumps off the bed and races downstairs to watch basketball with the guys*

— 3 —

Which brings me to … Lexicon. He’s 9 and is my little spiritual dynamo. It amazes me how my children are so in love with God so quickly. Let the children come; no kidding!

We talk in the morning, he comes to me as I am spackling  prettying myself up. He sits on the ends of the tub, usually with a little Lego creation in hand that he’s dying to deconstruct and give a full tutorial on how it’s put together. I asked him if they had spoken about Lent at school. He told me they hadn’t. I know that’s not the case and he just wants to talk Lego Engineering 101.

Praying Lent Catholic

For him, I had a different prescription.

— 4 —

Me: How about some spiritual reading instead of giving up snack?

In case you hadn’t noticed, snack is HUGE in my house. Very ceremonious, with my husband celebrating nightly.

Lexicon: OK, I’ll read the Bible.

Me: Just the Bible? That’s it? No plan?

Lexicon: I’ll start at the beginning and just read it.

Me: Um, how about we both know that ends? You falling asleep with each pass.

Lexicon: *Gives his Eli Manning in Q4 face of huh?!*

Question catholic

Me: How about my Scriptural Rosary book, and you can pray the rosary that way too. And if you want to read the bible, have at it. but you’ll be doing both this way.

Lexicon: SO, this is a robot…

Me: Deep, quiet, heavy breath in.

— 5 —

My husband thought about what he would give up for Lent if he were Catholic. He said probably snack. I kid you not, when he said that all the cakes and treats in my pantry breathed a sigh of relief.

And then he said, oh well. So much for that.

— 6 —

I’ve already shared my plan for Lent this week. I have to say that after reading Tiffany’s I may have bitten off more than I can chew! Then I’m talking to Emily and *where did this come from* I’m giving up chocolate too?! I think I get carried away with Lent. I just love that time. Maybe it’s all the lead up to the time of my conversion (2012). But the point here is, not to make my kids give stuff up…yet. I don’t want to spend 40 days in the desert of their unhappiness. If I can teach them to remember their Mother (Mary) and Father (Jesus) instead, we all win.

— 7 —

Because when I mentioned video games, I got the #wachutalkinboutwillis face and we can’t have that!

video games Lent Catholic

What are your plans for your children his Lent? Are you all giving something up? Adding? I have to know these things so I can tweak accordingly!

Head over and read Tiffany’s family Lent plan! Stay tuned for another post tomorrow! Why? I’m writing seven posts in seven days this week with Jen at Conversion Diary. To check out other bloggers who are doing the same, see the list here.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


6 thoughts on “Lent SuperFriends Power Pack Family Edition a la #7QT v. 16

  1. I am so laughing here…I have to share with my daughter. We were just having the same discussion.

    Love the pics!

    xoxo (yes…still alive but not much in cyber world)


  2. Oh goodness. Had the same conversation with mine 4 days ago! Sarah would DIE without snacks… I think I gave her the whatchatalkinboutwillis face. Smiths run on snacks.
    Miss you.


      1. Tee hee hee! Any 7 am is fine with me! No message from Molly. She only talks about art. Poor little left handed girl. I am up for anything! Time and place my friend!


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