Of Weeds and Rosaries #nosocialmediasunday

I have to admit, this #nosocialmediasunday weekend was tough. With the wintry onslaught – over 25 inches – all I had was social media.


Well, not entirely true. I had my boys and they’re always a barrel of laughs. There is something to adult conversation, as I am sure stay at home mothers can sympathize with (I was a stay at home mom for a few years, but don’t ever remember feeling as isolated as I did this weekend.)

My husband came home from his business trip Friday afternoon and took us all to our favorite diner – it was Valentine’s Day after all. Good thing, because we were stuck at home for the rest of the weekend, save Mass on Sunday.

I tried saving my Valentine’s Day bouquet, but alas, they got the addresses wrong and never delivered them. When my husband threw a fit over the phone called, the customer representative indicated that they couldn’t guarantee delivery Saturday, Sunday or Monday for that matter. My husband lost it calmly explained that we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on St. Patrick’s Day and asked for a refund. So no flowers and that’s completely fine by me! I’ll use the money he would have spent on flowers for, you guessed it. More books.

So what did I do?

I made some rosaries like I did last weekend. I didn’t read as much as I usually do, because I was completely sucked in by Weeds (the series). Shocked are you? I can get down with the get down. I’m Catholic, yes, and watch salacious television as well, you know, mixed in for effect. On Facebook, a friend commented “Oh yeah cause Weeds and rosaries go hand in hand :)” to which I replied, “Doesn’t it? Nancy Botwin needs prayers too!” My friend was joking, of course and meant nothing other than playful sentiment.

But it got me to thinking. What does rosaries have to do with “Weeds”, if you extrapolate and superimpose it onto the connection between the secular and the religious?


The main character is Nancy Botwin, a woman who makes really poor choices from an initial event of her husband dying of a heart attack. She picks up selling marijuana as a way to support the lifestyle she and her children have grown accustomed to. She refuses to really take a personal inventory of what she’s doing and how it is affecting her children, family and friends. She just keeps plowing ahead. One bad scheme at quick money after another leaving a wake of broken hearts, both romantic and filial behind. Sounds like this character could be anyone. Could be me (aside from the drug cartel business and high heels she wears all the time). I would want someone making me rosaries or praying a novena for me. Wouldn’t you?

Romans 10:1

Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved


How was your weekend? Did you participate? Have the #nosocialmediasunday bug and don’t know if you’re ready to dive in? Share with me!


11 thoughts on “Of Weeds and Rosaries #nosocialmediasunday

    1. Thank you!! I took that picture a few weeks ago to cheer a friend up. Sent it via text so when she opened it – SILLINESS! And I thought, why not share it with everyone. A little silliness never hurt anyone and it’s a great ice breaker!


  1. I am not where the snow is – living in the sunny Virgin Islands but with all the news about the snowstorms I can feel your ‘discomfort’ with the wintery weather. Sorry you did not get the flowers but you just indicated you will put the money towards another book.

    I had a great weekend, spending some time (of my own free will) at the office. That gave me a jump start for the week. I have not gotten to the point of no social media Sunday as yet 🙂 still use that time to read a few emails, check out blogs etc.


  2. Hey Cristina, I found your blog earlier this year and really enjoy it. My daughters and I (they are ages 8 & 10) would LOVE some of the rosaries you have made… 🙂
    Keep up the great blogging!

    Angela from Texas


  3. I haven’t watched that show for years – I remember the first episodes and then I think I got distracted. Maybe it’s time to go back to the start . . . I love your colours and layout on your blog, by the way.


    1. Coming from a freshly updated blog – that’s HUGE! Thanks for the compliment. If you can believe it, I did it all myself. I can hardly believe it. And you HAVE to watch the show again. I am at the last season, I don’t know if I’m crazy about it. I would have been happy to end it when she went to jail! SPOILER!


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