Small Success Thursday Vol. 17: Scripts, Associations and Sandwiches

What a week – riddled with small success after small success. I think, maybe it’s because I am getting better at paying attention to my smallness and His greatness. Off we go!


1. A while back, I went to a pharmacy with my husband to pick up some prescriptions. As always, there was a wait – even though I called ahead, and even though I confirmed before I left the house. It agitates me to have to wait around under blaring fluorescent *read migraine triggering* lighting. My dear friends, I took out my frustration at the woman behind the counter. How did I do that? I didn’t smile. I wasn’t kind and I didn’t say please or thank you. The woman made small talk, tried to joke – you know, make the best out of a bad situation. I didn’t. The way I behaved weighed on me, but like most things, I forgot about it. A few months later, it resurfaced. The guilt. My behavior. My lack of joy in an unpleasant situation. As I made my way over to pick up another prescription, this time through the drive thru – I came face to face with that woman. I apologized and told her I was sorry for being so mean that day when it was crazy and she was trying to keep a light mood in the midst of that. She didn’t even remember it. I went on further to say that I was “going through stuff” and it “wasn’t personal”. It was like a confessional really! Thank goodness no one was behind me in their car waiting. All this lead up…how does it apply to your small success this week, Cristina? I am so glad you asked.

#smallsuccess pharmacy

I went to pick up a migraine prescription that my doctor called in after my appointment in the morning. My husband was off on business in a completely different state so I was going to get the kids from school and head over to the pharmacy,

head over to the pharmacy, leaving myself more than enough time for the script to be filled. I got there and it wasn’t. There was a 2 hour delay! With the coming storm, everyone was trying to get their medicine. The pharmacy was out of percoset!! Not that I needed it, but just to give you an indication of the craziness.

Here was my do-over. Here was my chance and I recognized it. I didn’t have to wait the full two hours, but for the hour we were there there, we tried on different hats and gnomes that were on display, sunglasses, cracked jokes and Little Monk even shared a happy dance when we were called up, to the delight of other patrons also waiting.

2. I was asked to join the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers on Tuesday! Lovingly called ACWB. This site is run by Melanie Jean Juneau *said with a French accent people!* She sent me an email and it went like this:

Melanie: hey..why are you not posting on ACWB!!!
Me: Hey!!! I don’t know! Why aren’t i???

I thought it Melanie was going to zing me with a joke, like this:

Melanie: Why aren’t you supposed to wake a sleepwalker?
Me: I don’t know, why aren’t you?
Melanie: I don’t know! That’s why I’m asking.

But it was for reals and I couldn’t be more excited. I posted an intro there yesterday and received a very warm welcome from other participating bloggers of the Association. Won’t you head over and check them out?

3. And I saved this for last because it happened this morning. AN “S” SIGHTING! With the way I talk of my dear friend, and Knit Whisperer, S, you would think that I get to see her a lot. Well, she is a working mother. She also cantors – with a very special calling to cantor for funerals – and has a little side biz to help with all things computers too. We text a lot, as in, I send her pictures of me making silly faces so she laughs, like this one.

#smallsuccess sandwich

I had an emergency – as in I forgot to send my kids to school with a bagged lunch – S to the rescue with a sandwich for each, which they didn’t get to eat (had a bagel at school instead, I digress!). I got to eat the sandwich for dinner and that was how I thanked her.

But I haven’t seen her in a while. I miss her. We laugh like nothing else. You know, those gutteral laughs that end in snorting like Miss Piggy? Like that. So, as I dropped the kiddos off at school this morning, and she was driving into the parking lot. I beeped the horn and waved frantically, blew kisses, smiled and stuck my tongue out at her. Because that’s what real friends do.

Head over to to share in other #smallsuccess happenings.


5 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday Vol. 17: Scripts, Associations and Sandwiches

  1. it is true..everyone pronouces our last name with a French accent. and my husband is French Canadian. Since we are close to Ottawa and Quebec, French is very prominent; all sales clerks, government , road signs, even phone messages are all bilingual .


    1. I knew it! When I talk to my husband about the goings on, I always have a special name I assign to people, like “Hawk Eye” or “Ornaments” for you though, it’s just your name in a french accent. Always makes me want croissants after!!!


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