Planning for Lent SuperFriends Style

Collaborating with your blogbestfriend or BBF as I am now dubbing it, is super easy. Hence the Superfriends title. Yesterday, I wrote about Lent, the why’s and the basics. Tiffany at Life of a Catholic Librarian mused a little reflection about it as well. We are joining forces this week in response to another “7 posts in 7 days” link up hosted by Jen Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. Today, I am going to share what I plan on doing this Lent. Yes, all the goodies. In keeping with the pillars of Lent, I will organize this post around those pillars and share what I will be doing.

Now, I know what some of you could be saying:

Matthew 6:18

So that you may not appear to others to be fasting, except to your Father who is hidden. And your Father who sees what is hidden will repay you

Seeing as this is a post about what I will be doing and not a play by play of me actually doing it, I think it will be ok. So, return your tray tables to their upright positions and fasten your seatbelts for take-off!

planning for lent
“Stones Stacked” by suphakit73 by


Sacred Space for Lent 2014 at $1.75, this little booklet or you can download it for $.99. It’s written by the Irish Jesuits. I’ve been a fan of theirs forever! Since the before time of Catholic faith awesomeness. Each day focuses on scripture with some questions for reflection. My favorite parts of this book are the weekly overarching “Something to think and pray about each day this week” themes that anchor the daily scripture readings. I used this booklet once before, when I celebrated Lent for the first time, so it has special meaning to pray this way again (and with Tiffany because I bought her a copy!).

I will also listen to and pray a special podcast by the Jesuits in Britain that focus on the Stations of the Cross. From their site:

Ten Stations of the Cross

Many of our users will be familiar with the traditional Catholic devotion known as the Stations of the Cross, a series of meditations on scenes from the Passion of Jesus, from his sentencing at the hands of Pilate to the laying of his body in the tomb. 

There are fourteen standard stations, which can be found on the walls of just about any Catholic church in the world.  But some variations from this form exist, including one more closely following the scriptures, approved by Pope Benedict in 2007.

In addition to the daily Pray-as-you-go, we are offering a series of ten scripture-based meditations in the tradition of the Stations of the Cross.

Each one is approximately 10 minutes long. Even if I get to one a day, I will have done the entire mediation 4 times over Lent (10 stations, 40 days – please tell me I did the math right!) and yes, I included a little bonus link to the pray-as-you-go regular podcast!

Can we add prayerful reading here? I am also going to read The Sermons of St. Francis de Sales for Lent! I can’t wait to dive in. This book was recommended by @johnzwicker on Twitter after my lament over St. Francis de Sales feast day coming to an end.

I am also going to give a shout out again to Tiffany – Tiff, we gotta plan our weekly Adoration. It’s on my list! (She knows what I mean.)


Instead of fasting just on the days we are required to, I will be going meatless every Friday – AND fasting every Friday. Lot’s of egg salad sandwiches, bean soups, and who knows, crusty bread with butter and tea not to mention “rumblies in the tumblies” a la Winnie the Pooh. I guess I could have a banana split for dinner every Friday – but Lent isn’t about fun per se, it’s reflection, it’s a little somber and my food choices (or lack there of) should reflect that.


I work full time and my husband will be traveling quite a bit over the next month, so giving of my time will be tough – more than my usual RCIA member Monday nights, and cantoring on Sunday’s. In fact, I took March off and won’t be cantoring at all. I will be going through all of my storage items and donating them – think kids clothes, my clothes, gently used toys and books, even household items. Not like I am taking them with me! (ref Matthew 6:19-20)


  • I am taking a page out of Emily’s book (pun totally intended) over at A Year of Living Adventurously and will *not* purchase books. Yes, please gasp with me. This will be very, very hard for me. I am always on the lookout for books. Books on sale, books for download, free books, old books. It’s going to be hard and my heart is racing just a little as I type this.
  • I will also continue #nosocialmediasunday (stay tuned for those happenings next week) and

– hold on to your ribbons –

liturgy prayer ribbons

  • I will *not* swear. I know. I know. I don’t swear here in this space and it may be hard for you to imagine it, but it slips – more lately. That’s the thing about slipping, it’s slippery. I want to be the temple that God calls me to be. As I was trying to figure out how I would spend Lent, I heard this reading at Mass on Sunday and it was like a thump on the head:

1 Corinthians 3:16-18

Do you not know that you are the temple of God,
and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?
If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person;
for the temple of God, which you are, is holy.

Got it, God. Got it. No more cursing.


And of course, the sacrament of reconciliation – which I love very much. All that low salt business? Interestingly cured after my time in the box. Interesting correlation. I mean, very interesting correlation and one not to be taken lightly. May I suggest checking with your parish for additional times when this is made available. I know they do it at my parish, so I can get to reconciliation once a week – which is the goal. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis just spoke about the Sacrament of Reconciliation last week during his special Catechesis address:

Too often, we see ourselves as the centre and measure of all things, and our lives can go adrift. The Sacrament of Reconciliation calls us back to God, and embraces us with his infinite mercy and joy.

What a blessing this Sacrament is? We just spoke about it last night at RCIA and I blurted out “it’s like Drano for the soul!”

SO, what’s your plan? Do you have a SuperFriend that you’ll be interlocking rings with this Lent? I can’t wait to hear all about your plans! Tiffany posted her plan as well – check it out! 

Tomorrow, it’s all about Ash Wednesday. where Tiffany will regale us with a Catholic Nook Edition. She’s a Librarian – consider the “A game” brought! I will share a pretty funny story in reflection, because who says Ash Wednesday can’t be funny?

I’m writing seven posts in seven days this week. To check out other bloggers who are doing the same, see the list here.


4 thoughts on “Planning for Lent SuperFriends Style

  1. Hah! Cristiina, I was laughing out loud reading this! Only you could make fasting and penance sound so exciting 🙂 It was almost like you were planning a longed for vacation…and in a way, Lent sort of is that! I’m looking forward to it too, although I haven’t planned it out yet…hmm, running out of time!

    Going to bed earlier would be a great place for me to start! I hate going to bed, before the next morning at least…. I don’t do well with fasting, low blood sugar and all that. But, I can fast from all my treats; think chocolate. Mostly, I want to pray more, and spend more time in adoration. Oh see, now you have me all excited about Lent!

    Thanks for always making me smile. And….I’m sure bringing to the Heart of Jesus such absolute joy in His Cristina.

    PS Don’t you dare give up blogging for Lent! No….don’t do it! 😉


    1. My husband tried that whole, give up blogging for Lent.

      I choked on my water when he said that. After hacking a few minutes, finger pointed defiantly in the air, screamed NEVER! (In my Knights of the Round Table voice)

      🙂 Love ya Patricia!


    1. So glad you stopped by! I think I am a little overwhelmed and will comment and spend time on the link up posts next week! I am having a hard time balancing posts and work and gobbling up everything before Lent that I can. Is that a chocolate I see???

      Good luck with #nosocialmediasunday let us know how it works out for you. My advice, take it slow! You don’t want to “rip off the band-aid” with this one!


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