Questions that need answering: Prayer and Chasing the Faith

I won’t do, the usual and paste all of this month’s prayer module – I wrote a lot as the topic is definitely a huge one for me.

There is a nugget that I wanted to share with you. I felt it needed more sharing than the presentation I will give tonight *shameless request for prayers inserted here*

I was asked to locate the second psalm for Evening Prayer 1 of Sunday Week II (here’s where your Christian Prayer books come in handy – I also found an online resource if your interested, just contact me!). I was then asked to meditate upon the Psalm for 10-15 minutes and write down my reaction to it, as well as any insights, thoughts, and resolutions I may have.

In my initial read, I wrote that I have to to trust in the Lord and only in the Lord no matter what – He is my portion and my cup.  I read it again and my eyes stopped here: 

Psalm 16:4

Those who choose another god multiply their sorrows;
their libations of blood I will not pour out
or take their names upon my lips.

It was Jesus’ blood that was spilt and His blood shed for us to drink. Not any other god – and here, I am thinking about what we make as god’s in our lives: spouse, children, work, social media, shopping! Anything can be made a god-as-idol really. But there is only one God whom I serve and trust – or try to, again I never pretend for a moment to be perfect. .

I also thought of the scripture verse:

Matthew 6:24

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

As I reflect on that in the context of the psalm, it only further reinforces my need to rely and trust solely in Him. In fact, the more I reflect on this, I realize how it saves relationships (not just those of the marriage kind). In serving and trusting in Him, everything else is a release from self-imposed pressure and expectation.

Psalm 16:6

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
yea, I have a goodly heritage.

The lines of my life haven’t always been straight, nor will they be going forward, but I’m still here. I’m still learning about God, the Catholic faith and Dominican spirituality. I take comfort in my “goodly heritage” of saints, and other children of God that have come before me. The whole of the Catholic faith is my heritage, now that I’ve claimed it.

In fact, I was speaking with a Catholic woman at work who has been Catholic her whole life. She asked me why I continue, why I want to learn more, where I get the energy and even why I decided to study these modules. I explained it like this:

The whole of the Catholic faith, to me, is like an Advent Calendar, you know, with all the doors that hold unknown treasures inside? I know, that those doors are many and infinite, and behind them is a tributary* of information once I open them, and beyond that,  God is holding all of those little paths and rivulets together in his Hands.. I want to learn as many paths to him within the Catholic faith as I can. I want to be what’s left in His hands.

catholic church
Just my visual representation of how I view the Catholic Faith!

Just in case, a tributary is a river or stream that flows into a larger lake or body of water (in our case, living water!) I found this as I searched for an image:

the heart river

No kidding. This is the Heart River in North Dakota. Now you tell me, how good is God? That good. Now I ask you, why do you chase the Catholic faith? What’s your why?


9 thoughts on “Questions that need answering: Prayer and Chasing the Faith

  1. Seeking God vs everything else is pretty powerful stuff. Relying on Him first helps one make the correct decisions in life. I am learning this over and over. Seek and you will find!


  2. Great post thanx. Praying for you as requested.

    However, I am confused … was this post written on Tuesday (as it says on top – i.e. the 18th) or Thursday (the 20th). I keep clicking on HOME on the left and keep getting this page.

    (Thinks) She doesn’t know which page I’m talking about since she cannot see what I see on my computer.

    What I’m saying is: Which is your latest post? Life was easier when I started reading before computers. It was all parchment papers and quill pens then.

    God bless.


  3. Great post! (Though I know I’m late reading it:) ) Love the advent calendar analogy! My why: As I learn more about the Catholic faith, it’s as though I’m gazing at a landscape painting in a dimly lit room. With each newly discovered truth, a window is thrown open, sometimes a wall is broken through, and I see the landscape more clearly and wonderfully. At first, I hadn’t known that I was looking at the picture in the dark. As more light came, I realized I’m not merely looking at a picture, but gazing at the real landscape of the world itself, of life itself, detailed and alive all around me, growing brighter and more vivid as more bits of wall and ceiling come down. And now I marvel… what shall I see in the full light of day? I’m not impatient because the enlightening is so beautiful.


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