Small Success Thursday Vol. 16: Going through my days of hyper focus


I was up in the middle of the night, waiting for the impending storm. We are slated to get anywhere between 12 and 18 inches. It was 3AM and not even a snowflake  – but I was slightly panicked because I realized it was Thursday. What are my small successes? Think! Sunday, Monday. Going through my days of hyper focus, this is what I landed on. Let’s get started:

1. I made confession this week. Saturday evening at vigil mass. Something about walking out of there knowing that I am lighter because all of whatever comes up, stays “in the box”. I walk out with a lightness in my step, just in time for mass. It was wonderful.

2. I reconsecrated myself to Jesus through Mary on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. I didn’t make it to mass that day, but, I made it to Mary’s Grotto (where we like to go and pray in the Summertime – remember Summer?) at my parish and adoration to pray. I made it to mass the following morning – before work. This is like two small successes in one.


3. My husband is traveling at the moment. So I am in charge! He went from cold, to tundra (with a layover in Chicago). He’s in a colder place than I am right now, but he’s missing the storm. He’s very Type A and called me a few times to go through a checklist of things. Here’s what my scavenger hunt looked like: flashlights, air mattress, blankets, tea lights, lighters, medicines, extra socks, coordinate snow removal, and of course, making sure everything was charged down to the Kindle. Nothing is in one place, my friends. Nothing. I wanted to skip to the part where I figure out what books to pull, where my reading light was and giving an accurate weather report. This is not on his list. I guess this is also why he doesn’t trust me to go food shopping by myself. He insists that I will get nothing we need, but come home with 3 pounds of organic oregano and a soy candle. He’s probably right, but don’t tell him I said so.

Here is my official report of the storm:

Aggressive, windy and leaves you with no face. My poor gnome.


Head over to to share in other #smallsuccess happenings.


4 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday Vol. 16: Going through my days of hyper focus

  1. You are too funny : )

    I see that you are getting SLAMMED harder than we are in Philly. I am trying to find a block of time to get out there and shovel a bit since hubby at work.

    I really rather just hide under a blanket with a book…yep.


  2. We’re just across the Delaware from Philly, and you are definitely having it worse than us. I will pray that all is well for you so it’s smooth sailing for you and the kids, and peace of mind for your husband!


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